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Dhaka City Churches

If you think there’s a lot of Christian Churches in Bangladesh then please educate yourself of the fact that only less than 0.5% of the population in Bangladesh are Christian.
The purpose of this page was to list a number of churches where Christian people could visit while on a business or tourist trip in Dhaka City, but information has taught us that the church is small and partly in hiding (underground) due to persecution and hardships of Christian people.
It is understandable that the churches do not want to be publicly listed with address and phone number etc, if it leads to troubles in their daily life or even endangering their loved ones.

dhakacity Dhaka City Churches

dhaka city

A Muslim State
The Peoples Republic of Banglades has since 1988 been a Muslim state, and despite the fact that the constitution declares freedom of religion, then there have been imposed a number of restrictions on Christian groups, such as limitation of printing and importing Bibles.
The percentage of religions are Muslims: 87%, Hindus: 11.7%, Buddhists: 0.6%, Christians: 0.44%, Others 0.3%.
The people of Dhaka and Bangladesh need to hear the gospel and the hope it brings and the moral, education and entrepreneurial motivation Christianity has brought to so many other people, in order for this people to improve their economy and their spiritual life.
The Evangelical Challenge
There are a number of churches in Bangladesh united about evangelizing Dhaka City and all of Bangladesh. They are united in the National Christian Fellowship of Bangladesh (NCFB)..
The churches and Christians worldwide have the opportunity to provide relief aid and development aid to Bangladesh and Dhaka City and that way show the love of Jesus Christ to the hungry, homeless, uneducated people of Dhaka City.
The Christian Message to Dhaka City Citizens
As a way of this site to provide the Christian message to anyone in Dhaka City or Bangladesh we now link to some Christian resources which we hope you will read and consider as a Divine plan to help you find the truth.


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