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Posted by: vietnamtour | June 24, 2011

Fair day in Sapa

At dawn, visitors have poured into market-Sapa (Lao Cai) to shopping, taking photos as a souvenir. Mothers and enlist ethnic holiday guests crowded, the children calm down the market to sell.

cho 10 Fair day in Sapa

Holidays, the number of tourists that flock to Sapa significant increase room rates. Many guest rooms and 300,000 on weekdays only now increased to over one million.

cho 5 Fair day in Sapa

Early morning in Sapa weather quite pleasant. Not only women interested in buying cherries (a fruit is considered special in Sapa) …

cho 2 Fair day in Sapa

… Men are also eager to spread the market to buy pork or clothes by ethnic self-production.

cho 4 Fair day in Sapa

The dress only cost tens of thousands of contract was brought down markets.


cho 12 Fair day in Sapa

Manually or wallet is red Yao offerings.


cho 3 Fair day in Sapa

Every morning, when dew still remains on the grass, many children have not woke up, the mothers who have subdued the nation down to avoid the sales market.

cho 15 Fair day in Sapa

Not only foreign tourists who come to Vietnam as Sapa is also enclosed for sellers offering.

cho 16 Fair day in Sapa

When communicating with foreigners, many young people say “English training” quite fluently.

cho 7 Fair day in Sapa

Want to participate in the market last week, the girls get up early and walk tens of kilometers. They enlist the purchase of the bread to eat.

cho 14 Fair day in Sapa

Not only a fair opportunity for people to sell to make money but also the opportunity for young women from many different versions of cultural exchange and share their own experiences.

cho 11 Fair day in Sapa

End of the day, the old woman sitting outside the age of 70 own a yeast mouth corners to count the money earned.

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