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Magic Sands Beach Park, Kona (La’aloa Bay Beach Park)

Laʻaloa Bay is a popular recreation area in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.Also known as “Magic Sands” or “White Sands Beach”, the official name is “Laʻaloa Beach County Park”. During calm weather, it is one of the only fine white sandy beaches in the Kailua-Kona area.It is also sometimes called “Disappearing Sands”, since the sand is washed out in a storm several times a year. A strong surf break on the shore can be dangerous, but makes it a favorite for bodyboardingby experienced locals, even under moderate surf conditions. Just north of the beach is Pahoehoe Beach County Park, although the shoreline here is rocky lava with a few coral pebbles, there are picnic tables, restrooms, and running water.

Laaloa Bay Beach Park 300x162 Magic Sands Beach Park, Kona (Laaloa Bay Beach Park)

Laaloa Bay Beach Park

In the Hawaiian language, la’a loa means “very sacred”. Several Archaeological sites are in the area. The ruins of haukalua Heiau (anAncient Hawaiian temple) are on a point just south of the beach, at the parking lot which was added in 2000. The stone structure was cleared and restored, and a small ceremonial platform (lele) constructed by descendants of the people who lived in this area for hundreds of years. A small rocky cove south of the point is popular for scuba diving in calm conditions.

It is located on Aliʻi Drive in the Kona District at coordinates 19°35′38″N 155°58′17″WCoordinates: 19°35′38″N 155°58′17″W. About a mile to the north is Holualoa Bay, and a mile to the south is Kahaluʻu Bay.

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