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Boosted Rev: The Tesla of Electric Scooters! Marques Brownlee
1 months back
Boosted made a scooter. It's impressive, expensive and fun! Boosted Rev: Xiaomi's $400 scooter: MKBHD Merch: ...
Boosted Rev Review: the Boosted Scooter is here! Sam Sheffer
3 months back
Boosted makes a scooter now. It's called Rev. I think I'm gonna just call it the Boosted Scooter. Stealth review: ...
POV Ride On My New Boosted Rev Scooter Mediahound
1 weeks back
Pricing & availability: GoPro Hero 7 Black: Abus lock I use for my Rev: If you like my content, please consider: ...
GoPro Boosted Rev NYC Jon Reyes
3 months back
Boosted Rev Scooter- SUBSCRIBE - Follow me on: Instagram- ...
Boosted Rev: is this electric scooter worth $1,600? | USA TODAY USA TODAY
6 days back
Electric scooters: Love or hate them? Here's what you need to know. RELATED: Scooters are less likely to run people off sidewalks. ...
Is Electric Skateboard Maker Boosted's Scooter Worth $1,600? CNBC
3 months back
Boosted, best known for its electric skateboard, will enter the scooter business this summer with the Boosted Rev, a $1600 electric scooter. We got a first look at ...
3 months back
Boosted Rev vs London Black Cab Boosted Boards
2 months back
It takes 2-4 years of studying for London's Black Cab drivers to master the city enough to get their taxi license. So we asked: Can a Boosted Rev beat a driver ...
Is the Boosted Scooter WORTH $1600?! | Boosted Rev Review Andy Burgess
2 months back
Boosted sent me their new Scooter the Boosted Rev and I've been riding it around London for 2 weeks now, so is it worth the $1600 price tag for your commute?
Boosted Rev Electric Scooter Review | Honest thoughts and ride footage Alien Rides
2 months back
We take a look at the #Boosted Rev #electricscooter. Overall it's a high quality #scooter for commuting, but the performance is less than other offerings for ...
Boosted Rev - First Impressions Zeke's View
2 weeks back
This video is about Boosted Rev - First ImpressionsBoosted Rev - First Impressions Boosted new scooter — Boosted Rev. Sharing my first impression on this ...
Electric Review: Boosted Rev Electric Scooter
1 months back
The Boosted Rev is one seriously awesome electric scooter. But is it worth the price? Watch to find out!
How Fast Can You Go On This Boosted Scooter? Gizmodo
1 months back
Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can't go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these ...
I Got My Boosted Rev Today! First Impressions Mediahound
2 weeks back
Pricing & availability- Abus Chain Combination Lock: JNCAir Portable Tire Compressor: ABUS Chain Lock: ...
BOOSTED REV is the BEST Scooter you can buy, and here's WHY Hsiang
3 months back
Episode 25- Shocking, I am reviewing a electric scooter, the Boosted Rev! The first none-electric skateboard product Boosted had ever made. And yes, I think ...
Boosted Rev Rides In Real Life Boosted Boards
2 months back
The Boosted team stopped people on their way to work (they didn't seem to mind!) to see if they'd be down to take Boosted Rev for a whirl. See what happens ...
5 things I don't like about Boosted Rev Chun Chun
3 days back
Boosted Rev is an amazing product and I just wish if they had these features. 1. Actual Key to start rather than a button 2. Shock absorber 3. Quality control 4.
The Best Way To Lock Up Your Boosted Rev Mediahound
1 weeks back
Locks I use: Abus: Cheaper and lighter lock for the folder stem: Portable tire inflator I use for my Rev: ...
First Ride: Boosted Rev electric scooter!
3 months back
The Boosted Rev isn't cheap, but it definitely is awesome! The scooter is extra powerful and feels like a top class electric skateboard in a scooter form factor.
Boosted Rev: Boosted Scooter Unboxing Chun Chun
4 days back
Unboxing Boosted Rev! After waiting for 3 months and finally got it! Boosted Rev is FAST! I mean you can feel it! And it's FUN! Was it worth it? Yeah... I think so!
Meet Boosted REV! Portable Electric Vehicle
3 months back
Boosted Rev is a true blend of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and durability. Range: Go up to 22 miles on a single charge. Top Speed: Get there faster with ...
Boosted Rev review: The scooter that may replace your car Popular Mechanics
1 months back
Ok, maybe not your car, but definitely the subway. The Boosted Rev flies at 24MPH with a range of 22 miles on a single charge. We've tried a whole arsenal of ...
Best E-Scooter of 2019: Boosted Rev First Impressions | ESkate Reviews Brandon Yu
1 months back
My first impressions / review of the Boosted Rev Electric Scooter - from the perspective of an electric skateboarder & beginner scooter rider. It's exactly what ...
Boosted Rev Scooter - Steep hill bomb at ~35mph (Seattle) Luke Random
1 days back
In Issaquah, WA outside Seattle. The only way to go faster than 25 is to bomb down a steep hill. #BoostedRev #BoostedScooter #ElectricScooter #Boosted.
Boosted rev max range mode 3 with a heavy rider, full throttle. Shawn Toller
2 weeks back
Boosted Rev max range run on expert mode, at full throttle. If you like the video, like and subscribe! This video is for those of us that ride that weight more than ...
Still No Boosted Rev! Life Update And Things To Come Ryan Witherspoon
3 days back
SO I Still Don't Have A Boosted Rev And New Camera Gear Coming To The Channel Very Soon.
5 Best Electric Scooter of 2019 to Rival Boosted Rev (WATCH Before BUYING BOOSTED!) COOKIE BITES
3 months back
5 Best Electric Scooter of 2019 to Rival Boosted Rev You must watch before you buy the Boosted Rev.
Deze elektrische step gaat keihard Bright
3 months back
Bram scheurt door Amsterdam op de elektrische step Boosted Rev. Hij gaat hard: maximaal 39 kilometer per uur. Hoe bevalt de step? Is dit wel veilig? En wat ...
Think twice before getting a BOOSTED REV Tony Gil
3 months back
boosted #boostedrev #boostedboard #siliconvalley I'm a big fan of BOOSTED. I love what they're doing and I LOVE their product. I was really excited about ...
Boosted Rev Unboxing Shawn Toller
3 weeks back
New Boosted Rev Unboxing. The chargers are the same between the Rev and the Boosted Board 2 Dual+.
WideWheel Vs Boosted Vs Turbowheel Lightning: electric scooter review!
3 months back
Best price on Mercane WideWheel e-scooter: Best price on Turbowheel Lightning e-scooter: Best price on Boosted ...
Boosted Mini X (not the Scooter Boosted Rev) iPhonedo
3 months back
Boosted Boards, (Boosted) released a scooter named REV. This is not a review of that scooter. This is a review of my favorite boosted product, the mini x.
Boosted Rev Finally Shipping Your Going to Get it Faster Then You Think Ryan Witherspoon
4 weeks back
Yes The Boosted Rev Is Finally Shipping! You WIll Have Yours Faster Then You Think.
3 months back
Introducing Boosted Rev Boosted Boards
3 months back
Boosted is on a mission to reinvent transportation to be fun, fast, and simple for everyone. Enter: Boosted Rev, our all-new electric scooter—a true marriage of ...
Boosted Rev E-scooter Test Ride in NY- by Martune Martune マーチュン
3 months back
I tried Latest boosted products "Boosted Rev" in NY. This is really really great e-scooter and easy to use! please check this out! Boosted Rev link below ...
1 months back
Tesla Toy Cars Model X 90 Alloy Pull Back Toy car with Sound & Light Toy Kids Toys :- esla Toy Cars DIE CAST Metal Play Set Model X ...
First Look At The Boosted Rev Scooter 🛴 ! Mediahound
3 months back
Pricing etc on Boosted's website: #boostedrev #scooter If you like my content, please consider: ...
Boosted Scooter is Faster than a London Taxi? | Boosted Rev Race Andy Burgess
1 months back
I recently made a video on how the Boosted Rev holds up around London. Boosted then set me the challenge of racing a London Black Cab across London on ...
Changing The Boosted Rev Battery Is Possible! Extended Range, etc Mediahound
1 weeks back
Pricing & availability: Abus lock I use for my Rev: If you like my content, please consider: Join My Patreon: ...
Testing Boosted Board's NEW ELECTRIC SCOOTER! Logan Tremellen
3 months back
In this video I get a hands on look at the new Boosted Board Rev scooter! I talk about everything this scooter has to offer as well as some things that are not good ...
DESIGN, QUALITY & the BOOSTED REV Scooter; Why you should quit worrying about Specification! Hsiang
2 months back
Episode 26- And no, I was not quite done with the Boosted Rev. Now that I am seriously thinking about getting one so that Kelly can come along on the ride as ...
Boosted rev max range mode 2 with a heavy rider, full throttle. Shawn Toller
1 weeks back
Boosted Rev max range run on eco mode, full throttle. If you like the video, like and subscribe! This video is for those of us that ride that weight more than the ...
Boosted Rev First Look in Amsterdam 😱 ItsLiam
2 months back
Got a chance to test out the Boosted Rev for the first time during a launch event in collaboration with the FatDaddy store in Amsterdam let me tell you, the ...
Cody from Boosted Boards about the Boosted Rev | The Fatdaddy Podcast #3 #BoostedRev FatDaddy
2 months back
For the third episode of The Fatdaddy Podcast, we sat with Cody from Boosted Boards. We discuss how the Boosted Rev came about, scooter sharing and how ...
I'm Buying The Boosted Rev Ryan Witherspoon
3 months back
So I've Been Trying To Convince Myself To Reserve The Boosted Scooter And By The End Of The Video I Finally Did.