Indian-administered Kashmir remains under lockdown Al Jazeera English
2 weeks back
The strict lockdown that has been in place for 10 days in Indian-administered Kashmir, following India's decision to revoke the region's special status, looks set to ...
India-administered Kashmir remains cut off during Eid Al-Adha Al Jazeera English
2 weeks back
Security remains tight in Indian-administered Kashmir, although some restrictions have been eased to allow people to celebrate the Islamic holiday Eid Al-Adha.
Kashmir crisis: Residents unable to afford food Al Jazeera English
1 weeks back
The blocking of trade between India and Pakistan is having an impact on Kashmiris on both sides of the border. Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid reports from ...
Aljazeera News Brilliant Artical Over Valley After Modi Visit France Haqeeqat Ki Dunya
2 days back
Aljazeera News Brilliant Artical Over Valley After Modi Visit France ▻Subscribe Haqeeqat Ki Dunya: About US ...
Trump cancels visit to Denmark after PM rejects sale of Greenland Al Jazeera English
4 days back
US President Donald Trump has defended his decision to cancel his trip to Denmark. He called the Danish prime minister "nasty" after Mette Frederiksen said ...
Iran tanker departs after Gibraltar rejects US demand Al Jazeera English
7 days back
The Iranian oil tanker at the centre of a diplomatic dispute has departed from Gibraltar late on Sunday after the British overseas territory rejected a US demand to ...
Donald Trump dismisses economy slowdown concerns Al Jazeera English
5 days back
US President Donald Trump says he does not see a recession on the horizon, and concerns raised by some economic indicators are unwarranted. But a new ...
Al Jazeera News Special - Cycling: Pedaling A Lie? Al Jazeera English
7 years back
Subscribe to our channel The doctor who denies doping Lance Armstrong speaks for the first time since the world's most famous cyclist ...
🇪🇹 Is Ethiopia on a path to inclusive democracy? | Inside Story Al Jazeera English
11 months back
It was an organisation once banned in Ethiopia, now it's likely to become involved in mainstream politics. Tens of thousands of people attended a ceremony in ...
Aljazeera News Hour Promo cartmanvideos
12 years back
Aljazeera's News Hour Promo featuring it's news centres in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC. Copyright Aljazeera English.
Time war between astronomical and atomic Al Jazeera English
8 years back
The earth's movements is slowing down by two thousandths of a second each day, which means astronomical time is out of sync with atomic time. To reconcile ...
Benchmark Minerals' Simon Moores talks lithium, batteries and electric vehicles on Al Jazeera News Benchmark Minerals
2 months back
Benchmark Minerals' Managing Director, Simon Moores, speaks to Al Jazeera News on electric vehicle demand and lithium supply concerns, how lithium is ...
China steps up threats to Hong Kong protesters Al Jazeera English
5 days back
While the protests in Hong Kong over the weekend were peaceful, the Chinese government has continued its strategy of threatening the anti-government ...
Al Bawadi Grill - Al Jazeera News 2016 Nadeem Baste
3 years back
Al Bawadi Grill - Al Jazeera News 2016.
Biggest Buddhist art festival opens in South Korea Al Jazeera English
4 years back
What's said to be the biggest festival so far of Buddhist art has begun in South Korea. The festival is focusing on the connection between soaring skyscrapers ...
مقابلة مع الحكمة على قناة الجزيرة Hikma Interview on Al Jazeera News Hikma Pharmaceuticals
4 years back
الحكمة الشركة الدوائية الأردنية الأولى التي تدرج على مؤشر فوتسي 100 في سوق لندن المالي - الجزيرة Hikma the first...
First shipment of Russian S-400 systems delivered to Turkey Al Jazeera English
1 months back
Russian cargo planes have begun delivering a controversial missile system in Turkey. The first shipment of the S-400 air defence system has been flown into a ...
India's defence spending: Ramping up security through imports | Counting the Cost Al Jazeera English
1 weeks back
Tensions between India and Pakistan - two nuclear-powered neighbours - have been rising after India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended seven decades of ...
Astronomers "spot" unseen galaxies Al Jazeera English
9 years back
Planet Earth sits in the middle of the vast emptiness of space, according to the human eye. But a new discovery by European astronomers has confirmed that it is ...
Dr. Zakir Naik Live Interview at Al-Jazeera News, Qatar ( December 17, 2017) Prithok Tv
2 years back
Dr. Zakir Naik Live Interview at Al-Jazeera News, Qatar ( December 17, 2017).
Quick appearance on Al Jazeera News Grid - the 2017 Passport Index Once Upon a Saga
3 years back
AJ journalist Leah Harding reached out to see if I would do a short video for her segment on the newly released Passport Index. Naturally I was happy to comply ...
رفض قرار بطريرك القدس نقل الأب عطا الله Al Jazeera Arabic قناة الجزيرة
5 years back
رفض المجلس المركزي الأرثوذكسي في الأردن وفلسطين قرار بطريرك القدس وسائر أعمال فلسطين والأردن ثيوفيلوس...
aljazeera News Room Time lapse 360 degrees Nadim AL-Mallah
4 years back
aljazeera News Room Time lapse 360 degrees.
🇰🇪 🇮🇳 Modi in Africa: Kenya looks to boost economic ties | Al Jazeera News Al Jazeera English
3 years back
India's Prime Minister is arriving in Kenya on the last leg of his Africa tour. Many african nations are looking to New Delhi for investments to boost local industry.
NEWSNIGHT:Aljazeera news director on Egypt journalist arrests BBC Newsnight
6 years back
Salah Negm, director of news at Aljazeera English, talks to Jeremy Paxman.
Harry Potter Photos, Al Jazeera News, & Digital Downloads - NOW TheCurtisParadisShow
7 years back
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend :D Check out the site: ** Links and other fun stuff below** ...
Al-Jazeera News - Canada Welcoming Syrian Refugees Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada
4 years back
The first 150 Syrian refugees of the scheduled tens of thousands in the coming months arrived in Canada. Spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at ...
[ENG SUBS] AL-JAZEERA news channel talking about BTS' song Fake Love lau
1 years back
1 news channel in the middle east talking about BTS' song Fake Love lmaoo.
China's e-sports: Health concerns for young gamers Al Jazeera English
12 hours back
Born from video games, e-sports is now a booming industry in many parts of the world, especially in China. Thousands of young players are competing for ...
Kashmiri families in Pakistan fear for relatives across border Al Jazeera English
3 weeks back
The conflict over the Kashmir valley has forced thousands of families to be separated. Many who now live in refugee camps on the Pakistani side say they fear ...
India's rural dwellers let down by health system - 7 Sept 09 Al Jazeera English
10 years back
Although India boasts world-class private medical facilities in its cities, the story is completely different in rural areas. Patients there walk for more than a dozen ...
A summit for unity or dispute? | Inside Story Al Jazeera English
4 hours back
The leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States have been meeting in France - that's the group known as the ...
Michele Geraci on Al Jazeera News: Interview America first Michele Geraci
2 years back
"America first" has been one of the most common refrains of Donald Trump's administration. The US president first used the phrase in his inauguration speech, ...
Mama Zimbi speaks on widowhood issues on Aljazeera News Akumaa Mama Zimbi
5 years back
Mama Zimbi speaks on widowhood issues on Aljazeera News. The Widows Alliance Network (WANE) project for sustainable economic development of widows ...
Ibrahim Al Siaid on AlJazeera news TheRevaluationVoice
8 years back
AlSaidi on Aljazeera news ,said "the resolution is from inside" in his comment about the situation of Yemeni revaluation and gulf initiative.
'Dapo Oyewole on Zimbabwe Crisis / African Union on Aljazeera News Live Dapo Oyewole -Media Channel
3 years back
'Dapo Oyewole analyses the Zimbabwe Crisis and role of the African Union on Aljazeera News Live.
Cricket Spot Fixing Inkashafat By ALJAZEERA NEWS Shahid Murtaza
10 months back
Al Jazeera News - featuring Philippine Contact Centers Cee Best
5 years back
Video created by Al Jazeera News This video clip is from Al Jazeera News featuring the Philippines Contact Centers. It shows the life cycle of the BPO in the ...
1001 Inventions - Muslim Heritage Online - Al-Jazeera News 1001Inventions
10 years back
Note: This video is in Arabic Coverage of the 1001 Inventions project by Al-Jazeera Television. (Copyright Dunia Media.) There is a wealth of information ...
Al Jazeera News Report on London Halal Food Festival Algebra Consulting
3 years back
Al Jazeera News Report on London Halal Food Festival by Algebra Consulting and Eventology.
Al Jazeera News: Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with John Kennedy O'Connor JKMMOC
7 years back
Al Jazeera reports from Duesseldorf on the the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with John Kennedy O'Connor.