Gordon Hayward leads Celtics' sweep of the Pacers, despite Myles Turner's huge jam | NBA Highlights


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  • DJVlad Troll
    DJVlad Troll  4 months back

    👎 the title is ass... Gordon DIDN'T lead them...

    • Sum Bitch
      Sum Bitch  4 months back

      I’ll take the W.hayward dunked back on him but was called a offensive foul on a illegal screen

        ASSASSINALEX GAMING  4 months back

        all the media doubted Gordon Hayward i’m not a celtic fan but i had no doubt that he would return to form given time he’ll probably be the one of the main parts in the milwaukee vs.bodton second round series

        • Mitja Karba
          Mitja Karba  4 months back

          they have no chance against bucks.. like if u agree.

          • Pedro Martinez
            Pedro Martinez  4 months back

            Hmmmm. At least one person agrees with you. UNless that was you.

        • Joseph Schroeder
          Joseph Schroeder  4 months back

          This was just a turn of evince after the amazing start the pacers had being at 3rd place and there best start basically ever but then Vic got hurt this series wouldn’t even of happened if we had Vic

          • Courtney Pinkins
            Courtney Pinkins  4 months back

            Well he can take that dunk with him when he go fishing cause that's his last dunk of the year 😂 Gordon still shot his lights out. But hold up y they didn't sho when Gordon dunked that mf they called offense foul on Baynes 😂

            • Atomatic Games
              Atomatic Games  4 months back

              So many people disrespecting the Pacers here. They are one of the best defensive teams in the league, with or without oladipo. They would give any team defensive troubles in a playoff series. So while it isn't as great as beating say the warriors or rockets. They are not a bunch of bums out there.

              Bucks will be a better test of course, but i think like last year they will be able to shut Giannis down or at least keep him at bay and it will then become a battle of the 3 pt shooters.

              • TIME is on MY SIDE
                TIME is on MY SIDE  4 months back

                @ 2:22
                Like Future said
                Uncle Drew " *Thats* *too* *much* *sauce* "

                • Cameron Grabiec
                  Cameron Grabiec  4 months back

                  I’m just mad my Pacers lost after that😩

                  • real american
                    real american  4 months back

                    Not me I knew it wasn't the pacers year, but that Myles Turner poster dunk on that Celtics player was priceless.

                • Marcel Blue
                  Marcel Blue  4 months back

                  Y’all must forgot Boston put the bucks out last season without Kyrie or Gordon. Then made it to the conference finals without them 🤔

                  • Erik Hopkins
                    Erik Hopkins  4 months back

                    Gordon H? More like the entire team.

                    Cue the music

                    "Here Comes the BROOM!"

                    • real american
                      real american  4 months back

                      Another Indiana kid helping the Celtics...you're welcome. Just saw the picture of Robert Kraft...Indy still got their happy ending.😃

                  • Tripony Kapwich
                    Tripony Kapwich  4 months back

                    Lets go..!!! Time to hunt that buck down. Boston in 7

                    • Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol

                      Bucks 4
                      Celtics 0

                      Greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭

                      • Guy  Prieto
                        Guy Prieto  4 months back

                        I'm from L.A but dam.... Boston is too NASTY. Kyrie has the best handles I have ever seen. EVER.

                        • Burry Bondz
                          Burry Bondz  4 months back

                          Turner looking like a stretched out chief keef giving people the business

                          • Celtics Chick
                            Celtics Chick  4 months back

                            Jaylen Brown and his imaginary brooms 😂

                            • Rogue Cheddar
                              Rogue Cheddar  4 months back

                              About frickin time they put it together! Go Celts!

                              • Karma
                                Karma  4 months back

                                Yea cuz having a huge dunk in a game is equal to 200 points right? Tf

                              • Truth Hurts
                                Truth Hurts  4 months back

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                                • Truth Hurts
                                  Truth Hurts  4 months back

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                                • Pedro Martinez
                                  Pedro Martinez  4 months back

                                  hYou sound like a Russian troll bot.

                              • Smitty Smith
                                Smitty Smith  4 months back

                                Larry Bird was like damn thank God I'm not coaching these guys no more. He was really there for the Celtics 4-0

                                • real american
                                  real american  4 months back

                                  Bucks are going to humiliate the Celtics, just like the pacers would've with Victor Oladipo.

                              • NihilTimendumEst
                                NihilTimendumEst  4 months back

                                Celtics and warriors in the finals. Eastcoast VS Westcoast again!

                                • real american
                                  real american  4 months back

                                  @Pedro Martinez just tired of the stupid saying...East coast vs. West coast. More like, bought team vs. bought team. Which big market organization contributes more money for the NBA. THE MEDIA IS SO AFRAID TO OFFEND BIG MARKET FANS. I say fuck 'em and fuck you too Pedro.

                                • Pedro Martinez
                                  Pedro Martinez  4 months back

                                  @real american You sound like a real winner.

                                • real american
                                  real american  4 months back

                                  Sounds like a gay game

                              • James Brockington
                                James Brockington  4 months back

                                Ok I gotta say heyward led the Celtics to the sweep I didn't see coming cuz heyward is the x factor

                                • Ross Martinez III
                                  Ross Martinez III  4 months back

                                  The ol' banana in the tail pipe trick....

                                  • pstuddy
                                    pstuddy  4 months back

                                    myles turner lookin like kwame brown

                                    • J M
                                      J M  4 months back

                                      Horford gonna be a year older and Turner a year better next year with a healthy Oladipo.Enjoy it Celtic fans cuz next year ya could be the one crying.

                                      • Floyd Zepplin
                                        Floyd Zepplin  4 months back

                                        Gee, Celtics seem very proud of beating the Pacers without Oladipo.

                                        Bucks win 4-2

                                        • Floyd Zepplin
                                          Floyd Zepplin  4 months back

                                          The Beantown Sweepers Hahahahaha, your sorry ass will be crying next week

                                          The Celtics looked like shit

                                        • The Beantown Sweepers
                                          The Beantown Sweepers  4 months back

                                          Gee Cucks seem very proud of beating a sorry pistons team that plays no defense

                                          C'S IN 3

                                      • The Josh O Show
                                        The Josh O Show  4 months back

                                        That dunk. Lord 1/2 mercy.

                                        -Josh Otusanya

                                        • Jacob Thomas
                                          Jacob Thomas  4 months back

                                          Anyone who thinks this series was even remotely close is lost. This was stage 1 Celtics players just warming up individually for round 2. Kyrie, Brown, Tatum, Hayward each won a game. Wait til they put it all together.
                                          You'll see the real 2 way capability of this team in R2.

                                        • T Is
                                          T Is  4 months back

                                          Celtics in 5 vs Bucks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

                                        • kingjimmyb ofall
                                          kingjimmyb ofall  4 months back

                                          Playoffs-At least he contested/took a forearm to the neck/shoulder/chest and went right back to playing-Haywood and Brown are key to beating bucks good to see gorden sticking his nose in there on D
                                          GO CELTS

                                          • Chris Spinazzola
                                            Chris Spinazzola  4 months back

                                            Don't discredit that dunk, as far as real NBA fans are concerned the celtics franchise has been eliminated and Gordon Hayward is deceased. The reality is that Boston will lose in the next round to be forgotten forever but that miles turner posterizer will be on highlight reels for the next 50 years

                                            • King Cypher
                                              King Cypher  4 months back

                                              JB savage , xD bringing out the brooms

                                              • Daniel Romero
                                                Daniel Romero  4 months back

                                                Refs ruined the Hayward poster on Turner in the 3rd smh

                                                • real american
                                                  real american  4 months back

                                                  No, the fact that fat boy Bains was pulling and pushing people around in the paint stopped Myles from throwing that dunk to Brownsburg.

                                                • meib
                                                  meib  4 months back

                                                  Where can i find a vid of that

                                              • Bicc OG
                                                Bicc OG  4 months back

                                                I was gonna say something about the title but look like people already did

                                              • Job Low
                                                Job Low  4 months back

                                                3:07 talk about adding salt to the wound jaylen brown

                                                • Connie B
                                                  Connie B  4 months back

                                                  Indiana might win a game or two in a series with Oladeipo.

                                                  • Dame Dolla
                                                    Dame Dolla  4 months back

                                                    JB was savage for that dance......

                                                    • Mike Pereiira
                                                      Mike Pereiira  4 months back

                                                      Gordon got dunked on.
                                                      Comes back 4th quarter to hit a huge 3 pointer

                                                      • Kelvin Cruz
                                                        Kelvin Cruz  4 months back

                                                        When Uncle Drew sends you packing early 😎

                                                        • Aaron Francis
                                                          Aaron Francis  4 months back

                                                          Celtics clicked FINALLY this series.Hayward showing hes got some athleticism back as well

                                                          • kill em with KINDNESS
                                                            kill em with KINDNESS  4 months back

                                                            I still dont trust the celtics. Especially Jaylen browns shooting.

                                                            • L3-6ron LESPN
                                                              L3-6ron LESPN  4 months back

                                                              Lmao despite Myles Turners huge Jam!!! Wtf kinda title is that that’s one play ha

                                                            • Master Of Statistics
                                                              Master Of Statistics  4 months back

                                                              ESPN is so bitter about Boston advancing to the next round with a sweep that they try to overshadow Gordon's fantastic game with a poster dunk on him that didn't help the Pacers at all. It's funny though how they won't even mention Hayward's multiple dunks in the game or his great overall performance. Keep doubting us and we're gonna win it all, you Boston hating networks.

                                                            • Adam Ho
                                                              Adam Ho  4 months back

                                                              When you realize that 3 people off the bench for Boston scored all of their points and had 50 plus

                                                              • mktking
                                                                mktking  4 months back

                                                                To GIVE UP and TO Give IN are the exact same meaning. smh

                                                                • maaly8111
                                                                  maaly8111  4 months back

                                                                  @1:33 body bagged!

                                                                  • maaly8111
                                                                    maaly8111  4 months back

                                                                    @Skate_ Or_Die what?!?! How? First off he jumped, second his left heel was in the restricted zone. You trippin.

                                                                  • Skate_ Or_Die
                                                                    Skate_ Or_Die  4 months back

                                                                    maaly8111 offensive foul

                                                                • maaly8111
                                                                  maaly8111  4 months back

                                                                  man...If Oladipo never got hurt...

                                                                  • Mr. Success
                                                                    Mr. Success  4 months back

                                                                    @maaly8111 The season and the playoffs are different animals. Look at Toronto all these years.

                                                                  • maaly8111
                                                                    maaly8111  4 months back

                                                                    @Mr. Success well Lebron ain't in the east this year so we will see whole comes out the east. Celtics look good but they struggled at times during the season. Would have been more entertaining if Oladipo was there

                                                                  • maaly8111
                                                                    maaly8111  4 months back

                                                                    @Devaughn Virgil 18ppg 5rebs 5ast would make a world of difference for the Pacers. He ain't gotta be Lebron. He would have done fine on his own.

                                                                  • Devaughn Virgil
                                                                    Devaughn Virgil  4 months back

                                                                    @Floyd Zepplin bro go somewhere with that BS. Oladipo nice but they ain beating Boston or winning multiple games with him. Niggaz talkn like VO sum Lebron type player lol

                                                                  • Floyd Zepplin
                                                                    Floyd Zepplin  4 months back

                                                                    Devaughn Virgil Then you did not watch the series

                                                                • AWretchLikeThee
                                                                  AWretchLikeThee  4 months back

                                                                  Mount Rushmore of the NBA
                                                                  1.Larry Bird
                                                                  2.Gordon Hayward
                                                                  3.Steve Nash
                                                                  4.Donald Trump

                                                                  • AWretchLikeThee
                                                                    AWretchLikeThee  4 months back

                                                                    @real american I'm not ashamed to be white, hence my joke. I don't hate any other race either. I'm usually never serious with my comments, I like to joke around.

                                                                  • real american
                                                                    real american  4 months back

                                                                    @AWretchLikeThee congratulations to the guy that built Mt. Rushmore 💪👏💃

                                                                  • real american
                                                                    real american  4 months back

                                                                    @AWretchLikeThee Shit! even the Karl the Mail man, knew to stay away from that smiling 50 tooth special delivery.

                                                                  • real american
                                                                    real american  4 months back

                                                                    @AWretchLikeThee you really shouldn't run away from your white side. Just think everyone wants to be a part of what we created. Truth. No shame in that. Plus white folks police everyone and everything, including themselves. Not bad fighters and athletes either. Klitchko ruled the heavyweight division for at least a couple decades bro. Stop with the hating. Larry was way better than magic..."look out! get out of the way! folks don't get a no look scratch by H.I.V. Magic!" GTFOH💃

                                                                  • real american
                                                                    real american  4 months back

                                                                    @AWretchLikeThee that's great...props to the man that created the game.