AFTER MOVIE TRAILER REACTION (this bitch dramatic)


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  • Lora Takhalova
    Lora Takhalova  1 months back

    Girl I almost did died watching the trailer I watched the full movie 7 times at once

    • Arial Martinez
      Arial Martinez  4 months back

      I cried while watching the movie, But not because it was... Good😬

      • Demonetrey Mathenia
        Demonetrey Mathenia  4 months back

        I almost forgot. Thank god, i didn't. Your hair is very ugly it looks like a dirty ass mop now im done

        • Demonetrey Mathenia
          Demonetrey Mathenia  4 months back

          This movie is SOOO AMAAASZZZING OMG EHHHH😀😁😁😁😁😂 no words p.s mouth drop😮😮😮 (love your hair by the way)

          • Kimberly Miles
            Kimberly Miles  5 months back

            You’re whole reaction literally how I exactly reacted. Like even as I still watch the ad I can’t breathe!!! I’m so mad that no one ik knows the book and what the movie fill be! And I hope they make more “After” movies after this. It’s a must. I’m on the second book. Sorry for my long ass fan girl rant but love your reaction. Okay bye 😂❤️

            • broken shorts
              broken shorts  6 months back

              wait didn’t it come out like way back in january? i saw the trailer and then read all the books

              • broken shorts
                broken shorts  6 months back

                Gold King thank you! i’m just an idiot

              • Gold King
                Gold King  6 months back

                broken shorts that was the teaser trailer fam

            • Blanca Tiger
              Blanca Tiger  6 months back

              P.s. I love ur hair😘😘

              • Blanca Tiger
                Blanca Tiger  6 months back

                Holy shittt!!! I was clicking on a song that I love and I still love its by dean lewis- be alright, but anyway I clicked on the be alright video and an ad came up I didn't know what it was but it seemed interesting so I ccontinued watching it and I fell in love with Hardin and Tessa and literally like 2 days later I got the book. So I got the book like 3 days ago and I'm on like page 196 the book is soooo addicting and I love how they go back and forth and I love the drama and emotions that are given in the book.... HONESTLY IT'S THE BEST FUCKING BOOK I'VE EVR READ!!!😍😍😱💍❤💔

                • karl.
                  karl.   6 months back

                  Blanca Tiger FACTS🤧

              • Doaa Fakoush
                Doaa Fakoush  6 months back

                Kpop #exo koko pop😍😍😍

                • Júlia Ružeková
                  Júlia Ružeková  6 months back

                  this trailer made me read the book because i just couldn't wait for the movie and i'm so thankful for that and excited at the same time (sorry for my grammar)

                • Michelle Nizama
                  Michelle Nizama  6 months back

                  Omg I love your reaction (and your hair😍) I can’t wait for the movie to come out, I did a reaction video as well on my channel with some friends from the fandom if you want go and check it out (disclaimer I’m not promoting it I’m just saying) Love ya💜

                  • mell erguvan
                    mell erguvan  6 months back

                    3:12 bish u scare the shit out of me with that look lmao

                    • karl.
                      karl.   6 months back

                      mell erguvan HAHAHAHHAAHA ME TOO HONESTLY

                  • Mariale T
                    Mariale T  6 months back

                    I love you so much I mean the emotion are real, I'm so proud of Anna THE MOVIE IS REAL I love you're reaction I'm laughing
                    The best reaction

                    • Ayala Noya
                      Ayala Noya  6 months back

                      Lmao litterly me I’m so FUCKING exitedddd

                      • Em Bello
                        Em Bello  6 months back

                        I’m so excited for it legit going to watch it 3 times also ur hair is gorgeous!

                        • dayanara lerma
                          dayanara lerma  6 months back

                          “he’s complicated” WE BEEN KNEW

                          • Katelynn Ventura
                            Katelynn Ventura  6 months back

                            I never got that video. I’m mad 😂

                            • Mariah Rose Rivero
                              Mariah Rose Rivero  6 months back

                              Literally same sis I’m pretty sure I died and came back to life just watching it. 👏🏾

                              • karl.
                                karl.   6 months back

                                Mariah Rose Rivero IM NOT GOOD