ATEEZ (KQ Fellaz) Kang Yeosang 강여상 MIXNINE Audition 2017


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  • Qayyah Fam
    Qayyah Fam  4 days back

    Why am I catching feelings?😭😌

    • Qayyah Fam
      Qayyah Fam  4 days back

      I'm crying😭💜all this talent

      • Taebreeze
        Taebreeze  3 months back

        Suddenly I’m straight

        • ateezfan
          ateezfan  3 months back

          He was handsome even before debut

          • changuwu
            changuwu  3 months back

            tf i am still salty

            • loltais •STREAM ILLUSION•

              Wow that's my baby

              • Hannah Bruce
                Hannah Bruce  5 months back

                he’s SO insanely talented

                • Rose T
                  Rose T  6 months back

                  I think he stands out MORE when he performs alone.
                  When he performs in a group
                  He sort of moves a little too early or late at times.
                  Bt he's still amazinggg!

                  • Claire LS
                    Claire LS  6 months back

                    0:16 Me when I saw he was not taken.

                    • Alya Maulida
                      Alya Maulida  6 months back

                      Title song?

                      • analoo
                        analoo   6 months back


                    • deb beenna
                      deb beenna  7 months back

                      did all ateez feature in mixnine and also did tgey stay far into the series?

                      • deb beenna
                        deb beenna  7 months back

                        @analoo thankyou for letting me know. i wanna watch it for ateez anyway.☠️👑

                      • analoo
                        analoo   7 months back

                        @deb beenna yes there was only one mixnine season (2017), there were many groups among the contestants but stray kids weren't there

                      • deb beenna
                        deb beenna  7 months back

                        @analoo is there just one mixnine series?? also didn t straykids appear on this? or am i wrong.

                      • analoo
                        analoo   7 months back

                        all of them auditioned to mixnine, the ones who passed the auditions: hongjoong, mingi, wooyoung, jongho

                    • fragrant pages
                      fragrant pages  7 months back

                      nooooooooooo that was too short :( he was so good 💕💕

                      • Hahaha Haha
                        Hahaha Haha  7 months back

                        How did he not pass

                      • exo’s kaylee
                        exo’s kaylee  8 months back

                        HOW DID HE NOT MAKE THE CUT I -

                        • reem alanazi
                          reem alanazi  8 months back

                          i just want you

                          • Potato Goddess
                            Potato Goddess  8 months back

                            I can watch him dance for hours..🥰🥰

                            • Lily H
                              Lily H  9 months back

                              Goooo Yeosang❤