Fire Emblem: Three Houses | Monastery Gameplay Impressions


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  • Rebecca  Vaughn
    Rebecca Vaughn  7 days back

    Sylvain if you are a woman proffessor you get him automatically because he is a ladies man!

    • Golden Monarch
      Golden Monarch  1 months back

      ⚜️Golden Deers⚜️
      Nuff said 😎😎

      • Rogan
        Rogan  1 months back

        Claude and Lorenz, uh? I ship it :D

        • Leonardo Farias
          Leonardo Farias  1 months back

          HUH! You're finally capable of walking around and exploring

          • Zanniia
            Zanniia  1 months back

            Wow I'm shocked so many people are covering this game.
            I really hope this will get more people to buy it, cause at this rate, this game looks like it could be a contender for GOTY

            • poki
              poki  1 months back

              cant wait to s support my man, claude.

              • DatVideoDoe
                DatVideoDoe  1 months back

                How many characters can we recruit?

                • Gio Drakone
                  Gio Drakone  1 months back

                  I know you can't talk spoilers yet but I wish someone would confirm if at least the 2 male house leaders are optionally bi. Leaks on the same sex romance options haven't been the most promising yet...

                  What's the point in the Golden Deer route if Claude ain't gay 😭

                  • SevenFingerDiscount
                    SevenFingerDiscount  1 months back

                    Nissi Greer can make gay characters...and not be gay yourself.

                  • Tum Tum
                    Tum Tum  1 months back

                    Nissi Greer would just mean they’re sexist. Of course Edelgard is bisexual, cuz she’s a girl and it’s alright for girls to like girls cuz the developers like girls, right? Let the fetishization of girl x girl continue!
                    And it’s not like they’ve implied characters r gay before and made characters actually gay....oh wait, they have. And Apparently there are more gay options in this game than the other ones. And since Edelgard is confirmed bi, Dimitri is said to be confirmed hetero, ppl r hoping they round it out by making Claude gay. For balance, cuz ppl like that.

                  • Nissi Greer
                    Nissi Greer  1 months back

                    The creators of the game aren't gay so they're most likely not going to make any of the main characters gay. And what do you mean "what's the point in Claude if he isn't gay"? The entire game is not about romance you know.

                • MR. FAN #FEDGIVEAWAY
                  MR. FAN #FEDGIVEAWAY  1 months back

                  Huh, heavy armor for hilda, for hidden talent

                  • Harleydottz
                    Harleydottz  1 months back

                    kinda weird, thought she was going to be a no defense no resistance all atack girl.

                • MR. FAN #FEDGIVEAWAY
                  MR. FAN #FEDGIVEAWAY  1 months back

                  Lances and, reason magic?(correct if wrong) claude is bad it. Axes is hidden talent

                  • Sin Full
                    Sin Full  1 months back

                    I live for Claude

                    • Nissi Greer
                      Nissi Greer  1 months back

                      Even though I'm going Blue Lions on my first playthrough even I have to admit that Claude is super nice looking. I'll do his path second.

                  • HighCaliber350
                    HighCaliber350  1 months back

                    3:56 Lorenz "petting" the horse?

                    • Clara
                      Clara  1 months back

                      I don't think thats an animation mistake Lorenz is just like that

                  • darkwatershadow
                    darkwatershadow  1 months back

                    Most of these characters look so bland. Maybe it's the uniforms but I hope their personalities make up for it. Everything else seems fun though so I'll probably still pick it up.

                    • HaxorViper
                      HaxorViper  1 months back

                      They don't use their uniforms in battle after they get to a class. They also wear their own preferred clothing post-timeskip

                  • FS Smash
                    FS Smash  1 months back

                    Notice how Lorenz really dislikes claude

                  • Naeshaun Edwards
                    Naeshaun Edwards  1 months back

                    Yay so Sylvain is recruitable?

                    • GalacticHeroEtna
                      GalacticHeroEtna  1 months back

                      The house leader and their 'retainer' are not recruitable.
                       Edlegard + Hubert, Dimitri+Dudue and Claude+Hilda

                    • Veiled Mystery
                      Veiled Mystery  1 months back

                      @Acrossthestars12 Carrot Except certain characters because they are too attached to their house. I think Hilda is one of them.

                    • Acrossthestars12 Carrot
                      Acrossthestars12 Carrot  1 months back

                      Every student except house leaders is recruitable

                  • ᶘ oᴥoᶅ :
                    ᶘ oᴥoᶅ :  1 months back

                    i have never been so hyped for a game

                    • ???
                      ???  1 months back

                      *I KNOW RIGHT!?*

                    • NANO HUNTER Ff
                      NANO HUNTER Ff  1 months back

                      Only competes with Breath of the Wild hype for me.

                  • Passonthestar
                    Passonthestar  1 months back

                    of course kotaku would associate with golden deer

                    • PhantomZwei
                      PhantomZwei  1 months back

                      Credit to you, Kotaku. There's been a lot of FE:TH videos dropping today but yours have on the whole been well-researched as well as concise and informative. Great work!

                      • Mark B
                        Mark B  1 months back

                        Looks like tedious padding to me. Only interested in the battles.

                        • Aaron Martinez
                          Aaron Martinez  4 weeks back

                          @William Barker how can you skip it?

                        • William Barker
                          William Barker  1 months back

                          Mark B you can skip the monastery aspect entirely. It will do all of this automatically if you like.

                      • pINKprotege
                        pINKprotege  1 months back

                        FE:TH is going to be release one week after MUA3 and yet we're getting so much more footage, previews and impressions of this game. Well I'm not complaining. lol

                        • Ultimabuster92
                          Ultimabuster92  1 months back

                          Ok.... it seems that fishing doesn't use activity points... well, there goes my life... xD I'll spend HOURS fishing... like i did in Xenoblad Chronicles 2 with the cloud diving

                          • Ultimabuster92
                            Ultimabuster92  1 months back

                            @2fast4you ! I don't even know, why i loved Salvaging xD I only know that i did it for hours without getting bored.

                          • 2fast4you !
                            2fast4you !  1 months back

                            Imo Salvaging was a pain in XC2 but fishing in Three Houses looks cool

                          • ???
                            ???  1 months back

                            Fishing Emblem is now a thing.

                          • Shums
                            Shums  1 months back

                            You do you.

                        • Elliepopcorn
                          Elliepopcorn  1 months back

                          I'll turn every unit into tome users to make this shit into Harry Potter, hype!

                          • Elliepopcorn
                            Elliepopcorn  1 months back

                            @Wild Tea Sipper XD

                          • Elliepopcorn
                            Elliepopcorn  1 months back

                            @MC Maxey I will find a way, dont break my dreams

                          • MC Maxey
                            MC Maxey  1 months back

                            Have fun with that. Lower level mages only have a limited number of uses per battle. So a heal spell can only be used 5 times, and the same can be said for fire. But as they level up, they’ll receive more uses and more magic to attack.

                          • Nicholas Wolfe
                            Nicholas Wolfe  1 months back

                            @Wild Tea Sipper 🤣🤣🤣

                          • Wild Tea Sipper
                            Wild Tea Sipper  1 months back

                            Be careful a literal stick will kill your unit

                        • Grimmjon Gaming
                          Grimmjon Gaming  1 months back

                          I'm ready.

                          • Guest _30748
                            Guest _30748  1 months back

                            Thank you for confirming that there is cross house support conversations

                          • Nataniel Gantman
                            Nataniel Gantman  1 months back

                            looks great but the running animation is a bit off

                            • Zanniia
                              Zanniia  1 months back

                              I like it, the female has such better clothing physics than the Male and it bothers me immensely

                          • Force Hammer Gaming
                            Force Hammer Gaming  1 months back

                            This is definitely one of my most anticipated games for the Switch! 👍

                            • Leonardo Farias
                              Leonardo Farias  1 months back

                              Give them a round of applauses for letting us explore

                          • Кропоткин
                            Кропоткин  1 months back

                            Nice PS2 Game

                            • GingerMint
                              GingerMint  1 months back

                              What a creative comment 🙄👏🏼

                            • Zerky1
                              Zerky1  1 months back

                              チェン明ゆ鄭明耀 I think it was bait...

                            • チェン明ゆ鄭明耀
                              チェン明ゆ鄭明耀  1 months back

                              Oh come on, you fucking Xbox and Playstation fanboys have been behaving like abused children since the Switch came out. Get over it already

                            • ziggyrules0489
                              ziggyrules0489  1 months back


                            • Кропоткин
                              Кропоткин  1 months back

                              @Royyan Firdaus I try

                          • Andrew Hickinbottom
                            Andrew Hickinbottom  1 months back

                            I had a quick skip through, and it kinda looked like a big boobed anime Harry Potter :-P