Cyclops vs. Rogue – Raleigh Major 2019 – Group stage – Day Two

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • Watch the group stage match between Cyclops and Rogue of the second day of the Raleigh Major 2019.

    6:50 - Map: Bank
    57:41 - Map: Clubhouse
    1:43:11 - Map: Border

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Comments • 40

  • Martin H. Roskar
    Martin H. Roskar  4 days back

    That round 7 clubhouse rogue retake was smexy

    • Unheard Phantom
      Unheard Phantom  4 days back

      Cyclops is straight ass and wasn’t ready 😂

      • Zachary Donaghy
        Zachary Donaghy  4 days back

        Parkers commentary blows and the observer misses 90% of fights with no replays. I fucking hate watching pro siege

        • kasumaru/かすまる
          kasumaru/かすまる  4 days back

          CAG noob

          • Oskii007 Di Bella
            Oskii007 Di Bella  4 days back

            Map 1. The irony. Cyclops banned Capitao, the cyclops of siege.

            • SUS JOJ
              SUS JOJ  4 days back

              he has his other eye, the summer skin for capitao gave it away

          • Sticky Angus
            Sticky Angus  5 days back

            God cut his fucking hair off is he gonna donate it or something

            • yaboi chicken
              yaboi chicken  5 days back

              Honestly I was going for rogue but I felt bad for cyclops at the beginning

              • Péter Maróti
                Péter Maróti  5 days back

                35:15 - SuzuC.CAG picks smoke with Elite skin. Where is OUR Smoke Elite skin??

                • Fanvsant
                  Fanvsant  5 days back

                  Can anyone find the timestamp of Michael getting really loud and angry about a defuser? I heard him in the background of the g2 v secret map and I really want to know what he was yelling about

                  • Zeb364
                    Zeb364  5 days back

                    Man, this long haired announcer is just terrible. Not only does he not add much at the best of times but now he's getting stats wrong that he has sitting right in front of him. I mean the other guy is constantly politely correcting him or pointing him in the right direction.

                    This is why I never watch live, so I can skip as much of the announcer talk as possible (ie: between games and halfs).

                    • MrIncognito 05
                      MrIncognito 05  4 days back

                      @Ebp Yv this boi H U M O N G O U S stupid

                    • Ebp Yv
                      Ebp Yv  4 days back

                      Zeb364 this guy big stupid

                    • Zachpack
                      Zachpack  5 days back

                      My fav caster

                    • Matt Monti
                      Matt Monti  5 days back

                      This caster duo is literally the one everyone hopes to see when they click on the vids

                    • 2e45t7u
                      2e45t7u  5 days back

                      Compared to the other casters, Kix and Interro are the best. They not only go through data, they even try to explain the strategies of the players. You don't see that from the other casters who only do a play-by-play of what is happening in the round.

                  • Detrian
                    Detrian  5 days back


                    • becky haag
                      becky haag  5 days back

                      Not gonna lie, I didn’t think Parker had a shirt on for about .5 seconds

                      • Sticky Angus
                        Sticky Angus  5 days back

                        .5 seconds? That's not even a second

                    • Little Aito
                      Little Aito  5 days back

                      Nice 360p

                      • Simply Lettuce
                        Simply Lettuce  5 days back

                        Is the whole thing in 360p

                        • Jesus Lara
                          Jesus Lara  5 days back

                          Simply Lettuce it does it all the time kid. Shut the fuck up you look like Kermit the frog if you don’t wanna watch in 360p like the rest of us then fuck off

                        • Simply Lettuce
                          Simply Lettuce  5 days back

                          Richard Shafer it’s been an hour it’s still only 360p. And it’s never done that for me kid

                        • Richard Shafer
                          Richard Shafer  5 days back

                          They literally just uploaded it. YouTube does that with every video. Give it time

                      • Rain
                        Rain  5 days back

                        1st map Bank
                        Ban phase 7:05 1st round 8:10

                        2nd map Club house
                        Ban phase 57:50 1st round 58:55

                      • straight man 44
                        straight man 44  5 days back

                        First comment lol

                        • Idris Idris Ahmed
                          Idris Idris Ahmed  5 days back


                          • Eden
                            Eden  5 days back


                            • imD-_- LastNinja
                              imD-_- LastNinja  5 days back

                              Fiesta coment

                              • Sidd-
                                Sidd-  5 days back

                                I yeeted my yote

                              • Tool Aenima
                                Tool Aenima  5 days back