Skip and Shannon Heated debate! Dez Bryant: "I don't have any interest in playing football right now


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  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson  1 days back

    It’s unfortunate. He was a hall of famer for a while. Injuries derailed his ability. Off the field he was a mess.

    • kidphresh2000
      kidphresh2000  3 days back

      Dez...your career is over, so if youre depressed...we dont care. Get over it.

    • 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

      Anxiety, depression??? TF bruh...

      • Robert Davis
        Robert Davis  12 hours back

        I mean..then 60 million..but still

      • Michael McMillan
        Michael McMillan  12 hours back

        @Robert Davis That's if he saved his money. And stopped BLOWING $50K with his Boys in DFW Steakhouses.

      • Robert Davis
        Robert Davis  21 hours back

        I mean..80 million dollars in the bank is no way to live..

    • Jr Woodson
      Jr Woodson  5 days back

      3:10. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. House he destroy. With the friends. That's what happened.

      • Diane Gibson
        Diane Gibson  7 days back

        LEAVE that man alone!

        • Michael McMillan
          Michael McMillan  12 hours back

          Why??? It's his fault. His DUMBASS should've kept his mouth shut. No need to defend a man that put hands on his Own Mom's!!! (Allegedly) Dez is Finally getting his Own dose of Karma. Stick a fork in him he's DONE!!! Hopefully he saved his 🍞. And isn't BLOWING 50 Racks in Dallas Steakhouses. (Like he did a few years back)

      • Brandon Tillman
        Brandon Tillman  7 days back

        Man ain't no team say they don't want him he had an opportunity to go to Baltimore to play with the Ravens and he turned them down for a one year deal to the saints

        • Michael McMillan
          Michael McMillan  12 hours back

          Which was STUPID on his part. The Ravens offered him MORE money. Turns that down for Less $$$ and STILL NEVER played a down with the Saints. Shannon Sharpe was SPOT ON!!! C'mon bruh.

      • Joey Ferguson
        Joey Ferguson  1 weeks back

        Its probably just 30 something thousand bacause its more than likely a 2 or 3oo thousand dollar car. If he wrecked a Kia or a chevy cobalt or something like that it would be cheap. You wreck a Range Rover it gets expensive. By the way Skip....IT WAS A CATCH!!!!!!

        • Derrick Eubanks
          Derrick Eubanks  4 days back

          It wasn't a catch not by rules he didn't complete it

      • Bobby Rome
        Bobby Rome  2 weeks back

        I hate the way they are attacking that man, like they don't want him to sign at all. SMH

        • Michael McMillan
          Michael McMillan  12 hours back

          @Derrick Eubanks Thank you!!! Dude must not be old enough to remember how much of a BEAST SS was. (Especially in a running league back then) Like the other commenter mentioned.

        • Michael McMillan
          Michael McMillan  12 hours back

          @Quinton Lee ONLY a Super Bowl? (3 actually) You're funny bro. Just downplay a 3 time World Champion. As opposed to a WHINER who can't even got open anymore. Shay Sharpe is speaking FACTS!!! Quit NUT RIDING Dez Bryant and please use a little LOGIC.

        • Derrick Eubanks
          Derrick Eubanks  4 days back

          Quinton Lee quit the bullshit Shannon a hall of famer whose numbers would've been higher had it not been for TD running the ball more than they passed

        • Derrick Eubanks
          Derrick Eubanks  4 days back

          Stop it ain't nobody doing nothing but speaking facts no team has called him this year since so to act like he not playing cause he not interested is a lie

        • Lamar Miller
          Lamar Miller  7 days back

          Ronald Lassiter and before tight ends were used like today

      • Andrew Breeding
        Andrew Breeding  3 weeks back

        And I saw a guy throwing him a football that could barley get the ball to him, he didn’t have a great season but dak sure didn’t help dak couldn’t put the ball where he needed it to save his life

        • Black Cobra
          Black Cobra  2 days back

          Nice observation

        • Phenom AL
          Phenom AL  4 days back

          We're all up

        • Brandon Griggs
          Brandon Griggs  1 weeks back

          Ronald Lassiter yeah that is because of the over and under throws from Dak. Unfortunately, bad passes from the QB are considered as drops

        • Ronald Lassiter
          Ronald Lassiter  1 weeks back

          You forget Dez led the league in drops ?

      • Top Five
        Top Five  3 weeks back

        Heated debate my arse. They agreed with each other the whole damn way.