Meet 2 scientists trying to forecast shark attacks l GMA


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  • JonsTunes
    JonsTunes  7 days back

    This documentary was complete rubbish as was their research. It's been well known by fisherman for hundreds if not thousands of years that weather influences the behaviour of fish and therefore sharks. During the doc they tagged two sharks over a 5 hour period, what kind of data set is that? It answers absolutely nothing. To get any credible answers they need to tag, follow and research thousands of sharks from around the world for years and then it'd be worth making a documentary. This was embarrassing to watch.

    • Lucinda Bean
      Lucinda Bean  1 months back

      FASCINATING. I look forward to learning about the scientists data.

      • Heather Marsters
        Heather Marsters  1 months back

        People always get so surprised to see sharks close to shore. Hellooo! The entire ocean is their territory! And like many animals, they are most aggressive during mating season.

        • Patricia Rodriguez
          Patricia Rodriguez  1 months back

          Omg.. why do these people waste there time with these sharks. “Exactly they are predators” they attack and eat. Like any animal that needs to survive. I don’t think u need a change of weather to tell you to attack and eat. If your hungry you eat...

          • Sarcastic Klutz
            Sarcastic Klutz  1 months back

            very interesting

            • Brandein Guerrero
              Brandein Guerrero  1 months back

              Ugh show us more news about UFOs that are appearing more often like the one in Florida.

              • Lustig
                Lustig  1 months back

                Scientists are our guidian Engels. Thanks you

                • John Rotuno
                  John Rotuno  1 months back

                  Thank you, Joe Merchant for using "Hypothesis" in this scenario while the word theory was being used incorrectly.

                  • The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake

                    Only assholes mess with sharks 🦈

                    • Michael Newell
                      Michael Newell  1 months back

                      You can prevent shark attack a by not swimming with sharks, we have pools ffs

                      • David Moynan
                        David Moynan  1 months back

                        Did you feel the earth quake on Friday? -Madeleine

                        • Zander Isom
                          Zander Isom  1 months back

                          Good luck

                          • Basil Thompson
                            Basil Thompson  1 months back

                            National Geographic Is The Majority Owner Of Disney

                            • Dragon Lightgalatic
                              Dragon Lightgalatic  1 months back

                              Shark Attack are really dangerous.🌊🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊