The Struts perform their smash-hit 'Could Have Been Me' live on 'GMA' | FULL PERFORMANCE


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  • Jovany Zapata
    Jovany Zapata  7 days back

    And to sing like that so early in the morning... what a beast! 😱

    • Milagros Rivero
      Milagros Rivero  2 weeks back

      Love this guys❤❤

      • O Caçador
        O Caçador  3 weeks back

        Freddie Saturn

        • poo head
          poo head  3 weeks back

          He really reminds me of freddie mercury

          • CINDY KAMINAKA
            CINDY KAMINAKA  4 weeks back

            Couldnt love the Struts more! Even watching them on TV is a rousing good time!

            • Mark Castellanet
              Mark Castellanet  1 months back

              Recently discovered the band. They are pretty damn good. I'm excited to see what they come up with.

              • MashupPotato
                MashupPotato  1 months back

                it's so refreshing to see live music i love this

                • Abe Lesser
                  Abe Lesser  1 months back

                  July 27th... see u there

                • A.C. Harrison
                  A.C. Harrison  1 months back

                  This was the last song? Not 'Where Did She Go?' !?

                  • A.C. Harrison
                    A.C. Harrison  7 days back

                    Joe G well boo, I really loved 'WDSG' as the closing song

                  • Joe G
                    Joe G  7 days back

                    This is what they've been closing their current tour with.

                  • tommy c
                    tommy c  4 weeks back

                    A.C. Harrison it was the last song on air, they also played kiss this and primadonna like me

                • Queen 225
                  Queen 225  1 months back

                  I like you guys!!!!

                  • Decia Thomas-Waite
                    Decia Thomas-Waite  1 months back

                    Sooo damn good ❤️❤️

                    • Johnny Lynn
                      Johnny Lynn  1 months back

                      AMAZING band! These guys will be HUGE!!

                      • juliarosex
                        juliarosex  1 months back

                        Love The Struts! Saw them twice! His voice is amazing live! 💚

                        • TriplePalindromous
                          TriplePalindromous  1 months back

                          Luke's voice always on point.

                          • RAREofficial
                            RAREofficial  1 months back

                            One of their best songs