Neil deGrasse Tyson: Finding Extraterrestrial Life Might Unify Earth's Residents

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • America's favorite astrophysicist predicts what might happen if (or when) the people of Earth confirm the existence of life beyond this planet. #Colbert #NeildeGrasseTyson #Interviews

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Comments • 3 385

  • DagobertX2
    DagobertX2  19 minutes back

    Ok, maybe you can't eat it, but...can you smoke it? :)

    • JMGollde Mielmort
      JMGollde Mielmort  24 minutes back


      • Commenter Person
        Commenter Person  1 hours back

        9:10 Neil, I've said that for decades.
        From the audience's response, it's clear that most people aren't objective enough...because it is an obvious conclusion to arrive at -- even for a teeneger.

        • Commenter Person
          Commenter Person  1 hours back

          I came here, hoping to finally say: Aha, fake Neil and fake Stephen....
          ...but you both proved me wrong...AGAIN!
          Both awesome!

          • TruDragon88
            TruDragon88  3 hours back

            Well that got tense quick

            • SmoknWoodChucks ChipChuckSmoked

              It's horrifying what measures are taken too silience the knowledge of purposeful science. 💃🌻🙊

              • RaZeyLWindBladE
                RaZeyLWindBladE  6 hours back

                We cant even agree on who the best footballer is on the planet let alone uniting the people in it...

                • Harry
                  Harry  6 hours back

                  This Great Man got one almost definitely false accusation of rape from a troll looking homeless woman who believes in magic, and 2 typical MeToo accusations of things that didnt even fucking matter (one being of him touching an ugly chick on the arm back in 2009, he was pointing out details on her arm's tatoo of the Solar System. Another one being of him inviting a friend in for snacks and then him hugging her and subtly letting her know that he found her attractive, once again completely acceptable although a little weird in my opinion). The SJW era is ending, everyone just give up with this ridiculous culture that our descendants are going to pity us for.

                  • Ryan Heath
                    Ryan Heath  6 hours back

                    Anyone any news on cosmos season 2??

                    • superpael
                      superpael  7 hours back

                      At least he didnt talk over colbert.

                      • Victor Ruiz
                        Victor Ruiz  8 hours back

                        Yea unify us together so we could nuke it

                        • Juancho Vazquez
                          Juancho Vazquez  8 hours back

                          Literally the first thing I noticed was no astronomical clothes

                          • Brandon Wadsworth
                            Brandon Wadsworth  8 hours back

                            Hey Colbert how's the pizza ? whats you're favorite type ?

                            • Maxie Pattie
                              Maxie Pattie  8 hours back

                              pre inter net WHO?

                              • Hector A
                                Hector A  9 hours back

                                Don’t be fooled by the times ahead, cray cray how they’re fooling the masses nowadays. Stay woke

                                • Red H
                                  Red H  9 hours back

                                  More like finding hostile extra terrestrials will unite Earthlings. When there’s a greater threat people will understand the difference between humans is very minuscule.

                                  • S G
                                    S G  9 hours back

                                    I hope they reprogram most of you robots.

                                    • Fran Ra
                                      Fran Ra  12 hours back

                                      "I don't know why da universe be da way it be. It just do."
                                      Neil deGrasse Tyson

                                      • B S
                                        B S  12 hours back

                                        Trump 2020 :)

                                        • Add E
                                          Add E  12 hours back

                                          The subtext of the beginning of the interview is that the misconduct accusations aren't false. Being allowed to keep your job, doesn't mean that you aren't a creeper who's gotten his warning. It also doesn't make the women liars. There is a very wide gray area in between the two. It is very telling that Tyson didn't take the *very obvious* lead to admit he made a mistake and has learned to think before he speaks. Or something similar.

                                          I'm not addressing the rape accusation. That's beyond the statute of limitations at this point, so there won't be an investigation or answers one way or another. If it's true, he escaped. If it's false, that woman is probably telling the truth about something she remembers incorrectly.

                                          • RedneckLive
                                            RedneckLive  13 hours back

                                            Niel pretends the Govt. Is incompitent, yet NASA got most of their tech through govt. Control. The Govt. doesn't have to be competent to cheat off their classmate, and do experiments behind closed doors. I'm sure the Govt. Copies NASA'S designs as part of the contract for the money. Or else the Govt. Would have no reason to fund the program logically.

                                            • Aaron Urias
                                              Aaron Urias  14 hours back

                                              What a fun interview...

                                              • David Eranosian
                                                David Eranosian  15 hours back

                                                The silence when Neil explained how his year was, just listen to that...

                                                • Hugo Zupan
                                                  Hugo Zupan  15 hours back

                                                  Well this escalated really fast at being, i mean really fast

                                                  • Senor Moody
                                                    Senor Moody  16 hours back

                                                    So many false accusations going around, it makes it difficult to believe the real incidents

                                                  • FORC3OFX F3AR
                                                    FORC3OFX F3AR  17 hours back

                                                    This dudes on shows every other week

                                                    • dogless10
                                                      dogless10  19 hours back

                                                      As a member of earth tribe in good standing, I want to know what NASA has learned about life on Mars.

                                                      • Hugo Carvalheiro
                                                        Hugo Carvalheiro  20 hours back

                                                        The only thing that Neil ever raped was PLUTOS ASS!

                                                      • Tearing Tacos
                                                        Tearing Tacos  20 hours back

                                                        The thing is this, people respect anyone who is open and shows us the interesting views of the topic they're into, his enthusiasm reels us in, and his ability to execute the delivery is awesome. Id say people are actually hungry for real shit, and being up front and open is the easiest way into that

                                                        • t. jobi
                                                          t. jobi  21 hours back

                                                          This is the most self absorbed answer to such a serious question when he has admitted himself he was inappropriate and probably needs to learn to respect boundaries and ask for consent. I've met him myself and this is so sad and tremendously disappointing. How about you support women who you made feel uncomfortable by acknowledging their feelings and experience with you? Also, you should be saying you got counseling and fully recognize the power differential your position creates and that you now fully understand, respect that, and will always respect boundaries, consent, and power differentials in the future. Just because you have a lot to give in the form of science education does not mean you get a "get out of jail free" card. We should be just as hard on you until you've fully learned as we are on anyone else guilty (even by self admission) of what you've done. And of course there's no "evidence" other than someone else's word. That's what 99% of sexual assault and rape cases are. One person's word against another's. It's an invisible crime that produces (usually) very little to no physical evidence. This seriously needs to change. Where there's smoke there's fire. And that is accurate as often as climate change scientists are NdGT. I hope everyone isn't really okay with this response.

                                                          • Mr.J
                                                            Mr.J  22 hours back

                                                            He used to be great but now he’s just kind of annoying.

                                                            • Ryan Balls
                                                              Ryan Balls  23 hours back

                                                              He loves the adulation

                                                              • Miska Autiorinne
                                                                Miska Autiorinne  23 hours back

                                                                Pedo Colbert and Narcissist Tyson!!

                                                                • joevan burke
                                                                  joevan burke  1 days back

                                                                  I wrote about how alien encounter would unite us in my Anthropology journal before ever seeing this video

                                                                • Shinethelight
                                                                  Shinethelight  1 days back

                                                                  You libtards giving NGT a pass are pathetic...he most definitely did some shady stuff.

                                                                  • Cornelius White
                                                                    Cornelius White  1 days back

                                                                    Well at least he opened up the conversation.

                                                                    • Colleen Forrest
                                                                      Colleen Forrest  1 days back

                                                                      Yes, because that's exactly what happened with the natives when the Spanish arrived in South America!

                                                                      PLUTO LIVES!

                                                                      • Jesse Jensen
                                                                        Jesse Jensen  1 days back

                                                                        So sorry to hear this Neil, your the man

                                                                        • Fresh.Mootz
                                                                          Fresh.Mootz  1 days back

                                                                          This guy is like my favorite professor (professor Williams) and what makes him so great is that he is extremely passionate about his work and his fans.

                                                                          • ntme9
                                                                            ntme9  1 days back

                                                                            I have thought for a long time that Neil has a dependance on some kind of drug. His behavior and face is all over the spectrum depending on the interview you see him in.

                                                                          • MusicAnalyst Reactions

                                                                            So Neil gets off the hook cause there was no evidence but Kavanaugh did not get off the hook when there was no evidence for his accusation. HYPOCRITES. Fact.

                                                                            • Harith Anti Bully
                                                                              Harith Anti Bully  1 days back

                                                                              Where's mike ?? Is he gonna come on ?

                                                                              • pmdleiria dinis
                                                                                pmdleiria dinis  1 days back

                                                                                i know that im ready, please people increase your inteligence, if you are smart enough you can understand its impossible to be alone in the Universe, and obviously there are other inteligent beings and some of them ahead of us, because we just started our evolution and the Universe is many billion years old.Saying we are not ready just means the people that have the role to disclose it are not ready to lose the support of people or interests they might have with the undisclosure. For example, if the government disclosed technology that allowed us to be fully autonomous energetically, the big energy and fuel companies connected to the government would bankrupt, because these agencies pay taxes and royalties to the USA government, there is no interest in disclosing, is that hard to understand? Another example, we have accepted knowledge for what has been taught to us, imagine an extraterrestrial being telling us that our history that we studied at school aint the real history, do you think everyone would accept the new information as true? there are so many problems with the way human being is living that, if we were presented to a greater inteligence being, we wouldnt be capable of accepting the truth, that our brains are being shaped in a certain way and that our capitalist society doesnt work, obviously changing the way of life of a civilization is very hard, costs a lot of money ad takes a long time, now, who is going to pay for that? in my experiency the only goal of the governments is to make money, not to spend it, there you have a logical paradox for the freedom of information, everything that is going to cost money is put to a trial, only the people that controll the money(government is allowed to vote) so the common people never get the chance to give its opinion, matters like these never go public, like secret deals between countries, it happens a lot, most of the important issues related to us by people in power or secret services are sencured, changed or even erased. With all of this, what i mean to say is that "we will never be ready" because of interests of some people, and thats what we live in, a world of interests, everything is lead but an interest like war, government shutdowns for part of neighboring countries(US fucked so many countries up...). For us to be ready, the human mentality has to change, humble people need to start trying to get to power and greedy evil people should be dealt with, i dont believe there is any thrustworthy governments in the whole planet and i believe if people start go get more humain we actually have a chance to be ready.
                                                                                Many people is ready already but we simply dont have the right rulling system, with this i mean our governments are not ready.

                                                                                • pmdleiria dinis
                                                                                  pmdleiria dinis  1 days back

                                                                                  i wonder how Neil would answer this little preposition of mine.

                                                                              • immasurvivor
                                                                                immasurvivor  1 days back

                                                                                PSA for all women: Someone being bad at flirting or being awkward around women IS NOT sexual misconduct....You think all of us are monsters who want to rape you. but 9 times out of 10 we just want you to like us and our way of getting there doesnt always pan out. Learn to recognize things for what they are. This current mindset of every little thing being sexual violence is so damaging, not just for men, but for actual victims of sexual violence.

                                                                                • timberhoff
                                                                                  timberhoff  1 days back

                                                                                  I think that if aliens do have a contact with us then there is a really big chance that they alreaady have a contact with more civilisations. So that encounter may open a door for us to contact tens of other civilisations suddenly. And what a game changer that would be:)

                                                                                  • mnagy1972
                                                                                    mnagy1972  1 days back

                                                                                    Welcome back!!!

                                                                                    • David Fr
                                                                                      David Fr  1 days back

                                                                                      Operation image cleaning began

                                                                                      • Miska Autiorinne
                                                                                        Miska Autiorinne  23 hours back

                                                                                        David Fr And these guys offer it. They're all the same

                                                                                    • Professor MAWillett
                                                                                      Professor MAWillett  1 days back

                                                                                      Couldn’t care less about alleged sexual misconduct.
                                                                                      Neil, I’m sure you know that we will never contact or communicate with another intelligent civilization before our species becomes extinct. Generic life might be possible but so what? You need to explain that”tribe” comment because I don’t think, except for nerds of which I am one, anyone would care unless, as was said, we could eat it or use it for fuel.