Generations React To Try Not To Dance Challenge (Favorite Songs Game)


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  • FBE
    FBE   2 months back

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  • Razan Gebril
    Razan Gebril  9 minutes back

    I would have picked the friends theme song

    • _je0njungk00kie
      _je0njungk00kie  58 minutes back

      I just love the effect music has on people

      • xXSaRa TuBExX
        xXSaRa TuBExX  1 hours back

        Plz name deas music pleaz 7:08

        • Ivy Jo
          Ivy Jo  1 hours back

          xXSaRa TuBExX baila baila baila by Ozuna

        BELLA PLAYZ  4 hours back


      • Romi playZ
        Romi playZ  5 hours back


        • Lisafanstr
          Lisafanstr  5 hours back

          BTS & BLACKPİNK 💙💜

        • ItzAzalia
          ItzAzalia  7 hours back

          wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT IS THAT KATELYN OHASHI? OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH

          • Meme Queen
            Meme Queen  3 hours back

            @Justine Tutor what do you mean by "nuuu bts only"?

          • Justine Tutor
            Justine Tutor  4 hours back

            Nuuu bts only

        • Rayner GamingTV
          Rayner GamingTV  7 hours back

          I'm suprised they picked my bois from BTS

        • Julita Daunyte
          Julita Daunyte  7 hours back

          Bts yesssss

          • Wild West
            Wild West  7 hours back

            Sydney at 12:17 is literally me 😂

            • sam E
              sam E  7 hours back

              I have a crush on Katelyn Ohashi. There I said it

            • SavvyVlogsYT
              SavvyVlogsYT  7 hours back

              people: *i hate bts*

              me: *your opinion is invalid, thinking you can stand against 23 million of us. bye bye. c;*

              • K-POP TEA
                K-POP TEA  5 hours back

                Thank you , finally someone with sense

            • Rezart Games
              Rezart Games  9 hours back

              you called usher modern music

              boy get out

              • Ynnovah Bonane
                Ynnovah Bonane  10 hours back

                Sedny do u lov bts if u do i love u

                • JaQuella Gray
                  JaQuella Gray  11 hours back

                  whats the name of the bts song?

                • Jennifer King
                  Jennifer King  11 hours back

                  4:33-4:36 she said sway I said lee
                  Swae lee

                  • Smidderwerben Yangmanjensen

                    I woulda lost instantly if someone chose Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man 😂

                    • mumfler fumperdink
                      mumfler fumperdink  12 hours back

                      If I was in this video and twist and shout by the Beatles came on...

                      • Emily J
                        Emily J  13 hours back

                        I only clicked on this cause of BTS

                      • Kobyn Beasley
                        Kobyn Beasley  13 hours back

                        2:00 that’s weird I was watching a hitch add when watching this

                        • Evelyn Morales
                          Evelyn Morales  13 hours back

                          The song said dance in Spanish how chorus you not dance

                          • Echo #
                            Echo #  3 hours back

                            it was Latin but whatever

                        • Sarah Brecher
                          Sarah Brecher  13 hours back

                          OMG I love bts you do not understand my love for Bts !!!!💓

                          • TaeTae's Gucci
                            TaeTae's Gucci  14 hours back

                            Oh god if I was in there I would have lost before bts and I would have cried when it was bts but I still lost while I was trying it in my house

                          • ByRayanHD 23
                            ByRayanHD 23  14 hours back

                            Katelyns bum was giant 🍑

                          • Sapphire Puff
                            Sapphire Puff  14 hours back

                            Who came here for bts??

                          • Oreo Animations
                            Oreo Animations  15 hours back

                            I see taetae I click

                            • craig the destroyer of gabriel

                              Katelyn true Gordie likes you

                              • jaylee H
                                jaylee H  15 hours back

                                Max is freaking statue

                                • sarang player
                                  sarang player  15 hours back

                                  i will never win this challenge..

                                  • FNwarrior
                                    FNwarrior  15 hours back


                                    • Sven Shmergen
                                      Sven Shmergen  16 hours back

                                      oofer gang

                                      • Taetang .__
                                        Taetang .__  16 hours back

                                        OH MY MY MY. OH MY MY. MYYYY

                                        • Flamin’ Hot Doritos
                                          Flamin’ Hot Doritos  16 hours back

                                          I failed in the first song

                                          • Antonija 1312
                                            Antonija 1312  17 hours back

                                            Carson is that type of guy that would be my best friend and we would just get behind school and eat mcdonalds

                                            • Kay
                                              Kay  17 hours back

                                              YEAH YOU MAKIN ME A bOy wiTh LoVe

                                              • Mr Moose
                                                Mr Moose  17 hours back

                                                Max bro u need some weedssssa

                                                • teyriah Baldwin
                                                  teyriah Baldwin  18 hours back

                                                  I have a teacher at my school named Mr Gary!

                                                  • Emani Alomar
                                                    Emani Alomar  18 hours back

                                                    At 2:22 when the grandma started dancing I was laughing so hard

                                                    • Kaos_ 0
                                                      Kaos_ 0  18 hours back

                                                      [Inserte aquí su broma en español]

                                                      • Lena and jacksons Life
                                                        Lena and jacksons Life  19 hours back

                                                        Rap is my style aspecially sunflower by swea lee

                                                        • amber smith
                                                          amber smith  19 hours back

                                                          I hate bts.

                                                        • m a r i a
                                                          m a r i a  19 hours back

                                                          I'm a simple ARMY,
                                                          *I see BTS, I click.*

                                                        • It’s the twin Prince’s channel

                                                          Awwww i feel bad for Vera she is a elder

                                                          • L_L
                                                            L_L  19 hours back

                                                            and your left in the dust, BEEP

                                                            • meliodas seven deadly sins

                                                              Katelyn is on tiktok

                                                              • TTV_Randumb3 1
                                                                TTV_Randumb3 1  19 hours back


                                                                • TTV_Randumb3 1
                                                                  TTV_Randumb3 1  19 hours back

                                                                  Love scenario