Carry IO [Permanent Bash + LVL 25 Talent] Ability Draft


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  • aaabbb224
    aaabbb224  4 weeks back

    Invoker at 1:03?

    • Ruogo Li
      Ruogo Li  4 weeks back

      Im the IO and ᛁ also don’t know why ᛁ got those combo😂

      • Angel John Cano
        Angel John Cano  4 weeks back

        Was dust/sentry banned or something?

        • alfan rahman
          alfan rahman  4 weeks back

          2:38 why icon on top after WW killing Riki was Underlord hero icon ?? no Underlord hero in that game, so Im so confused.. BUG??

        • xJaguar Devil
          xJaguar Devil  4 weeks back

          Gyro didn’t take slardar’s, dont wanna even see this game

          • I O U but i don't
            I O U but i don't  4 weeks back

            Tf what server is this? How come the most valuable skills picked last, like dazzle ult, winter 1st, slardar 3rd? In my experience for 3 years playing in SEA server, these skills picked 1st.

            • Frop Hacks
              Frop Hacks  4 weeks back

              Duh..all of these are staged in private lobby..

            • Ruogo Li
              Ruogo Li  4 weeks back

              west europe

          • Arnie Diretide
            Arnie Diretide  4 weeks back

            Stupid as shit. No dust all game

            • Scriba-kun
              Scriba-kun  4 weeks back

              Why its showing bad heros i mean io should be on godlike but it shows slark, batrider is spectre, winter is underlord, gyrocopter is invoker and undying is disruptor wtf

            • Irmuun Batsuh
              Irmuun Batsuh  1 months back