Who Started the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory, How Many Believe This, and What Do They Believe?

  • Published: 30 June 2019
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    In this video:

    In this video we start by looking at who the first humans were to figure out the world was round, then jump into who started the modern Flat Earth conspiracy theory, how many Flat Earther's there are in this round world, and what exactly Flat Earthers believe.

    Want the text version and references?: todayifoundout.com/index.php/2019/06/who-started-the-flat-earth-conspiracy-theory-how-many-actually-believe-this-and-what-do-they-believe-exactly/

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  • Today I Found Out
    Today I Found Out   2 months back

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    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao  2 months back

      Ross Smith loves deflecting.



      Don't be sad!!!!! Just OPEN YOUR EYES and SMILE!!! OUR EARTH was CREATED for US!! You are not insignificant!! You are ONE OF A KIND!!! EMBRACE THAT!

      NOW MARVEL at the FLAT EARTH from 4 times the HEIGHT OF ANY AIRPLANE at 115,000 ft from a weather balloon.

      Mainstream science and spherical geometry says a curve should be seen at 65,000 feet. This weather balloon is at twice that height!!




    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao  2 months back

      John Cronin has no MATH SKILLS.

      Mainstream science and spherical geometry (based on a Planet with ONLY A RADIUS OF 3,959 MILES) says a curve should be visible at a height of 20km/65,000 ft ... here's the reality.

      No visible curve at 35,000 ft from commercial airline.

      No visible curve at 125,000 ft from weather balloon.

      No visible curve at 393,700 ft from amateur rocket launches.

      No visible curve from World Record Long Distance Photography a 275 mile observation. That is a distance that is the equivalent stretch between Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

      No curve = Flat Earth

      Go troll somewhere else!



    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao  2 months back

      T.J. Cunningham is very confused.

      Here's your GOD Neil De Grasse Tyson DEBUNKING your SILLY DELUSIONAL MIND about SEEING your DELUSIONAL CURVE.





    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao  2 months back

      Paul Julian is a newbie.

      Here's your GOD Neil Tyson debunking the Eratosthenes theory.


      That theoretical experiment also works perfectly ON A FLAT PLANE with a small and close Sun.

    • Jacob Corrao
      Jacob Corrao  2 months back

      Paul Julian is still confused.

      Hahaha the fact that this idiot thinks he can determine the geometry of the object he stands on by looking at lights in the sky ... Proves his stupidity.

      Everything that you think you know about the sky above is based on theology. The idea that any light in the sky is an actual physical object is based on hypothesis and theoretical science. Non of which can be proven.

      Theories do not = proof or facts

      The World Record For Long Distance Photography (a 275 mile observation from a 9,272 ft peak (Pic de Finestrelles) to a 12,730 ft peak (Pic Gaspard) over water that should be anywhere from 16,502 ft (3 miles) to 23,275 ft (4 1/2 miles) below horizon based on spherical geometry) has already proven the Earth to be flat.

      Amateur rockets with a ceiling of 393,700 ft has proven the Earth to be flat. Weather Ballons have a ceiling around 130,000 ft., they also prove the Earth to be FLAT. Commercial airlines fly at only 40,000 ft, they also show the Earth to be flat. Nothing compares to these 3 views all showing the Earth to be flatter than a pancake. 

      If you want to talk about lights in the sky and think they prove the Earth is a globe. Let's do it.

      Time lapse Star trail parallax is not observed = galactic theory debunked

      Polaris never moves = galactic theory and the theory that Earth supposedly moves in four different directions debunked

      Sun and Moon are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE. When observed both make circular revolutions above observer. The only thing telling you that the Sun is further away than the Moon is theoretical science. How do you KNOW one is further away than the other? By observation alone and not theology both are = distance from observer.

      Not to mention EVERYONE on Earth only ever sees ONE FLAT side of the Moon. HOW does this = observation by every person on Earth make the Moon a ball?? It doesn't, only theology can hypothesize that.

      oh well ...


  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott  36 minutes back

    They believe it simply because they are religious. All flat earth nonsense comes directly from religious drivel. It's their last pathetic defence .

    • Kate Kate
      Kate Kate  47 minutes back

      Rocket surgeon 😷 🤣

      • Stephen B
        Stephen B  3 hours back

        I would like to know what a flat earth or thinks about actually seeing the moon how far do they think it is 10,000 miles if so why don’t we need a telescope to see it is it because it’s in direct site?
        If that’s the case I should be able to stand on the shores of Florida and with a telescope see directly across the ocean to Africa

        • P M
          P M  3 hours back

          Flat brains...

          • W N
            W N  3 hours back

            Immeasurable stupidity, and unfathomable depths of mental illness. These define Flat Earth societies.

            • Tweetyresm
              Tweetyresm  3 hours back

              The Earth very well could be flat... depending on which reality of the multiverse you're in...

              • DarkWolf
                DarkWolf  4 hours back

                I think I know why NASA has been keeping the flat earth a secret! They are in league with the GLOBE producing companies. If the secret gets out they could lose...like...thousands of dollars, maybe tens of thousands of dollars a year in loss of Globe sales. See? That is their cash cow. They spend billions to perpetuate the lie, so they can rake in the thousands and thousands they get from Globe sales! You may think that doesn't make sense (the numbers don't add up) but then you probably think water is wet too. :)

                • Mo i
                  Mo i  4 hours back

                  Ironically, the only argument from flat earthers that makes sense in this video is the one that uses special relativity. You can indeed accelerate at 1g forever and still never reach the speed of light.

                  • Buck Ass Nerd
                    Buck Ass Nerd  5 hours back

                    Thousands of downvotes? Sigh

                    • Ace McCool
                      Ace McCool  5 hours back

                      Don't be fooled there's flat earthers all over the globe.

                    • Josh Callejas
                      Josh Callejas  5 hours back

                      The world isn’t round, and it isn’t flat;
                      The world is a vampire.

                    • Kemetic Witchcraft
                      Kemetic Witchcraft  5 hours back

                      Are there any flat earthers who arnt religious?

                      • NOYDB
                        NOYDB  6 hours back

                        My understanding is the flat Earth had its Renaissance with intellectuals who wanted us all to challenge what is accepted knowledge.

                        As stated in the clip.

                        It was an academic affair, hijacked by idiots

                        • Robert karalfa
                          Robert karalfa  6 hours back

                          the earth is a sphere ppl that think that the is flat are called idiots

                          • Tube Wando
                            Tube Wando  6 hours back

                            I need a Doctor. Why do I find this flat-earth silly stuff so interesting to watch??? Even tho it makes my brain hurt, literally. Maybe its fascinating the way some people is completely unable to understand physics at all. I have 2 flat-earther friends and they look like the stupidest thing ever posible to exist when they talk about it. I still like them tho. FML

                            • PETER JOHN BRANDAL
                              PETER JOHN BRANDAL  6 hours back

                              Ancient biblical Hebrew actually supported a _round_ as opposed to a *_not round_* earth. Other than that, your video was anything but flat.

                            • luke oneill
                              luke oneill  6 hours back

                              Globe earthers are more interested in flat Earth then flat earthers which makes me think they trying to hide sumthing

                              • Michael Gordon
                                Michael Gordon  8 hours back

                                Tell it to Anmorporkians!

                                • Ole Holm
                                  Ole Holm  8 hours back

                                  I think, Chris de Burgh have proven that the world is round... His song, Discovery. Take that, flat earth losers. If a flat earther and a monkey swapped brains, the monkey would feel cheated. He got the bad end of the deal.

                                  • boblad1
                                    boblad1  12 hours back

                                    I don’t think flatearthers believe in an edge like your thumbnail shows I think they believe it’s unlimited land that as citizens we’re not aloud to explore

                                    • David Park
                                      David Park  13 hours back

                                      I’m a flat earthier and I have a IQ of 200. The Government GOVERN-MENTAL AKA as mind control are pathological liars. I can see the very bottom of a mountain that’s 500 miles away with a infrared camera. It’s flat.

                                      • David Park
                                        David Park  13 hours back

                                        There are literal Giants up north, and Christ died 1019 years ago. This civilization is barely 200 years old since the last reset. (Pandemic plague)

                                    • Moe Bazzi
                                      Moe Bazzi  13 hours back

                                      I asked My 9 year old Neice Why the Ships Dissapear when it goes far and far and then Dissappear from Our eyes in My arabic Language she respond by Well the Earth is same shape As a Basketball Which is sphere and she explain by bringing her basketball Ball and she showed me how it work when the ship dissapear from the horizon. Even a 9 year old Kid is well known and convince that Earth is a Sphere or Global shape or as shape of a Ball. NOT FLAT. For god sake people who think the Earth is Flat please explain Why they Ship dissapear from the Horizon?

                                      • Nova Caldera
                                        Nova Caldera  14 hours back

                                        The sarcasm in this video is teetering on Epic, I bet all the flat-earthers who watched this video are so in their feelings right now.... 😅😂🤣😭

                                        • Narrative Knight
                                          Narrative Knight  14 hours back

                                          Your estimation of the intelligence of most of humanity is appallingly low. I have certain beliefs of which I am certain but should new evidence be provided that disproved these ideas I would NOT say shut your stupid pie hole I am believing over here. I would thank you for providing me with the new information adjust my perspective as I am certain most persons on the planet would do given information which was self evident.

                                          • Ts Garp
                                            Ts Garp  15 hours back

                                            So, the flat earth is speeding up at a constant rate of 9.8 m2 according to FEers. As the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, and - according to FE's - there is no gravity, so we have to move - funny enough - "upwards" with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s squared. That would mean our current speed would be about 1.39E+18 m/s. So......... we are currently flying at (and still increasing) at a speed of about - oh wait, my calculator can't handle that number - billions of times faster than the speed of light....
                                            That seems to break Einstein's laws dramatically. And not only that, if we are at that speed, how come we see the same stars / constellations for thousands of years....? I am pretty sure NO FLAT EARTHER can asnwer that one.

                                            • Ts Garp
                                              Ts Garp  15 hours back

                                              Oh, obviously - in case you didn't know - the whole flat earth concept is of course ridiculous. Unless you have a brain malfunction and believe in a flat earth theory.

                                            • Ts Garp
                                              Ts Garp  15 hours back

                                              Oh, I forget to mention that acceleration requires energy. Now we can do some in depth calculation how much energy it would require to accelerate our planet for one second to a speed of 9.8m2. It would be a humongous number of energy. Where does Earth gets it's incredible amount of energy from to accelerate at 9.8m2 for 4.5 billions years?
                                              I am sure NO FLAT EARTHER can answer that one.

                                          • White Rabbid
                                            White Rabbid  15 hours back

                                            The "Flat Earth Theory" was created to make a mockery of conspiracy theories. A way to discredit conspiracy theorists.

                                            "Oh, you believe 9__ was a false flag? You must believe the Earth is flat too? Ha ha ha"

                                          • Sick and tired Of complaining

                                            Why do people believe this?? ………it’s very complex and hard to explain but most scientific studies have shown that these people are simply fucking retarded

                                            • Marrino460
                                              Marrino460  16 hours back

                                              17:04 It also does not explain the midnight sun phenomenon. But I have this weird feeling that you find more flat earthers in areas were natural phenomenons don't disprove their insanity.

                                              • LovelyObscurities
                                                LovelyObscurities  17 hours back

                                                Starts at 1:45

                                                • Zaklog the Great
                                                  Zaklog the Great  17 hours back

                                                  The problem that most people never seem to consider is that the vast, VAST majority of what we "know," we only know because someone else told us. Someone told me the Earth is round. I know it. Have I proved it for myself? No. Could I? I've heard of experiments that can demonstrate this, but I've not done them. The best evidence I'm aware of from my own experience is time zones, which turn the "flat Earth" theory quite weird.

                                                  But skepticism of received wisdom is not, in and of itself, crazy.

                                                  • Zaklog the Great
                                                    Zaklog the Great  4 hours back

                                                    @Marrino460 Great. I've never been out sailing on the ocean, nor anyplace else flat enough & clear enough to see the gradual disappearance. If you've seen that, you have personal evidence that I don't. Good for you.

                                                    I think you grossly misunderstand me. I'm not saying I believe the Earth is flat. I'm just pointing out on what a shaky foundation so much of our "knowledge" rests. This is not "paranoia". This is an honest assessment of our epistemology.

                                                    I'm starting to wonder if you seriously can't understand the problem I'm trying to communicate.

                                                  • Marrino460
                                                    Marrino460  4 hours back

                                                    @Zaklog the Great Beside the obvious one of seeing things disappear over the horizon when out sailing? A high altitude plane ride will also let you see the curve itself. There is also the midnight sun phenomenon.
                                                    Not that it matters, seeing how this is stuff I have personally been brainwashed to see, and you are of course right about science being hearsay.
                                                    I say good day to you, and hope you get the help you need for your paranoia.

                                                  • Dan Palladino
                                                    Dan Palladino  4 hours back

                                                    I had an out of body experience where I floated into space and viewed the entire, spherical Earth. Could be all in my head but I’ll take it. 😏

                                                  • Zaklog the Great
                                                    Zaklog the Great  8 hours back

                                                    @Marrino460 Fine, what evidence have you *personally seen* that the Earth is round? Let me make this clear: I'm not endorsing the position. But what evidence do you have which is more than hearsay?

                                                  • Marrino460
                                                    Marrino460  15 hours back

                                                    It annoys me more then it probably should that you picked a video about flat earthers to talk about being sceptic about what you read on the internet. (and what people tell you)
                                                    It makes me feel like your saying they are supposed to be in the right for questioning something so fundamental.

                                                    There is "skepticism of received wisdom" and then there is "being absolute bat shit crazy"

                                                • Michael Enquist
                                                  Michael Enquist  20 hours back

                                                  I see people are still confused about the difference between the IFERS and the Flat Earth Society. The FES of the 1970s is what we now would refer to a a "Poe." It was designed to be a deliberate fake news organization to help people understand how fake news is created and how to guard themselves against it. (Again, using modern terms. People didn't use the term "fake news" in the same way back in the 1970s.)
                                                  [This is similar to the people who wanted to "ban" dihydrogen oxide. The goal was to show people that scientific illiteracy can lead people to wanting to ban water.]
                                                  Now, the website using the name TFES today is the inheritor of the works of the IFERS, but I never hear any of these histories of flattardism give a shout out to the folks from 40 years ago who were battling scientific ignorance. Their selfless dedication to critical thinking lives on in the Museum of the Flat Earth on Fogo Island, Canada, considered to be one corner of the flat earth.

                                                  • Michael Enquist
                                                    Michael Enquist  21 hours back

                                                    DSP uses a bait and switch method. The first things they send you are good, but the rest of your subscription is junk.

                                                    • blookyblops and the tinfoil hat gang

                                                      what a monkey brained upload get a razor and stop playing planet of the apes as a nasa monkey and spreading false psuedo science including the globe earth theory its obvious you believe all the crap the internet tells you as you run online poles and believe the shit it tells you

                                                      • Leech Miller
                                                        Leech Miller  22 hours back

                                                        We don't live on a flat earth, but stars aren't what you think they are....
                                                        Stars are only visible at night because they show the light getting in through the breathing holes in our enclosure.

                                                        • danny boy
                                                          danny boy  23 hours back

                                                          Flat Earthers need to be executed. The last thing modern humanity needs is retardation-by-choice. It's a shame mass shootings happen to innocent people instead of flatard conventions

                                                          • Adron Lamb
                                                            Adron Lamb  24 hours back

                                                            Life would be so boring without space. I mean no Star Wars, Star Trek, or skull shaped asteroids every Halloween from NASA pictures. No Galaxy Quest either. Or Riddick movies. Too bad the storm Area 51 thing isn't happening, now it's just a stupid concert.

                                                            • YOU WERE BORN TO SING
                                                              YOU WERE BORN TO SING  1 days back


                                                              All these talk only refer to what the general public have been told through science books....But the problem I found were so many I rejected spherical earth because water does not curve.....When people start looking at flat earth it will be hard to accept.....But really research moon landing, Check out why Antarctic treaty, Van Allen radiation belt, 'operation high jump' ,

                                                              Aviation that Airplanes are meant to travel straight or flat over the Earth even NASA documents on Aviation says non rotating flat plane....all these things people should look at not just that the earth is Flar or Round and soon you will see why its growing and GROWING because you too will join the Flat Earth.......

                                                              But just relying on what was believed by society at one time, and the science text books you trying so hard to install in your brain.....
                                                              No try see what the Flat Earth people are doing......They doing stuffs to check what the text books said and found to be wrong or lies.

                                                              The Lazer test over tens of miles where the lazer could be seen the other side clearly shows there is no curve...... But people are sort of hypnotized to never regard those and just hold on the a belief.....I thought science was about testing and probing stuffs with experiments......

                                                              There is no such things as a group people who are FLAT EARTHERS......Ask a pilot how he flies a Plane as over a PLANE or over a curving surface?
                                                              Take his answer use that to judge the shape of the earth......Ignore those deep explanations....


                                                              • Gabriele Simionato
                                                                Gabriele Simionato  1 hours back

                                                                I can tell a stupid person from the quantity of "...." he is using. You exceeded the limit.

                                                            • Stoyan Rusev
                                                              Stoyan Rusev  1 days back

                                                              "Who Started the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory" It was Moses

                                                              • Custom Counter
                                                                Custom Counter  1 days back

                                                                You are clearly a shill and and are making false accusations about flat earth beliefs

                                                                • Sailrjup12nh
                                                                  Sailrjup12nh  1 days back

                                                                  What does the Earth being round have to do with being against Religion.

                                                                  • Sailrjup12nh
                                                                    Sailrjup12nh  1 days back

                                                                    So this Samuel Rowbothem was the Ben Shapiro of Flat Earth Debate....

                                                                    • Narrative Knight
                                                                      Narrative Knight  14 hours back

                                                                      I dare you to ask Ben Shapiro to debate anything. Don't worry, I am not waiting for that to actually happen.

                                                                  • Doctor Octagon
                                                                    Doctor Octagon  1 days back

                                                                    One can much more easily make a case that the world doesn’t exist than that it’s flat.
                                                                    Yet unimaginative idiots choose to push this mundane theory

                                                                    • Lynette Trenam
                                                                      Lynette Trenam  1 days back

                                                                      Why broach the topic if it is so far out stupid?
                                                                      Maybe because, it Is true! And has to be layered under more lies and deception!
                                                                      Space not!!!!!!

                                                                      • Kevin Barry
                                                                        Kevin Barry  1 days back

                                                                        Simple to to any beach, look out can you see Europe or China ?

                                                                        • BiggsN15
                                                                          BiggsN15  1 days back

                                                                          Lmao 2.8k 👎's. I think that can be used as an indicator of how many flatards watched this video. Two centuries ago they'd have been labelled as the Village Idiots, and singled out for ridicule, and pelted with the mandatory rotten vegetables. Greater Sapien has some really cool videos on this subject, and has travelled to the South Pole and other locations to debunk this nonsensical farce.

                                                                          • BiggsN15
                                                                            BiggsN15  1 days back

                                                                            "Rocket Surgeon" 🤔🤔 today I found out he is not terribly clever 🤪🥴🤪😜

                                                                            • BiggsN15
                                                                              BiggsN15  12 hours back

                                                                              @Justin P Aaah, my learned friend, you are incorrect on both my friend. 1) It was a spoken error that was never implied as such. 2) I believe that the correct pronunciation of the term is "It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist". The term in which "Surgeon" is used, is when "Brain Surgeon" is used to mock either a persons apparent lack of intelligence, or their ability to function in a coordinated manner.

                                                                            • Justin P
                                                                              Justin P  14 hours back

                                                                              @BiggsN15 Right, but "Rocket Surgeon" is a use of a malaphor. Which is an improper blend of two idioms. Example: "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it" or, "It's not rocket surgery."

                                                                            • BiggsN15
                                                                              BiggsN15  14 hours back

                                                                              I think you have mistaken my comment? I was merely making light of his mistake when he said "Rocket Surgeon" instead of saying "Rocket Scientist". And I used the name of the channel as a part of the joke.

                                                                            • Justin P
                                                                              Justin P  15 hours back

                                                                              It's actually called a malaphor..

                                                                          • prison wallet thief
                                                                            prison wallet thief  2 days back

                                                                            I heard 4chan trolls reignited the flat earth movement. 4chan trolls made shia leboeuf go insane by finding his "he shall not devide us" flag everywhere he put it. They did it by tracking the stars in the 24hr live feed of the flag. With some math they narrowed it down to and 80 sq mile area and drove around the circumference of it holding their car horn and used the Doppler Effect to finally pinpoint the position.😂😂😂