Chris Broussard DEBATE: Does Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 buzzer-beater? | FIRST THINGS FIRST


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  • RealistTruth
    RealistTruth  3 months back

    Cris Carter knows kahwi Leonard!!! Dude don't know no basketball lmao gtfoh

    • Zachary Fuller
      Zachary Fuller  3 months back

      Does Chris carter know kawhi?

      • Kumbirayi mk
        Kumbirayi mk  3 months back

        Real talk. Thank you guys. I'm watching from Zimbabwe. You make it so interesting and you guys are keeping it real.

        • zBlueEyes _
          zBlueEyes _  3 months back


          • christian
            christian  3 months back

            I guess Chris carter knows every star

            • no co
              no co  3 months back

              Kawhi will stay in Toronto to make history. To win a title outside of the USA for the first time ever. Kawhi does not care about money. These clowns do not get it.

              • Kaze
                Kaze  3 months back

                @valtrus The solution is simple. Just move Raptors to LA. First city to have 3 NBA Teams. LA already has 2 football teams too.

              • Bronson Christian
                Bronson Christian  3 months back

                @valtrus he didnt mention shit. it was his uncle they told the news. If the he said something than it makes sense

              • valtrus
                valtrus  3 months back

                Sorry, he'll leave and go back to California where he asked to be traded when he was in San Antonio. In addition, despite the tremendous enthusiastic support by Toronto fans in support of their franchise and superstar players of their past, namely Vince Carter, Chris Bosh and Tracey McGrady, they all left. Kawhi will leave, as well, irrespective of the 50 mil loss by not resigning with Toronto. His family is in southern Cal, he went to school at San Diego State and, as mentioned, expressed to San Antonio mgmt that he wanted to go home ere he was traded. He'll exercise his option in free agency to return to southern Cal. Toronto rolled the dice for this one-year rental and it came up craps. Was it worth the risk? Only Toronto fans can answer that question.

            • tipsy09
              tipsy09  3 months back

              people just gonna ignore the crazy D the raps displayed that must have impressed him

              • Jeff Berg
                Jeff Berg  3 months back

                Cris Carter is the only guy in the entire NBA media who has nailed the Kawhi story perfectly.

                • John Davis
                  John Davis  3 months back

                  I would feel really bad if Leonard left Toronto after all this and a gateway season

                  • Kaze
                    Kaze  3 months back

                    I wonder which fan base would be more heartbroken, Raptors fans IF Kawhi leaves. Or Cavs' fans when Lebron made his "Decision".

                • John Davis
                  John Davis  3 months back

                  It is funny how every single nba analyst just assumes Leonard is automatically gonna leave no matter what.

                  • RandomSkit26
                    RandomSkit26  3 months back

                    lol there is a reason CC and skip are on opposite sides of the country and never talk sports

                    • Tom Ash
                      Tom Ash  3 months back

                      Does Kawhi Leonard's game 7 buzzer-beater what?

                      • DJ Li
                        DJ Li  3 months back

                        nick wright basically made a living of lebron > mj when in fact his previous take was KD > Bron.

                        • SN2903
                          SN2903  3 months back

                          Best player in the world after yesterday

                          • buddy singh
                            buddy singh  3 months back

                            Tooo much negative vibes in this video !... They talking about if if if that happens if this happens if he missed if if if . Well guess what you didn’t ! None these scenarios if he missed his leaving for sure he made it soo the video topic should be talking about more of him staying . No one likes when raptors succeed lol

                          • Scott Amon
                            Scott Amon  3 months back

                            These clowns are really pushing for Kawhi to leave Toronto. Bunch of haters.

                            • 2Kawhi De Kclaw
                              2Kawhi De Kclaw  3 months back

                              which clowns are you referring to?

                            • Arshad Mohamed
                              Arshad Mohamed  3 months back

                              They're Americans, allow them, they a lil slow.

                            • no co
                              no co  3 months back

                              If Toronto was in the USA, it would be the best city in the USA hands down. These clowns need to travel more.

                          • Wilbert Arenas
                            Wilbert Arenas  3 months back

                            Broussard is a bitch. He wants Kawhi on the Lakers but there's no chance (insert Kawhi laugh)

                            • Rod Alonzo
                              Rod Alonzo  3 months back

                              It was a lucky bounce.

                              • Vidhu Jha
                                Vidhu Jha  3 months back

                                SN2903 effect would have been bigger had you not added the obi wan kenobi at the end coz he aint a sports legend

                              • SN2903
                                SN2903  3 months back

                                In my experience there's no such thing as luck : Obi-Wan Kenobi

                              • Patrick Wight
                                Patrick Wight  3 months back

                                You gotta be good to be lucky and lucky to be good.

                              • Shampoo Fully
                                Shampoo Fully  3 months back

                                Why do you even watch sports if you think that?

                            • Ronaldo Gamboa
                              Ronaldo Gamboa  3 months back


                              • Ka Mo
                                Ka Mo  3 months back

                                These guys debating based on hypothesis. If Kawhi missed the last shot? If Bucks beat them hard in next round? Such a waste of time. Zero productivity.

                                • Don't Mind Me
                                  Don't Mind Me  3 months back

                                  We all know we are here because we are up 2 early for Skips take on "number 2" lol

                                  • Vallejo PNW
                                    Vallejo PNW  3 months back

                                    #amen and only til Nick talks 😂

                                • Luis Reyes
                                  Luis Reyes  3 months back

                                  Sick title

                                  • Don't Mind Me
                                    Don't Mind Me  3 months back

                                    Right, I love a good cliffhanger in the morning