• Published: 08 October 2019

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  • katiekxxorangedot
    katiekxxorangedot  22 minutes back

    Is this for real or click bait gone horribly wrong? You need to find a new therapist for real, someone who can actually help you.

    • Rae Lemon
      Rae Lemon  36 minutes back

      People are not hating on you because they see you as female when you feel male, they are most likely angry because of the offensive and poorly explained word of language you were using to describe how you were feeling. At points, you made it sound as if you thought of drag queens as some kind of gender identity (although I didn’t think like that, I believe you were just trying to say that you often dress to ‘play the part’ in some sense) and other times you made contradicting points that were a little confusing. We are in sensitive times and I do feel like people we harsher than necessary towards but we need you to understand the situation this causes and what it looks like. It would have helped you to possibly come in more with a open to critique and guidance instead of just knowing you’d get backlash and move away from it. Regarding the lgbt community, I think that it’s more so the backwards language you were using that offended them rather than your actual coming out. I personally would like to hear more about what you’re feeling because I’m not sure myself about certain things when it comes to being transgender. But anyways, please remember to be more aware of how you word things, it could help a lot with people’s responses. And please continue to seek help, regardless of the reason.

      • Dianna Garcia
        Dianna Garcia  58 minutes back

        Bitch!! Is retarded

        • Tam Tam
          Tam Tam  2 hours back

          It was just a VIDEO geeze....she was changing for the music video remake...cannot you all not see that's ALL IT WAS...omg ....making something out of nothing as usual....much love to you, Trish...x0s0 from TN

          • Tania Bee
            Tania Bee  2 hours back

            Everything about you is fake....from your boobs to that fake voice you put on. You are utter trash and sooooo harmful to the young audience that watches you. JUST STOP.

            • Marshmallowz :3
              Marshmallowz :3  2 hours back

              Honey you need a new therapist

              • Tania Bee
                Tania Bee  2 hours back

                You. Are. A. Joke.

                • Shane Paton
                  Shane Paton  2 hours back

                  Trisha, FUCK OFF, You're not an ally or a member, you're mentally disturb and need serious help, I think you should seek that help as soon as possible.

                  sincerely every member of the LGBTQI community.

                  • Hal Lootens
                    Hal Lootens  2 hours back

                    I definitely don’t agree with everything she said in her original video BUT in my opinion I don’t think it’s contradictory that she said she “identifies with her natural born gender AND as a man” it is called being gender fluid and you can feel “1000%” comfortable in both. I believe her terminology is incorrect, wildly wildly incorrect. Obviously she’s not a transgender that’s not only a feeling it’s a transformation and a process that she hasn’t undergone.

                    • Alyssa La Flor
                      Alyssa La Flor  2 hours back

                      No cap, I think you need to get some help. You are truly not well.

                      • Pendragon
                        Pendragon  3 hours back

                        WHY IS THERE ADS IN THIS???!?

                        • J Punkin
                          J Punkin  4 hours back

                          Where’s Stef’s opinion on this?

                          • J Punkin
                            J Punkin  4 hours back

                            Okay... first you apologize humbly.
                            THEN you explain yourself.
                            And only then can you justify your actions.

                            • Brooke Simpson
                              Brooke Simpson  4 hours back

                              I mean it is a very complicated topic, plus i feel like the drag queen reference was just a bad way to explain why she doesn’t change her body. It also seemed like the multiple personality comment was her saying that she doesn’t go by they because ppl would associate it with the rumor she has multiple personalities and not how she identifies, i feel like it was mostly poor wording

                              • No Wire Hangers!
                                No Wire Hangers!  4 hours back

                                Your propensity to constantly lie and fabricate for views is a sad and desperate job. Save that YouTube money girl.....I mean guy, whatever 🙄

                                • Cara Jeanne
                                  Cara Jeanne  4 hours back

                                  honestly fuck you trisha. You don't get the right to make that kind of video based on the reasons you gave; furthermore, you do NOT have the right to make it so easily, "hi i'm trans cos i don't like stRAighT gUyS!!" You are a fucking mess. I have hated you for some of the shit you have done in the past but you crossed a goddamn line with this one dude. I'm done following or watching anything of yours again. Have a good life, I hope you get help forreal.

                                  • LP1
                                    LP1  2 hours back

                                    shut the fuck up pendeja!

                                • zandra the salamander
                                  zandra the salamander  5 hours back


                                  absolutely no one:

                                  no one literally ever:

                                  Trish: *invalidates the whole trans (nonbinary included) community, fetishizes gay men, makes the entire lgbtq community take 500 steps back from how far they have come, says that it’s our fault she’s “not aloud” to be a man, says that she didn’t like going in the girls bathroom and that’s why she’s transgender, says she’s not gonna transition, doesn’t give us any other pronouns then she/her to use bc she obviously doesn’t respect or support they/them pronouns, the list could go on*

                                  (i’m nonbinary, ik what it’s like to question you’re gender identity, but all i’m saying is that she could have done this in a better more respectful way)

                                  • Emma Walter
                                    Emma Walter  5 hours back

                                    Guys, really, stop the hate. I’m a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, and yeah this is kind of offensive but she’s not doing this to hurt us. She’s not a horrible person, she’s just human and has a lot to learn. Anyone who is a part of the wonderful 🏳️‍🌈 community knows that we all went through a questioning phase were we were just really confused about ourselves, and maybe that’s what she’s doing right now except it’s all over the internet. If she’s just doing it for attention then don’t give it to her (even negative attention) but if this is actually real and something she is struggling with then we need to try to be understanding. Preach love, not hate ❤️

                                    • Stefanía Santos
                                      Stefanía Santos  5 hours back

                                      I don’t see what’s wrong with this...like let her/he identify however she/he wants... if she/he says she/he identifies like that LET HER/HE BE!!! Like there’s nothing written up on how a “PERFECT” trans or whatever should be!!! Like shit!!!! Don’t all LGTB+ wants acceptance? Well just accept her/he motherfuckers!!!

                                      • Bailey West
                                        Bailey West  5 hours back

                                        Ummm. If you’re this upset & are truly sorry - DELETE IT. Not doing so & then posting THIS? Just goes to show how 100% insensitive u are & how much more attention means to you than wellbeing of literally anyone else.

                                        • UrMom
                                          UrMom  5 hours back

                                          Dude, I know most YouTubers say that social media and making videos can be a type of therapy and way for them to have an “escape”, but I just wonder when you’re going to realize that social media it’s really doing you any good. The vibe from you is just so negative, fake, and honestly scary. Now I better not get any hate for this comment because I’m no way, shape, or form am I saying that your struggles and what you’re going through isn’t true. No one has any right to tell you how much you’re hurting and how painful your struggles are. But please, please, PLEASE get off social media. No one will ever know your true intentions but if all of the hate you’ve ever gotten is so bad then remove yourself from all of this. All of your videos are so impulsive, dude. You can’t complain about the black lash you get on your controversial videos because you’re putting yourself out there. YOU. I’m not defending the shit people who leave shit comments, but what did you expect? Do yourself and everyone else a favor and get off of social media. This image that you’ve created for yourself is fucked and if you’re really hurting then go work on yourself. Actually make a change. Its 2019, there are so many kind hearted, and accepting people. There’s so much support from the lgbtq+ community. Help yourself out and actually make a change in your life. I’m not a fan of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe you don’t deserve to be happy and comfortable in your body. But don’t sit around and cry and act like the entire world is against you and what you are. It’s just not true. Educate yourself. That’s what you continuously lack after every fucking controversy. LEARN. I mean seriously, how fucked yo do you think the world would be if no one ever had the balls to make a change in there life so that they could happy? They didn’t sit around and cry to a camera. They got off their asses and DID SOMETHING. Because they realized that despite what people may have told them, they fucking deserve to be happy and feel loved. It is their right. Stop acting like no one is listening to you and that there’s nothing left but hate in the world. Go make yourself happy. Stop digging yourself into a hole. All you’ve been doing is going down. Go out and find support. It’s not difficult. The world is fucking full of us. For every shitty asshole, there are at least 3 kind-hearted and loving ones. You just need to find them. I’m sorry if this is harsh but I was offended and disappointed by your videos. I’m only 16 and I’ve made changes in my life to start making myself happy and finally comfortable as the female I was meant to be. You can do the same. This is a working era.

                                          • Stephanie R
                                            Stephanie R  6 hours back

                                            This broad is a psycho

                                            • Simba Chowi
                                              Simba Chowi  6 hours back

                                              Damn I came to this channel last time when u were on tour making videos about how happy u are on tour u are over Jason and today it’s same old drama !!!!! U need to retire from YouTube for ur own mental health and well being

                                              • Lupe Hernandez
                                                Lupe Hernandez  6 hours back


                                                You gotta watch this ...

                                                • Angel Flores
                                                  Angel Flores  6 hours back

                                                  This is total bullshit complete bullshit and you toxic Trish a dick riders well make her believe it's ok and let her get away with it this is complete bullshit yall keep letting her get away with anything

                                                  • Lupe Hernandez
                                                    Lupe Hernandez  6 hours back

                                                    You are really confused..educate yourself. 🙂😟😕

                                                    • Brie Federico
                                                      Brie Federico  6 hours back

                                                      See things get weird when she said she's completely comfortable with her original gender then switches and says she's not comfortable with her body parts or anything feminine. She says she's bi but what she express is appreciation of beauty not sexual attraction. I hope she is able to fully come to terms with who she is and figure out her feelings but right now shes confused and in the dark and needs help.

                                                      • Emma Scott
                                                        Emma Scott  6 hours back

                                                        I'm almost positive it's called being a tomboy. That's what I got from the last video and what she said. Does not make you trans. I dont give a flying fuck about that shit I got other shit to do but even I know YOUR NOT TRANSGENDER!

                                                        • Science Project 99
                                                          Science Project 99  6 hours back

                                                          This is lowkey asmr!

                                                          • Daniel Leslie
                                                            Daniel Leslie  8 hours back

                                                            Sweetheart. You are a beautiful women. You don't have to identify yourself as a male. Just be yourself. Characteristics do not define a gender. Be yourself, you beautiful lady. Embrace and accept who you are. You are a beautiful female. The world needs females. You ahve a superpower no man has. Just practice self-love and confidence. Also, I am so sorry for the hate. You don't deserve it

                                                            • Rebecca Martinez
                                                              Rebecca Martinez  8 hours back

                                                              Why am i using this video as background noise to take a nap to?

                                                              • mariuhhh
                                                                mariuhhh  8 hours back

                                                                ah shit-

                                                                • Max Garcia
                                                                  Max Garcia  8 hours back

                                                                  Because you like gay men does not make you transgender. That is a sexual prefrence which is totally diffrent from your gender identity. You do not choose to be transgender. You having male friends does not make you transgender. What makes you transgender is not feeling comfortable in your born body which you have displayed and shown many times before that you are. You have no idea what transgender people have to go through. You need disphoria to be transgender and its pretty clear you don't. Btw your tits are out. You make the transgender community look like fools. Your not transgender trish and you will never be. You should just go cry on a kitchen floor, eat and stir up drama because that seems to be all you do. And possibly seek some thearpy because girl... You ain't alright.

                                                                  • Dark Heart
                                                                    Dark Heart  8 hours back

                                                                    You need Jesus and some strong meds

                                                                    • Lizete Pimentel
                                                                      Lizete Pimentel  8 hours back

                                                                      This shits all so brain numbing i totally fkrgot i watched this video and im like what she apologized

                                                                      • Alexis G
                                                                        Alexis G  8 hours back

                                                                        If you love the lgbtq+ community so much then educate yourself.

                                                                        • galaxy 2006
                                                                          galaxy 2006  9 hours back

                                                                          Can everyone just shut up,like people go from gay to straight on YouTube or something else and every okay or someone comes out as gay and everyone is like yeaassss queen but truly that is bull***t.i am pansexual yes I actually am and when I saw his video I did not make fun of it or laugh I just know that people go from boy, girl,bi,gay all the time but just because he is confused means nothing. Love you t ❤️❤️

                                                                          • Aleta Martin
                                                                            Aleta Martin  9 hours back

                                                                            Regardless of what she says, when u comment you need to put yourself in her shoes. How would u feel if millions of ppl are coming at you for something you can’t take back. Words hurt. Especially to someone who’s clearly going through a lot.

                                                                            • Megan Lee
                                                                              Megan Lee  9 hours back

                                                                              She would be supported if she educated herself before making the video

                                                                              • Rae Leo
                                                                                Rae Leo  9 hours back

                                                                                U are simply (seriously) misinformed

                                                                                • zedgirl1986
                                                                                  zedgirl1986  9 hours back


                                                                                  • Martha McQuillan
                                                                                    Martha McQuillan  9 hours back

                                                                                    "in no way did i think i would get so much backlash and hate.."
                                                                                    girl what did u expect then lol

                                                                                    • Martha McQuillan
                                                                                      Martha McQuillan  9 hours back

                                                                                      you don't put an add on an apology video... she's just trying to make money...

                                                                                      • monica yee yee
                                                                                        monica yee yee  10 hours back

                                                                                        ur having backlash because ur not making sense hun,, “me as a bi woman, me as a gay man”?? that makes no sense ur saying ur a gay man yet ur saying ur also a bi woman?? u have to figure it out and then clarify wtf u are

                                                                                        • Private Notitia
                                                                                          Private Notitia  10 hours back

                                                                                          QUEEN OF TROLLS. We worship you!!!!


                                                                                          • wthsakura
                                                                                            wthsakura  10 hours back

                                                                                            What happened? I can't keep up with all of this lol

                                                                                            • Sarah A
                                                                                              Sarah A  11 hours back

                                                                                              she thinks she's getting backlash because she doesn't look male but fails to realize that the reason she's getting backlash is because the reason why she's trans according to her isn't bc she feels male but bc she wants to be with gay guys ... if she really is trans though then that's cool but she needs to educate herself

                                                                                              • Beth lorriana
                                                                                                Beth lorriana  11 hours back

                                                                                                Didn't you say you wanted fake boobs and big lips??? On David's blog??