AURORA - ATEEZ (에이티즈) 김홍중 / 190719 뮤직뱅크 직캠


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  • Ikigai Sonyeon
    Ikigai Sonyeon  4 weeks back

    Get well soon, my baby😭💕 Even with the eye patch, you always strive to make a good performance. All of you Ateez are very talented and hardworking. That's why we Atinys love you so much 💕💖 The important thing is that you all get well!
    KQ, please give a rest for Ateez
    Joongie, we love you 😭😘💖💕

    (I'm sorry if my english is bad. I am Brazilian💚💛💙 and I am writing this message with the help of google translator)

    • xgimin
      xgimin  4 weeks back

      Hongjoong needs to rest. Ateez needs to rest.

      • manaxpjm
        manaxpjm  1 months back


        • ATEEZ
          ATEEZ  1 months back

          Hongjoong is Soo Cute💗He s So Beautiful and Precious💖I hope He Get well soon💖

          • mohammed kazim
            mohammed kazim  1 months back


            • mohammed kazim
              mohammed kazim  4 weeks back

              @Elizabeth Clover thanks

            • Elizabeth Clover
              Elizabeth Clover  4 weeks back

              mohammed kazim he has an eye infection. Hongjoong said it was mostly healed already, but he still can’t wear makeup on his eye, so that’s why he’s still wearing it. It makes me sad tho, they need to rest.😢

          • jm p
            jm p  1 months back

            오 이뻐요 빨간머리 찰떡😘

            • Babe Mizo
              Babe Mizo  1 months back

              Ohhh...This Man😭...I'm addicted to him💖😍😍

              • Laxmi Kamlakar
                Laxmi Kamlakar  1 months back

                Am here again , hy ATEEZ . I still don't know if you will read it or not but .
                Please guys rest if not for yourself then for ATINYS , because you have done enough for us , actually more than enough and we hell appreciate that from bottom of our heart . We the ATINYS love you we loved your songs . Aurora just kill us every time we listen it and we actually love listening to it again and again . So look forward to us , not on them who are still sleeping . Actually we are not liking it that you guys are pushing yourself Even when you are tired and not feeling well 💔 . Please we love you ATEEZ , I love you ATEEZ . And for me you guys are on top . Lots of love from a die heart ATINY to my Aurora boys ATEEZ ❤️.

                • 혜림구
                  혜림구  1 months back

                  홍중 오빠 오늘도 잘해서 그래서 몸 건강하시고, 밥 잘 챙겨 드시고, 그리고 푹 쉬고 ㅠㅠ

                  • Karlita TV
                    Karlita TV  1 months back

                    LET THEM REST

                    • Vanessa R L
                      Vanessa R L  1 months back

                      It pains me

                      • Vanessa R L
                        Vanessa R L  1 months back

                        Love you ethereal angel :(

                        • woosan lover
                          woosan lover  1 months back

                          정말 미안해 CAPTAIN😣😣🤧💕

                          • Spirited Away
                            Spirited Away  1 months back

                            HongJoong wearing the patch again makes me so sad. They need a rest. They're tired and it's showing in their health. Love you Joongie. Atinys are here for you all

                            • Theo Black
                              Theo Black  1 months back

                              Get well soon my baby Hongjoong!
                              Atiny always support you. 😀🖤