TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV


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  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung  3 minutes back

    Lets give them 100M before the comeback please they deserve

    • M Lee
      M Lee  9 minutes back

      Enjoying the direction that is fun and thought provoking and didnt start out with a concept about the typical love story.

      • Chim Chim
        Chim Chim  33 minutes back

        Guys vote for txt on soribada music awards the award dhow is tomorrow

        • Rose Augustave
          Rose Augustave  33 less than a minute back

          I tried but it was all in writing korean.
          Couldn't do it.
          ( any recommendations on how to vote in English )

        • reem sayel
          reem sayel  16 minutes back

          where and how ?

      • Chim Chim
        Chim Chim  34 minutes back

        100m fighting

        • Chim Chim
          Chim Chim  35 minutes back

          If they say u have to kill yourself so txt will be safe i will i love themmmmm

          • Fran TXTღ
            Fran TXTღ  38 minutes back


            • Nour NUGA
              Nour NUGA  39 minutes back

              I'll wait for you forever if I have to

              • Nour NUGA
                Nour NUGA  40 minutes back

                عرب هون ولا بس انا...

                • Emi W
                  Emi W  41 minutes back

                  BigHit announced the delay of the comeback. It will be in late October and this can seriously affect their chances to win roty...so we need to go all out in the first week.
                  We all know the boys are stressed and sad about this as well. Please let’s help them and make them happy!!💙

                  • Nour NUGA
                    Nour NUGA  28 minutes back

                    @Emi W same here ..
                    I wish them a good luck..

                  • Emi W
                    Emi W  31 minutes back

                    Nour NUGA yes I know :(( SuperM already announced it. Bts are highly possible but idk if bh will make both groups comeback at the same time...we’ll see. I think twice will go on September and bp it’s a mystery.
                    It will be hard for txt but we have to try...I don’t want to see them do bad😔

                  • Nour NUGA
                    Nour NUGA  38 minutes back

                    You know..
                    Maybe BTS and TWICE and BP and SuperM comebacks in this term .😔

                • Erick Guevara
                  Erick Guevara  55 minutes back

                  BTS 😭

                  • Cinthya Méndez
                    Cinthya Méndez  2 hours back

                    BTS y TXT cantan hermoso 🖤

                    • Lori Dee Wife of V
                      Lori Dee Wife of V  2 hours back

                      BigHit: BTS will have BU (BTS Universe) and TXT (TXT Universe) also.

                      Nameless Fandom: Wai-what? Can we discuss the fandom name first?

                      • -txtcdr
                        -txtcdr  2 hours back

                        STR34M 90 M GO GO

                        • JUNE JUNG
                          JUNE JUNG  3 hours back

                          TXT is precious!!

                          • Hueningkai's mole
                            Hueningkai's mole  3 hours back

                            I miss u so much 😭I work hard for u ❤️keep STREAMING 🔥

                            • Park Jimin Kim Dahyun
                              Park Jimin Kim Dahyun  3 hours back

                              Hi,Once here come to help❤so FIGHTING,I stan TXT😘Crown is my fav song😍

                              • ItsKatteh
                                ItsKatteh  3 hours back

                                Army and Txt'sfan! Pls help support ATEEZ. If u like Txt Blackpink and Bts's music, U WILL SURELY love Ateez. U won't regre it. U will regret it in the future. They r still rookies but look like professional.

                              • Roxana Cordova *-*
                                Roxana Cordova *-*  4 hours back

                                La primera q oi

                                • Rene Flamenco
                                  Rene Flamenco  4 hours back

                                  I can’t pick Soobin or Beomgyu. I also ship them:
                                  If you ship Soogyu:like

                                  • PARK JØJŸ
                                    PARK JØJŸ  4 hours back

                                    • كُن ، لِـذاتك ، ثم ، للآخرين
                                    Arab fan

                                    • Hot Coold
                                      Hot Coold  4 hours back

                                      고양이의 털이 ?? 마법의 지팡이는 어디에 있습니까? 제발하십시오 2619 년 동안 실종 될 수 없다면 내가 사용한다는 것을 알고 있습니다😑😑😑😑🏳

                                      • gudbai
                                        gudbai  4 hours back

                                        In 2 months we'll get new musics, new choreo's, new Mv.. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

                                        • Taka Kun
                                          Taka Kun  4 hours back

                                          I noticed that maybe there are only few TXT stans who watched the mv in every hour, I think only 50 persons out of 2.1 TXT channels subscribers who came here.

                                          • sk doremi
                                            sk doremi  4 hours back

                                            Guys i can t emphasise the importance of sales for the CB album so *PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PRE ORDER AND BUY THEIR CB ALBUM* i know money is a sensitive subject but we need to do better in sales.see i pre ordered 3 album of the dream chapters and get the 4th later in june if you can have one or two that would be so GREAT.pre orders are from hanteo🙏🙏.we had a lot of time to be prepared

                                            • Shahad Alrayeh
                                              Shahad Alrayeh  4 hours back

                                              Be healthy guys we will waiting for you, LOVEEE U

                                              • Tep2 Amore
                                                Tep2 Amore  5 hours back

                                                I miss them 😭😭😭

                                                • Ayjana BTS
                                                  Ayjana BTS  5 hours back

                                                  😍😍😍😍😍😍 ТХТ ТХЬ ТХТ ТХТ

                                                • Army &once For ever
                                                  Army &once For ever  5 hours back


                                                  • Olya
                                                    Olya  5 hours back

                                                    Stan TXT, stan talent!

                                                    • Kim Taehyung
                                                      Kim Taehyung  5 hours back

                                                      Loved bts from very beginning but new to txt fandom. Loved it😍

                                                      • sArCaSmtAe172
                                                        sArCaSmtAe172  5 hours back

                                                        Txt's upcoming comeback is rescheduled from late september to late october because of taehyun and heuningkai's condition

                                                        *better str3m this because we're almost to the 100m fighting!*

                                                        • Bea
                                                          Bea  5 hours back

                                                          I miss you so much :(

                                                          • Bea
                                                            Bea  5 hours back

                                                            658 490, 83m soon

                                                            • Dianka Jon
                                                              Dianka Jon  5 hours back


                                                              • Neelam Dinker
                                                                Neelam Dinker  5 hours back

                                                                Yeonju looks like btob's sungjae

                                                                • Naurah Mazaya
                                                                  Naurah Mazaya  6 hours back

                                                                  Why heuningkai is to sweet

                                                                  • Wency Quizon
                                                                    Wency Quizon  6 hours back

                                                                    Lets make it 100 million views before their comeback....

                                                                    • Chim Chim
                                                                      Chim Chim  6 hours back

                                                                      Who is streaming

                                                                    • HannahMira Kim
                                                                      HannahMira Kim  6 hours back

                                                                      Come on, let's see the video more views💙for TXT💙

                                                                      • Firman Fayys
                                                                        Firman Fayys  6 hours back

                                                                        I fucking miss u guys so bad :( i'll keep waiting they're comeback and get well soon for Taehyun and huening kai <3 i will always stand you guys :)

                                                                        • Jaymean Sparks
                                                                          Jaymean Sparks  6 hours back

                                                                          Huening Kai gives me the fever of Cha Eun Woo... So much visual😍

                                                                          • R Y
                                                                            R Y  6 hours back

                                                                            who's still streaming??

                                                                            • kyzel villanueva
                                                                              kyzel villanueva  7 hours back

                                                                              txt or bts me both

                                                                              • Delia Paramita
                                                                                Delia Paramita  7 hours back


                                                                                • Fran TXTღ
                                                                                  Fran TXTღ  7 hours back

                                                                                  *Vamos Que Conseguimos, Estamos cada vez mais próximos do cem milh**s*

                                                                                  • Army Forever
                                                                                    Army Forever  7 hours back


                                                                                    • Army Forever
                                                                                      Army Forever  7 hours back


                                                                                      • Army Forever
                                                                                        Army Forever  7 hours back

                                                                                        หายป่วยไวไวน้าค้าบน้องหนิงไคและคุณเมนแทฮยอน รักรักรักรัก