Workout Music Source // Best Of 2016 Cardio Workout Mix (130 BPM)


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  • Utpal Bhowmik
    Utpal Bhowmik  12 hours back

    Wow I love it and it energy me too much

    • あいうえお
      あいうえお  1 weeks back


      • ely lopez
        ely lopez  2 months back

        I love it!!!

      • Mar Casper
        Mar Casper  4 months back

        Es a 32 tiempos?

        • jennifer sorrell
          jennifer sorrell  5 months back

          powered me through many workouts

          • unicorn girl2009
            unicorn girl2009  6 months back


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            1. My House (Originally Made Famous by Flo Rida)
            2. 24K Magic (Originally Made Famous by Bruno Mars)
            3. Roses (Originally Made Famous by The Chainsmokers feat. ROZES)
            4. Starboy (Originally Made Famous by The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk)
            5. Me, Myself & I (Originally Made Famous by G-Eazy)
            6. 7 Years (Originally Made Famous by Lukas Graham)
            7. Work (Originally Made Famous by Rihanna feat. Drake)
            8. Don’t Let Me Down (Originally Made Famous by The Chainsmokers feat. Daya)
            9. I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Originally Made Famous by Mike Posner)
            10. Sorry (Originally Made Famous by Justin Bieber)
            11. Work from Home (Originally Made Famous by Fifth Harmony)
            12. Closer (Originally Made Famous by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey)
            13. Dangerous Woman (Originally Made Famous by Ariana Grande)
            14. Cheap Thrill (Originally Made Famous by Sia feat. Sean Paul)
            15. One Dance (Originally Made Famous by Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

            • Leonardo
              Leonardo  7 months back


              • Marcia Dominici
                Marcia Dominici  7 months back

                Muiiito bom!!!!

                • shakeela sohail
                  shakeela sohail  8 months back

                  Thank you for this great music !!!😁😁

                • santosh dubey
                  santosh dubey  8 months back

                  I'm star ✨boy

                • Mina F
                  Mina F  8 months back

                  Perfect! Just exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing

                • Chela Strayer
                  Chela Strayer  9 months back

                  Awesome music; great energy; thank you!!

                • Ena H
                  Ena H  1 years back

                  18 song remix pleaseee

                  • Amy
                    Amy  1 years back

                    The only workout music that gets me to workout & hypes me up! Good job

                    • Music Box
                      Music Box  1 years back


                      • Marcos Oliveira
                        Marcos Oliveira  1 years back

                        Good music. No, excellent.

                        • Homira Khan
                          Homira Khan  1 years back


                          • Prudence Tolliver
                            Prudence Tolliver  1 years back


                            • t u r t l e e v a
                              t u r t l e e v a  1 years back


                              • Debora Gemignani
                                Debora Gemignani  1 years back

                                CaNZONI FI ALVARO SOLER

                                • THE Noellian Freebird
                                  THE Noellian Freebird  1 years back

                                  why is the music so fast it ruins the songs

                                  • Pam Pam
                                    Pam Pam  7 months back

                                    Cause it's for workout
                                    Cardio especially

                                • WAFFEN
                                  WAFFEN  1 years back

                                  What remix at 18:00 ?????

                                • Alicia Aldazabal. Ramos

                                  Muuy buena musica para entrenar. Me encanta

                                  • glen jarvis
                                    glen jarvis  1 years back

                                    Great mix ,does anyone know what mixes the starboy and rihannas work tracks are i cant find them i ve watched loads,thanks

                                    • AIRZOZO
                                      AIRZOZO  2 years back

                                      j'ai trouvé qu'elle playlist mon prof de sport utilise!Elle est trop bien !

                                    • Curtis Graham
                                      Curtis Graham  2 years back


                                      • Sarah jane saguiped
                                        Sarah jane saguiped  2 years back


                                      • Hip Hopper broz
                                        Hip Hopper broz  2 years back

                                        Nice mixing

                                        • Reeja Jaijy
                                          Reeja Jaijy  2 years back

                                          After hearing this music I could not stop moving I just wanted to dance

                                          • colette williams
                                            colette williams  2 years back

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                                          • colette williams
                                            colette williams  2 years back

                                            Reeja Jaijy no No k. Not nnkn. K m n. Non kviolent

                                        • Quadicad Hawkeye 666666666

                                          You have 10 minits⏱

                                          • Roman
                                            Roman  2 years back

                                            Great for boxing

                                          • techsupport24/7
                                            techsupport24/7  2 years back

                                            nice songs

                                            • Tina Schock
                                              Tina Schock  2 years back

                                              techsupport24/ bee gees
                                              Bee Gees

                                          • Music Unbounded Fitness

                                            hay quá... <3

                                            • Rudie Rickenbacker
                                              Rudie Rickenbacker  2 years back

                                              gay as fuck, seeee

                                              • Etza Marmol
                                                Etza Marmol  2 years back

                                                Excellent! just the perfect bpm! Thanks!!!

                                              • LynSue
                                                LynSue  2 years back

                                                Gr8 mix team!!

                                                • raul raul
                                                  raul raul  2 years back

                                                  siempre lo hacen todas las sesiones muy lentas... os recomiendo que visiteis a
                                                  Israel RR fitness... hace muy buenas sesiones complestas de distintas velocidades y musica muy actual