D&D Story: My First TPK - When Players Don't Face the Music


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  • Donovan Landolt
    Donovan Landolt  2 days back

    "... and he parishes along with the rest of his adventuring party."
    *continues same campaign but with undead characters controlled by the drummers that all serve under the fallen angel

    • RLS0812
      RLS0812  2 days back

      Do you allow the players to use healing potions as a weapon against undead?

      • RLS0812
        RLS0812  2 days back

        @the DM Lair Your character is backed into a corner, large group of undead steadily closing in from all sides - they are down to to only a couple healing potions.
        Thinking quick, they splash the contents of the first bottle on the oncoming undead .
        ? * rolls splash damage * ?

      • the DM Lair
        the DM Lair   2 days back

        No but interesting idea. Expensive way to deal damage though.

    • Puppy Bork
      Puppy Bork  3 days back

      We got TPK'd by a basilisk because we didn't look away at first, and we lost like 3 party members immediately. I realized I needed to roll ridiculously low twice in a row to die, so I summoned an Owlbear skeleton, who promptly died two rounds later. By then, it was just me and the fighter left. The fighter died, leaving only me, who immediately rolled 2 3s in a row. Basically, we got TPK'd because we were idiotic. I honestly thought that we would all die if we closed our eyes. We probably deserved that.

      • Kall-su Sae
        Kall-su Sae  5 days back

        Players shouldn't be unkillable. If they mess up that badly they deserve death

        • mg1223
          mg1223  6 days back


          • Nooby Jim
            Nooby Jim  6 days back

            My DM took my orc barbarian’s sickly mother away too except our town was in a swamp and we went to the city to find her. Really hope this isn’t a tale of what’s to come for my party.

            • WypmanGames
              WypmanGames  6 days back

              Once was a healer
              Party died during a crazy bossfight with me being the only one alive but scared and shy a lot

              But then i said
              I do not feel pain from injuries having the ability to heal myself and having been tortured my whole life made me the shy and scared healer i am
              But losing my friends
              That hurts me more than all the torturing combined *takes damage without being attacked*
              I wont let this happen
              * hands dm a note
              * rolls 20

              *my body starts glowing green and i heal to max health and the green shot to everyone healing the full party to full health

              Me: i knew i could do this but now
              Im out off energy having nothing but my fists im a living target

              Friend *hands me a sword* to defend mysellf while waiting for my energy to restore and occacionally defending myself but mostly hide and rest while they with their boosts finished the boss

              • Subarno
                Subarno  6 days back

                Is your wizard Gandalf with the Elder Wand? That's hilarious!

                • xselinisx
                  xselinisx  7 days back

                  *Trying to figure out how 4 beholders end up residing & dying in one place*

                  • Discount RPG
                    Discount RPG  1 weeks back

                    God, you make it sound easy to make a D&D Story ugh

                    • Discount RPG
                      Discount RPG  1 weeks back

                      @the DM Lair True true

                    • the DM Lair
                      the DM Lair   1 weeks back

                      At the game table true gems happen from time to time, but certainly not every session.

                  • Zenas Starchild
                    Zenas Starchild  1 weeks back

                    I hate it when my character dies because of a stupid ability check, (i.e. make a DEX save, you failed your save so you get crushed by a bolder the size of a house, RIP), but I hat is equally as much when the DM takes it easy on us and steals our agency. Wise choices have rewards, foolish choices have consequences.

                    What your players did was foolish and they were turned into undead because of it. I think it would be wise to always end a session zero with "your character could die, so you need to stay vigilant about the danger your characters will be in."

                    • Chorly Smith
                      Chorly Smith  1 weeks back

                      I’m not sure what’s worse. Being TPK by a DM who wants the players to suffer. Or being TPK by something you could have prevented. And had hints about but you decided not to deal with it in anyway meaningful way. I genuinely can’t tell what’s more frustrating and demoralising.

                      • Nyrufa
                        Nyrufa  1 weeks back

                        Enemies sneaking up behind you? This sounds like a job for Delayed Fireball!

                        • OrangeyChocolate
                          OrangeyChocolate  2 weeks back

                          I ran a homebrew adventure a while ago that I’d designed for 5th level characters. I nearly got a TPK with the Rug of Smothering I’d set up as a special encounter. That CR 2 monster can punch way, way above its weight.

                          • sam
                            sam  2 weeks back

                            Love the video but you could totally get rid of that intro lmao

                            • Ryan
                              Ryan  2 weeks back

                              bro, bro... no hate but i had youtube just autoplaying while i couldn't see the tv and it sounded like a room full of pedophiles lol. then i saw the video and... drop the opening larp tape homie and just cut to the intro. dam lol! if u have to have a gimmick explaining the videos contents first, brainstorm that shit. ill give u a freebie, i just thought of it. the last vid that i just heard by you was about sleeping surrounded by enemies. ok, well dig till u find a amateur clip of someone sleeping and his "friends" sneaking up to prank him and play that dumbass DRAKE track "I got enemies, got a lot of enemies." and no copyright if its super short. (btw idk dick about copyright, so if im wrong, u know. again, no hate)

                              • Aaron Weeks
                                Aaron Weeks  2 weeks back

                                Zombies can either move or attack. 1 first level fighter can kill 500 zombies solo all he needs is a long spear and the fighter just needs to move 10 feet each round where the zombies will then not be able to attack since they moved

                                • Dylan & Dragons
                                  Dylan & Dragons  2 weeks back

                                  They should have ambushed the enemies behind them

                                  • DeathbyPixels
                                    DeathbyPixels  3 weeks back

                                    My first character was the only survivor of a TPK. Uhana Vinric, level 9 Half-Dragon Wizard. Ran away as we were fighting... vampires, I think. She’s still out there, somewhere...

                                    • the DM Lair
                                      the DM Lair   3 weeks back

                                      Sometimes running is the best option. Especially if you leave behind sacrificial PCs (your party). 😁

                                  • eric dietz
                                    eric dietz  1 months back

                                    As a DM I considered myself an "entertainer" like an actor, sstoryteller, or the like. If you look at yourself as a omniscient narrator, that simply tells the story and you "act" any and all npc's and monster. Boom, you got it.

                                    • the DM Lair
                                      the DM Lair   4 weeks back

                                      I sew it the same way. The DM is the entertainer in many ways.

                                  • Dragon HearthX
                                    Dragon HearthX  1 months back

                                    My first TPK. Was in my first session.

                                    • josh fritz
                                      josh fritz  1 months back

                                      2 out of the first 3 games I played ended in tpks, and in the third, my character and one other died due to being forced to party split due to circumstances outside of our control

                                      • josh fritz
                                        josh fritz  1 months back

                                        @the DM Lair One of them was a one shot, we had a TPK in the first and only combat encounter. The animated armor suits and spirit weapon softened us up, then half of the party was knocked out by spirit guardian, cast by the high level half orc cleric acting as the boss.

                                        In another one, also a one shot we were fleeing from an encounter with a bunch of goblins. There were only roughly 2-3 encounters worth of monsters total in that dungeon. They weren't that strong, and we had decent strategy going into it, but the party went entire turns without hitting anything due to some rather bad rolls. The goblins had whittled us down, scoring several lucky hits on my AC20 cleric (chain mail, shield and shield of faith.) Trying to flee from that encounter, we ran straight into another one with numerous zombies and a powerful caster. We were almost holding our own until the caster walked up to my cleric and used inflict wounds, outright killing them. With the heavy armor and main source of healing down, the rest of the party soon followed.

                                        Finally, my half orc fighter managed to board a pirate ship threatening a small town by pretending to want to join the crew (princes of the apocalypse) along with a druid in spider form. We rushed for where the gunpowder was stored, intending to use a trail of oil as a makeshift fuze to detonate the gunpowder and destroy the ship, but the encounter went poorly, with the pirates scoring no fewer than 3 nat 20s against me and the druid over the course of 2 turns. Desperate, I hurled my axe at the metal rim of one of the barrels full of gunpowder. I learned afterwards how incredibly high the DC for that was, but for once in that entire encounter, I rolled high. The explosion destroyed the ship outright, killing every living thing on board. This was my character's first, last and only combat encounter. I've since moved on to a half orc warlock.

                                      • the DM Lair
                                        the DM Lair   1 months back

                                        How long did the games last before the TPKs happened?

                                    • Brennan Gray
                                      Brennan Gray  1 months back

                                      ah, the wizard, the voice of reason in any party.

                                    • Joan Dudley
                                      Joan Dudley  1 months back

                                      I spewed my drink at the “I’m SSSPESHIUL “ part 🤣

                                    • Roger Martin
                                      Roger Martin  1 months back

                                      Sometimes you do have to just stop the game and say, "Hey dudes the monsters are behind you. Or hey guys, this fight is going to be tough". I play Adventure League and have 2 tpks and over 50 kills since I started DMing again. My chance of a kill are lesser now since I have gotten to know the rules better. And use to adjusting the encounter level in hardcovers on the fly.

                                      • the DM Lair
                                        the DM Lair   1 months back

                                        Yeah, I basically did tell them 3 times the monsters were behind them. I adjust encounters on the fly too, but for this one I didn't. I felt they brought it down upon themselves and if they were to survive it'd be one them to find a way to do so. I wasn't going to intervene.

                                    • Roger Martin
                                      Roger Martin  1 months back

                                      Like the Bascinet. Sca ? Illusions Armoury.

                                      • the DM Lair
                                        the DM Lair   1 months back

                                        Yep, SCA from back in college, though I don't know where I bought it.

                                    • Adrian Borealis
                                      Adrian Borealis  1 months back

                                      If the undead group following them had entered the battle 1-2 rounds after the start of the fallen angel battle that is like 6-18 seconds (assuming each round is 6 seconds for this rule). The drummer boys were not that far away. (An average human can move 60ft in 6seconds with the rules move and dash)

                                      • Adrian Borealis
                                        Adrian Borealis  1 months back

                                        No fault in the DM nor the players though. Just think there was a misunderstanding to the distance.

                                    • Accy Wacky
                                      Accy Wacky  1 months back

                                      if your group gets repeated hints that they are being followed by the undead controlling Drummers they let escape earlier.. meaning they Know roughly what the threat is and what scale it might have.. and its made clear Three times that the threat is still on their tail... and they choose to ignore it, they absolutely deserve to have a non-balanced encounter result when they become the metal in a hammer and anvil situation. DM did nothing wrong and hopefully the players learned not to play the game as if defeat was impossible

                                      • Steve Forrester
                                        Steve Forrester  1 months back

                                        9:50 "I described the music being far away from them, as they listened to some Doors..."

                                        Which album: LA Woman or Strange Days?

                                      • Anthony  Pacheco
                                        Anthony Pacheco  1 months back

                                        Dude, great visual ques.

                                      • ToFastNinj
                                        ToFastNinj  2 months back

                                        For my first character, Skyler, found a secret room. The party went in there and found a door and one person looked through the key hole and saw a crystal ball. Skyler moved 15 feet away from it. The person opened the door and everyone(including Skyler that is 15 feet away) must make a constitution saving throw. Skyler fails and was trapped in time for 5,000 years and we couldn't resurrect him because he was not dead and he could only be unstuck with a 7th level lesser restoration or wish. We had no cleric so we had no chance to be revived. We were level 7 and so I blame the dm

                                        • Vale Stone
                                          Vale Stone  2 months back

                                          Never had a TPK, but I did have a toxic player that served his own karmic destruction.
                                          Three statues of Gods meant to become Eidelons that were each roughly ten stories high and had sacrifices chained around their necks. The party splits to collect the still living sacrifices and get them down safely. The last sacrifice starts to fall, that's when it happens. Toxic player takes a flying leap off the top of the statue he's on to try and reach the sacrifice, only to watch the sacrifice be saved shortly after he jumps. I then gave each member of the party a chance to try and save the Toxic Player. Everyone, failed. The Toxic Player became very close with the solid stone below. And then activated one of the Eidelons having been considered a sacrifice.

                                          • the DM Lair
                                            the DM Lair   1 months back

                                            What comes around goes around. 😀

                                        • TheMara246
                                          TheMara246  2 months back

                                          I think accidentally burning down an inn and also accidentally starting a forest fire will come back to bite me in the ass. But at least I didn't try to piss off a god.

                                          • TheMara246
                                            TheMara246  2 months back

                                            @the DM Lair Ok, we burned down the inn to kill a slime. Then we ran away and convinced guards they are having BBQ. But the forest fire was an accident. I swear.

                                          • the DM Lair
                                            the DM Lair   2 months back

                                            "Accidentally" you say... Lol

                                        • cannonfodderdk2300
                                          cannonfodderdk2300  2 months back

                                          Ooooh.... And the slain PCs could be reanimated and send against the new party as some badass, highlvl, undeads! A thing to exploit!!!! >:)

                                          • the DM Lair
                                            the DM Lair   2 months back

                                            Yep! Makes for a great reveal moment for the players. 😁

                                        • Roman Minaster
                                          Roman Minaster  2 months back

                                          If someone goes the wrong way in my stories, _they know_
                                          Cause it either lacks or has serrpluss monsters not related to the story itself _aaand_ they usually die when they go the wrong way

                                          • Albert Mockel
                                            Albert Mockel  2 months back

                                            Never had a tpk, there is always at least one player who manages to flee :)

                                            • ThatOneGuy
                                              ThatOneGuy  2 months back

                                              I almost had a TPK bc my level 9 party decided to fight an Ancient White Dragon
                                              Good times

                                              • William Rogers
                                                William Rogers  2 months back

                                                What i like to do if I want players to be alerted to a danger: make the players take a wisdom check. These are experienced adventurers who should have a sense of when danger is coming and where danger will be. Its like if the players cant figure out a seemingly obvious riddle and making them take an intelligence check to ‘give’ them a tip through their own character’s intelligence. Players are rarely as intelligent as their 20 int wizard. Players are rarely wise to how dangerous dungeons actually are. Sometimes you need to supplement traits that a player couldnt practically have because players unfortunately are not their own character, however similar they may be.

                                                Note: this is just my way of avoiding tpks because even though my party has yet to get angry at me over their own mistakes, it isnt as fun when they get invested in a character and they die or they get stumped at a riddle door for half an hour IRL when i planned for it to take 5 minutes

                                                • Pettersony Strawman
                                                  Pettersony Strawman  2 months back

                                                  I think it's best to look at whether they had discovered clues or not. In this case it seemed like they already had the clues to tell their objective is in the tower, so it's better to just leave it in the tower. The time to move things around behind the scenes is when they never had a clue about the tower. This makes it fair, but also prevents one of your players accidentally stumble upon their old notes and figuring out retrospectively that originally the objective should be somewhere else, as you never want the players to find out about this shifting things around.

                                                  • Let'sRolePlayer
                                                    Let'sRolePlayer  2 months back

                                                    5:53 heheh "do something to get b-EYE the beholders"

                                                    • Hunter Corsaro
                                                      Hunter Corsaro  2 months back

                                                      I have never seen a man open his mouth so weird when he talks

                                                      • the DM Lair
                                                        the DM Lair   2 months back

                                                        There's a first time for everything!

                                                    • Trowa Barton
                                                      Trowa Barton  2 months back

                                                      Sorry new to this channel what is a "wayne rod" DM ? Maybe a 10 things a "wayne rod" DM does video lol. I assume a "wayne rod" DM is a bad thing just would like some clarification ty all :)

                                                    • UrielOmega
                                                      UrielOmega  2 months back

                                                      I give my players wisdom saves when they are doing stupid things. This gives an in game reason for me to tell them things to think about. They roll and based on the roll, I give them better advice based on the info they already have, that maybe they forgot or didn't think of. They often ignore the "little voice" still.

                                                      • Christopher Smith
                                                        Christopher Smith  2 months back

                                                        I had a Wizard get one-shotted by a Tomb of Annihilation double-trap. I actually felt pretty bad about it, because I didn't even know it was double-trapped until the Barb set off the first fire trap. The Wiz, thinking it was safe, got hit by the lightning trap, dealing his entire Max HP in damage, which is instant death in my campaigns. Everyone decided to just escape the Tomb after that.

                                                        Overall, pretty great time.

                                                        • Christopher Smith
                                                          Christopher Smith  2 months back

                                                          Moral of the story, I didn't back down from the consequences, even though there had never been a double-trap in any of my campaigns. It was a new experience for all of us.

                                                      • brzinger6
                                                        brzinger6  2 months back

                                                        There is a name for undead Beholders. They are called Death Tyrants, and they are horrific.

                                                        • Rob Wilf
                                                          Rob Wilf  2 months back

                                                          any tips for how to use drive-thru rpg and how to get your work looking professional?

                                                          • the DM Lair
                                                            the DM Lair   2 months back

                                                            Iterate. It starts off looking crappy and you just make it a little better each time. Learning the basics of graphic design, having a decent publishing tool--I use Adobe InDesign myself--and looking at other published works to see how they do things all help, too.

                                                        • w.d. gaster's night
                                                          w.d. gaster's night  2 months back

                                                          But xp all that xp

                                                          • Dudley Needham
                                                            Dudley Needham  2 months back

                                                            Yeah, I had one yesterday, first one. My Party made a wrong decision, and I hinted as Luke says. They just didn't listen