Mingi Singing Compilation [ATEEZ]

  • Published: 15 February 2019
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    say my name , HALA HALA , treasure , pirate king , twilight , stay , my way , long journey , desire , light , Promise , From , album , all to zero , zero to one, 에이티즈 , KQ entertainmen
    Park Seonghwa (박성화) Jung Yunho (정윤호) Song Mingi (송민기) Choi San (최산) Kim Hongjoong (김홍중) Kang Yeosang (강여상) Choi Jongho (최종호) Jung Wooyoung (정우영)
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Comments • 29

  • Amoon Salam
    Amoon Salam  6 days back

    0:57 What the song name ?

    • Nicole Peng
      Nicole Peng  4 weeks back


      • gata psycho
        gata psycho  1 months back

        Lmao 🤣

        • Im__Reality
          Im__Reality  2 months back

          I love his voice in light the most
          I need more of that man
          It’s so soothing like JDJCJ

          • mingiteez
            mingiteez   3 months back

            I might have to do a part two

            • fruits are scary
              fruits are scary  3 months back

              His singing voice is amazing❤

              I love him soooooo much

              • Temitope Johnson
                Temitope Johnson  3 months back

                Thank you💙🌸✨

                • Kolors :/
                  Kolors :/  4 months back

                  Them harmonizing 2:48-2:50 is everything.

                  • ღCυтe, Sqυιѕнy, Bυт Savage ღ

                    I hope he practices singing more. I mean, Bobby had a really nice singing voice too and there's plenty of rappers who sing well too and I hope Mingi keeps at it because I really like hearing him sing.

                    • isabeltjuuuh
                      isabeltjuuuh  4 months back

                      that 1 dislike is jungho because he is scared of his main vocal position

                      • Ji yong
                        Ji yong  1 weeks back

                        isabeltjuuuh And the other one is Wooyoung 😂

                    • mabi mabi
                      mabi mabi  4 months back

                      what the song at 3:24 please?

                    • Kookie Kat
                      Kookie Kat  6 months back

                      Crackhead energy 👀

                      • 김 유다
                        김 유다  6 months back

                        I stan the right guy ☺️ and I died when he sang „Stay”

                        • Olka Jakiel
                          Olka Jakiel  6 months back

                          we stan a talented legend

                          • aríabaechan
                            aríabaechan  7 months back

                            Amo esto, cada uno de ellos es realmente un artista completo.
                            Ojalá hicieras una compilación de Jongho rapeando^^ muchas gracias por esto.

                            • Jaehyun 's wife
                              Jaehyun 's wife  7 months back

                              What's the song at 00:54 please ?

                            • kko qwer
                              kko qwer  7 months back


                              • Music . Is .lιfє
                                Music . Is .lιfє  8 months back

                                Rapping : Mysterious & Hot 😏🔥
                                Singing: soft & smooth 🥰

                                • 기앤
                                  기앤  8 months back

                                  Gosh! I really love this man.

                                  • Maddie_ Unicorn
                                    Maddie_ Unicorn  8 months back

                                    Everyone says he can’t sing and I don’t get it?

                                    • Taesjuul
                                      Taesjuul  8 months back

                                      My boi can SING LOL

                                      • Selma E
                                        Selma E  8 months back

                                        I looooovee his singing voice, especially his parts in Light

                                        • Ramyun
                                          Ramyun  8 months back

                                          this boii can rap can dance can sing what does he cant do 😭💕

                                          • Nicole Peng
                                            Nicole Peng  4 weeks back

                                            he cant not be a cute lil nugget