Jessica Jones - On Set with Jessica Jones


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  • David Dellman
    David Dellman  1 months back

    Jessica Jones was television at its very best. I will miss it terribly

    • Christopher Jansen Ng
      Christopher Jansen Ng  1 months back

      Must be cold in there

      • Daniel A
        Daniel A  1 months back

        Hollywood bull crap. Get directors with different skin colors to each direct an episode. Nobody's idea of a good way to make a series. Thank goodness the first season was so good. That gave the producer the green light to do stupid things until cancellation.

        • Hailey Bourne
          Hailey Bourne  2 months back

          2:21 Lol *puts on lipstick*

          • Baz Buncher
            Baz Buncher  2 months back

            Like watching Paint Dry

            • Nicole H.
              Nicole H.  2 months back

              Trish has an accent wtffff

              • Bruce Winship Wright
                Bruce Winship Wright  2 months back

                Season 3 of Jessica Jones was the worst TV I have ever seen.  Melissa Rosenberg is clearly just another Godless Fake Jew producing garbage.  She should be ashamed of herself for such awful work.  This is now typical of the Godless Fake Jews who have taken over the TV and Movie business.   She made the character Jessica Jones appear to be a low-life piece of garbage.  Jessica turns against her sister for killing folks who needed killing, like a serial killer.  This was absolutely horrible TV.

                • Mathias Von Wulf
                  Mathias Von Wulf  2 months back

                  Jessica Jones is a really unique show in the sense that most characters just aren't very likable. You don't really "hate" them, but everyone is just so... troubled. I wasn't sure I liked the show originally in season 1 but I certainly came around.

                  • Joe Masters
                    Joe Masters  2 months back

                    Krysten Ritter & Rachel Taylor are just the cutest! <3

                    • abby Sand
                      abby Sand  2 months back

                      You can really hear Trisha Australian accent and in Jessica Jones it is undetectable and she sounds totally American.

                      • Nehco Oahnait
                        Nehco Oahnait  1 months back

                        she also got an Scottish-like Australian accent in another interview...

                    • Andrè -Psychoacoustic- Oscar

                      Last season was awful to see.... only just pure propaganda LGBTABCDFGHIJK...Z and progresist bullshit crap, that was so forced and screw up the series...that shit is everywhere, fucking lobbys with your pathetic victimism!

                      • Serjohn
                        Serjohn  3 months back

                        but the villain sucked

                        • TechSavvy Hero DSD
                          TechSavvy Hero DSD  1 years back

                          Would have been great to have David Tennant/Kilgrave on the panel too. I'm sure he'd have some great input too

                          • sumathis
                            sumathis  1 years back

                            The interviewer is practically close to being in a coma ,low energy ! Couldn’t they have found someone more enthusiastic to interview this stellar cast ?

                            • Moon Godess
                              Moon Godess  1 years back

                              Hogarth is like Jessica's surrogate mother on the show. They see each other in ther other person so they fight alot but they also will always have each others backs when all the cards are on the table. I'd like to see how they met each other and became so close actually. I think that will be a great story.

                              • Ashley Hulbert
                                Ashley Hulbert  1 years back

                                the last episode was sad af

                                • Stormforce VII
                                  Stormforce VII  1 years back

                                  Ashley Hulbert yeah pretty damn heavy to say the least. I DIDN'T CRY I SWEAR!!!! :,(

                              • Lori Hyslop
                                Lori Hyslop  1 years back

                                Absolutely nothing 😂

                                • Chris Anthony Giles
                                  Chris Anthony Giles  1 years back

                                  Great interview! Terribly somber interviewer.

                                  • James Kinstle
                                    James Kinstle  1 years back

                                    Wow, Eka wasn't joking, was he? They didn't want to hear anything from the male actors what so ever.

                                    • Christopher Jansen Ng
                                      Christopher Jansen Ng  1 months back

                                      After Jane Mcteer they edited it to some other topic

                                    • Joseph Bapeck
                                      Joseph Bapeck  1 years back

                                      Man: "It's so female-centric in here. I can't say a thing!" Woman: "Oh no, what a nightmare". If you get the reference, you get the reference.

                                    • moeskido
                                      moeskido  1 years back

                                      Hope you can find some other show that makes you feel more validated.

                                    • Tasnim Siddiqa Amin
                                      Tasnim Siddiqa Amin  1 years back

                                      James Kinstle rme

                                    • zerosysko
                                      zerosysko  1 years back

                                      Didn't seem that way to me. Seems obvious this isn't the whole thing since the video just...ends. Considering those secondary characters are ultimately important for the protagonist and, you know, they were invited on panel, why would you assume they're being deliberately and maliciously snubbed rather than just not gotten to yet? The Paley Center panels aren't known for being tacky or rude.

                                      Doesn't really makes sense to me to interpret it that way unless you're sensitive to a lack of male focus. Society is still pretty male-centric so I guess a female-centric panel and focus can come across as more noticeable, "out of place," wrong, or unfair, even while the former might be more invisible and "normal." There are some interesting studies on perception as it relates to gender, but whatevs. I'd wait to see the whole thing before you jump to conclusions. It was definitely a sincere joke judging by his tone.

                                  • DoctorWeeTodd
                                    DoctorWeeTodd  1 years back

                                    14:20 The other movie featured on the building projection was “Touch of Evil”

                                    • Van PastorMan
                                      Van PastorMan  1 years back

                                      "absolutely nothing". I luv it cuz I have seen the whole second season. She can't say nuttin!

                                      • Matthias Moylan
                                        Matthias Moylan  1 years back

                                        Jane from breaking bad

                                        • Kat Verbier
                                          Kat Verbier  1 years back

                                          Is it possible to upload the whole segment? Would love to see more.

                                          • Noam Rosenthal
                                            Noam Rosenthal  1 years back

                                            Yeah 2nd this. Can we see the whole panel?

                                        • silvia villani
                                          silvia villani  1 years back

                                          love this second season!