Audio Dope - So Long [Music Video]

  • Published: 06 July 2019
  • Audio Dope's first music video!

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    directed by: Garrick J Lauterbach /
    Irinia Koch
    Dimitri Stapfer

    produced by:
    Letterbox Collective Filmproduktion
    Garrick J Lauterbach

    Dynamic Frame
    Lucius Fischer

    Audio Dope / Mischa Nüesch
    Tobias Kubli

    Director of Photography: Tobias Kubli /
    production: Luzius Fischer
    production assistant: Philipp Rittler
    assistant camera: Robin Angst
    Gaffer: Christina Welter
    styling: Amanda Samantha Brooke /
    camera supervisor: Randy Tomlinson
    driver: Martin Jenny
    editor: Garrick J Lauterbach
    color correction: Fabio Tozzo

    thanks to Perron bar & restaurant Basel

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Comments • 23

  • ChuppyDuh
    ChuppyDuh  2 months back

    This MV has a lot of things going on that I don’t quite understand, but it honestly captures the essence and *_feel_* of the music, it’s a _perfect_ match. Regardless, that doesn’t deter from the fact this song is *_dope._*

    Ok I’ll let myself out, another lame dad joke lmao.

    • Gustman
      Gustman  2 months back

      what do they sing in the video? is there a text?

      • Lincoln Oliveira
        Lincoln Oliveira  2 months back

        Deixa eu comentar na live aaaaaaaaa

        • PandasEatBamboo
          PandasEatBamboo  2 months back

          Trying to visualize the emotional feeling of going through a bad breakup? Doesn't matter *Adds to playlist*

          • Antonio Campanozzi
            Antonio Campanozzi  2 months back

            So long gay Bowser

            • Pop Bumpy Brothers chill
              Pop Bumpy Brothers chill  2 months back

              perfect MV!!!!!!! fantastic!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍

              • SHXXN
                SHXXN  2 months back


                • It's me Jee
                  It's me Jee  2 months back

                  Omg, so good !

                • Música Para El Alma
                  Música Para El Alma  2 months back

                  Your channel is fabulous and has inspired me to start this journey as an entrepreneur on YouTube, thank you very much for sharing such valuable content, if you are interested in following my progress I invite you to subscribe to my channel to share with all of you the most beautiful Music for the soul. Thank you very much and blessings. 💖💖

                  • BB BB
                    BB BB  2 months back

                    Weirdly relaxing

                    • Rafaelle Rosa
                      Rafaelle Rosa  2 months back


                    • Ricardo Cheetos
                      Ricardo Cheetos  2 months back

                      Машина. Утро. Ветер. Музыка. Путешествие.

                      • Brianna Henry
                        Brianna Henry  2 months back

                        How do we submit music???

                        • Legit tuber1414
                          Legit tuber1414  2 months back

                          This is some strange carp didn't even know why I subscribed in the first place.

                          • Ha!KG joker
                            Ha!KG joker  2 months back

                            Very Good

                            • Mahesh Sharma
                              Mahesh Sharma  2 months back

                              a LOTS of work

                              • sun.
                                sun.  2 months back

                                Nice music video😍

                                • Chris Hope
                                  Chris Hope  2 months back

                                  Inb4 Jason gets them

                                  • Howerf Andrés Vásquez
                                    Howerf Andrés Vásquez  2 months back

                                    I <3 this type of music

                                    • Audio Dope
                                      Audio Dope  2 months back


                                      • Randy Tomlinson
                                        Randy Tomlinson  2 months back