Chris Harrison says Hannah is 'happy' | GMA


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  • C W
    C W  3 weeks back

    Hannah--Jed is not the one.

    • Vivi Dellarena
      Vivi Dellarena  3 weeks back


      • Yvonne Errend
        Yvonne Errend  4 weeks back

        Jed left his girlfriend to be on the show he's a douchebag

        • Caroline Limone
          Caroline Limone  4 weeks back

          I truly believe that Jed's family blew it for him. Jed sister, had such a miserable look ,wasn't kind at all. The mother seems like she's on Quaaludes. I hope she pick Tyler

          • sue she
            sue she  4 weeks back

            Translation she's happy on her own.

            • Misa young
              Misa young  4 weeks back


              • donna foster
                donna foster  4 weeks back

                What else is Chris gonna say!

                • follow my tiktok sprite.blueberry

                  if she doesn’t pick tyler c i’ll just take him for myself

                  • Ml9 Lurvey
                    Ml9 Lurvey  4 weeks back

                    Tyler is the best I don’t understand why she doesn’t love him 😑😑😑

                    • Monica Mullins
                      Monica Mullins  1 months back

                      Seriously, Jed has been using his family and Luke to try and get Hannah to break up with him!

                      • Michelle Hancock
                        Michelle Hancock  1 months back

                        Monica Mullins this girl can’t see the signs that’s right in front of her face

                    • Heather Welch
                      Heather Welch  1 months back

                      False advertisement. Where does Chris Harrison say in this video that Hannah is happy?

                    • Kathy Moya
                      Kathy Moya  1 months back

             She's Happy!! Daddy's little girl just a Fucking like the ".." Beast she is!! He Dumps her Ass after n who would blame him..Hell he supposedly didn't even FUCK her 1st or made it to the top 3 fairly.. It was a toss up between him n Luke. What man wants the world to know his future wife did that!!

                      • Ken Formosa
                        Ken Formosa  1 months back

                        Maybe she will get her head out of the sand and make her mind up..

                        • Dana I.
                          Dana I.  4 weeks back

                          Maybe it's none of them.

                      • Jennifer Carson
                        Jennifer Carson  1 months back

                        Pot calling kettle black Jed

                        • Virginia Singleton
                          Virginia Singleton  1 months back

                          Chris Hanson didn’t say she was happy. Click bait

                          • Cj Rupp
                            Cj Rupp  1 months back

                            Why is everybody shitting on Luke? Luke is the most authentic one there, didn’t use Hannah for anything, was real about his feelings for her from the jump, and stayed loyal to his beliefs. He sucks at communicating but the dudes not a psycho

                            • MsNandi Marie
                              MsNandi Marie  1 months back

                              The NERVE of Jed.

                              • KEdGeUNLIMITED
                                KEdGeUNLIMITED  4 weeks back

                                MsNandi Marie the HYPOCRISY IS WILD isn't it?!

                            • KC Rolls
                              KC Rolls  1 months back

                              Worse bachelorette ever! Duh!!

                              • dplazz1
                                dplazz1  4 weeks back

                                Totally agree

                            • Charr Ski
                              Charr Ski  1 months back

                              Something in her judgement when she is drawn to the 2 men who seem to lie or manipulate her instead of going for the 2 that appear to be so well balanced and true. I think a few of us have made this mistake a few times but it sure is an eyeopener when you are watching it right in front of you. Makes me rethink on how I approach this on my own.

                              • Ali Baebee
                                Ali Baebee  1 months back

                                amen sis! 👏🏼👏🏼💖

                            • Al Wa
                              Al Wa  1 months back

                              To be fair i was like “””” hmmmm this mans too good” for a good two years before I wAs like no this man loves
                              me and wants me to be. His. This is real”””

                              • Gabrielle Desouter
                                Gabrielle Desouter  1 months back

                                Peter or Tyler for bachelor ! Stupid Hannah don’t deserve the 2 good guys ! Period !

                                • loopzoop
                                  loopzoop  4 weeks back

                                  Meli Shimek No actually he was scouted , so really it was just an opportunity for him & he had every right to take it.

                                • Cat Whisperer
                                  Cat Whisperer  1 months back

                                  Saya He’s not a scumbag. He broke up several months before the bachelorette aired. Jed on the other hand went on the show without breaking up with his ex.

                                • Jenneh Quoi
                                  Jenneh Quoi  1 months back


                                • Saya
                                  Saya  1 months back

                                  Apparently Peter broke up with his previous girlfriend cold turkey because he went on the show lol they’re all messed up. Worst batch of guys ever. Tyler is the only one with a clean name still

                              • Gema Rambhajan
                                Gema Rambhajan  1 months back

                                Tyler is d perfect guy for Hannah .Is she gonna pick stupid jed

                                • loopzoop
                                  loopzoop  4 weeks back

                                  Jim Johnson Or maybe he understands that this literally a show about exploring many relationships at once, therefore this is what comes with it. I’m tired of you people acting as if this is comparable to real life.. It’s not, bachelor has been on TV for decades and fantasy suites are known for intimacy.

                                • LaTavia Washington
                                  LaTavia Washington  4 weeks back

                                  Jim Johnson Tyler literally said how we was falling in love with her. Respected her not giving him any and said that he sees his future wife and best friend all in her, I highly doubt a dude who just wanted to get some will say all of this

                                • Cat Whisperer
                                  Cat Whisperer  1 months back

                                  If she doesn’t pick Tyler, I will 😏

                                • MsNandi Marie
                                  MsNandi Marie  1 months back


                                • Jim Johnson
                                  Jim Johnson  1 months back

                                  When a guy is cool with her having sex with other dudes and defends her for it, that means he was not that in to her and just wanted some sex as well.

                              • Some onetn
                                Some onetn  1 months back

                                I can't stand her. Am I the only one. I only seen the first Episode. But there something about her. I don't like.

                                • C W
                                  C W  3 weeks back

                                  Yes, you might be the only one but that is your privilege.

                                • donna foster
                                  donna foster  4 weeks back

                                  Dana I. I thought thats how she seemed on the bachelor. Not on her season. Just goes to show you this show just airs what they want us to see. On her season, she doesn’t seem that way. Sorry.

                                • Dana I.
                                  Dana I.  4 weeks back

                                  @donna foster She doesn't seem two faced to me.

                                • donna foster
                                  donna foster  1 months back

                                  Some onetn I know what you mean. Didn’t like her on Coltons season. She seems like someone who would walk toward you with a big smile, and when she gets to you, she stabs you with a knife.

                                • Parker Lovett
                                  Parker Lovett  1 months back

                                  It’s probably because she’s a lot different from the previous bachelorettes. The formula is different this season. But also too, not everyone likes everyone and that’s okay. It maybe because you two don’t mix, sometimes that happens.

                              • vievine saad
                                vievine saad  1 months back

                                Peter for next bachelor

                                • vievine saad
                                  vievine saad  4 weeks back

                                  @Glory Hallelujah I changed my mind Tyler c for bachelor waw he is great

                                • Glory Hallelujah
                                  Glory Hallelujah  4 weeks back

                                  No....Tyler C

                              • Katherine Babcock
                                Katherine Babcock  1 months back

                                At what point did the title of this video actually happen?

                                • Jessica Post
                                  Jessica Post  1 months back

                                  I just said that to myself and watched it again to see if I missed something

                                • Eagle
                                  Eagle  1 months back

                                  I'm also waiting...

                              • bella roja
                                bella roja  1 months back

                                Ohhh, the psychopath makes final 4 didn't work so well this time? The fake-single failed musician using the show for promo? No engagement? Low ratings? Shocker!!!! Hannah is so fake, she'd get engaged regardless.

                                • loopzoop
                                  loopzoop  4 weeks back

                                  MsNandi Marie Yikes what a let down of a season! She really has a thing for problematic men... Hopefully she’s watching back and learning from this experience. She probably regrets not picking Tyler... That man is husband material!

                                • MsNandi Marie
                                  MsNandi Marie  1 months back

                                  Sadly she chooses Jed. After she finds out about his Ex Hannah breaks up with him. I think the break up will be AIRED!

                                • Diane McCloud
                                  Diane McCloud  1 months back

                                  I just wish they had chose one of the others for Bachelorette....but, here we are....

                              • Katelyn Vance
                                Katelyn Vance  1 months back

                                She’s not sure about Tyler, but is sure about Jed who keeps plugging and plugging that he’s a musician? Seems legit. 🙄

                                • Little Queen
                                  Little Queen  3 weeks back

                                  Katelyn Vance 🤣🤣😂🤣😂

                                • Katie Mann
                                  Katie Mann  1 months back

                                  And what about Peter?? He is perfect!

                                • Katelyn Vance
                                  Katelyn Vance  1 months back

                                  TT Namrfur ay yi yi 🤢

                                • TT Namrfur
                                  TT Namrfur  1 months back

                                  Katelyn Vance Tyler is too good for her. Her brother is a big Trumpster & exactly what you’d picture. 🤮

                              • Starm-up Noelandstar
                                Starm-up Noelandstar  1 months back

                                That's nice good job guys