Parents hire coaches to help limit their kids' screen time l GMA


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  • Sasha M
    Sasha M  1 months back

    This is insane!! Hire people to get your kids off the screen time they let happen in the first place. Don't be a parent if you can't handle being in charge and putting your foot down. Imagine what these kids are going to be like 20 years from now. When my son wouldn't mind me once and turn off the tv I just turned off the electricity for the rest of the day. Told him he can move out if he didn't like it, that was never an issue again

    • Roxan Ss
      Roxan Ss  1 months back

      So basically the parents are too lazy to raise their own children and to correct a problem those same parents helped to create by enabling their kids to have free access to technological devices. 🙄

      • Zander Isom
        Zander Isom  1 months back

        Oh no

        • Jason Burnett
          Jason Burnett  1 months back

          Here’s an idea how bout the parents stepping up be a parent and take it away. If they throw a fit let them watch you skip the cell phone across a lake. People have gotten way too lazy! No common sense either!

          • Sharon Davis
            Sharon Davis  1 months back

            You unplug or take away. No charge!

            • JayDee
              JayDee  1 months back

              Parents are pussies now, take the phone away holy shit

              • Baim Ken
                Baim Ken  1 months back

                Wasted 💸..

                • Geoffrey Lane
                  Geoffrey Lane  1 months back

                  How about take the phones away? Now you owe me $250 fucking cucks.

                  • Geoffrey Lane
                    Geoffrey Lane  1 months back

                    This shit is crazy.

                    • Geoffrey Lane
                      Geoffrey Lane  1 months back

                      Fucking zombies.

                      • qigung
                        qigung  1 months back

                        What a great idea! Distance yourself as a parent and authority figure thereby assuring your children will never respect you! We should do this for all our child rearing struggles. “If you don’t keep your room clean, so help me god, your mom and I WILL hire someone to show you exactly how to properly maintain a tidy bedroom. Is that what you want?!!” And we wonder why the U.S. is the laughing stock of the western world?

                        • Flavors Recipes
                          Flavors Recipes  1 months back

                          Very beautiful video. Thank you for sharing. Support back please.

                          • me heretoday
                            me heretoday  1 months back

                            so instead of being a parent they hire someone else to do it for them...okey dokey

                            • Paula Dee
                              Paula Dee  1 months back

                              Holy Jesus Christ. Personally, I find that telling my teenage daughter NO as and when I feel it's necessary all things considered tends to do the job and it costs me all of *zero* bucks to do so. Some fools just got too much damn money and damn near no common sense!

                              Good God!

                              • me heretoday
                                me heretoday  1 months back

                                well said... I too found the word 'NO' worked a treat when I didnt want my child to do something... but then I am old school and thought when I became a parent I would be doing the parenting instead of paying another to do it for me....

                            • Carlos Henrique
                              Carlos Henrique  1 months back

                              Good alert on addiction to media.
                              I give props to GMA for doing such a great job.