How Nintendo And Zelda Get Female Representation Right

  • Published: 13 August 2018
  • Amidst controversy surrounding Battelfield V's inclusion of a female protagonist in a historical majority male only setting, I decided to take a look at the recent swell of outrage as well as pandering within a pro-female, progressive political climate. I don't personally care nearly as much as most people seem to in regards to Battlefield V's direction, it doesn't bother me that a woman is featured or even that other games, like Mass Effect: Andromeda clearly include a lot of social politics. However, it does come off as cheaply done and tasteless, even if there isn;t necessarily anything wrong with the underlying message. Nintendo however, has managed to set an amazing example of how to do such things in a more tasteful, accessible, and interesting way.

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  • Glink
    Glink   1 years back

    Quick clarifications *(PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING)*
    1. I know I pronounced it "Girdo Town", I grew up calling it this and it's just how I read it at this point, my bad if that was annoying.

    2. Im aware that Bayonetta isn't DEVELOPED by Nintendo, but it has been an exclusive franchise on their consoles and published by them. That still counts for a lot imo.

    3. I know cross dressing doesnt equal transgender, my point with the character Vilia was that he was a man, but when asked if this was the case, Vilia seems to imply that he/she's a woman.

    4. I made a mistake in saying the Gorons were female (I remembered incorrectly), but the point was about the diversity in the town (and it's a small point, anywyas).

    • Ryder Neuburg
      Ryder Neuburg  2 weeks back

      You're soooo lucky that you made this comment or I would've commented on everything you said in this comment.

    • Берекет Канжанов
      Берекет Канжанов  2 weeks back

      Dude you did not understand Oscar mike from battleborn where he says feminism is awesome, because it means he can equally kick ass of female characters with it

    • DXTb0nEXD
      DXTb0nEXD  2 weeks back

      Why does the gender or sexuality of a character even need to be justified through gameplay? Why do people even care so much even if it is pandering?

    • mineyourbrains \{•-•}/
      mineyourbrains \{•-•}/  3 weeks back

      Don't forget about the Norwegian soldiers they disrespected

    • Baguette_Lafayette
      Baguette_Lafayette  3 weeks back

      Glink you’re right. Joker may also be created from another company other than Nintendo too.

  • Randolph Bomediano
    Randolph Bomediano  24 hours back

    Same thing with Kingdom Hearts.

    Girls there are used like pons.

    • coopeachu
      coopeachu  1 days back

      Honestly I'll never feel like any sort of representation or diversity can be truly "forced". Sure you can say that the developers want these hypothetical "brownie points" or whatever, but in my opinion at the end of the day representation and diversity are representation and diversity, no matter the motives behind them, so I'll always be for it.

      • AzureShadow
        AzureShadow  1 days back

        Great video so far however at 4:18 I have to point out that these characters being female only was established since the 90s in Ocarina of Time. I think that the stereotypical feminist angle is reaching a little bit.

        • Ashley Mayo
          Ashley Mayo  1 days back

          The Gerdo desert and th Gerdo tribe

          • Talon Skull
            Talon Skull  1 days back

            Thank you Hokage Itachi Uchiha, very cool.

            • Freshie !
              Freshie !  2 days back

              so shigeru miyamoto is considering a gay character.... this means that maybe waluigi and wario is a canon ship?????

              • Tom Jones
                Tom Jones  2 days back

                remember that one feminist bitch who said Zelda did nothing in Breath of the Wild?

                • James Vasquez
                  James Vasquez  2 days back

                  Sony is censoring all their girls in games now. They are making a big deal about how they look. They censored Senran Kagura, Nekopara, and took out the character editors and dating aspects. Nintendo doesn't censor anything like that and they have a growing list of dating and sexy games uncensored on e shop. I'll stick with Switch from now on.

                  • Sojjer
                    Sojjer  3 days back

                    idk about the trans Gerardo thing
                    I mean she (he?) helps link crossdress, so being a man in drag also makes sense

                    • Upsidemon
                      Upsidemon  2 days back

                      I thought that as well, but either way they're still a valuable character. :)

                  • Raptor X
                    Raptor X  3 days back

                    Great video 👾👍🏻

                    • topple
                      topple  3 days back

                      If the damsel trope was SOOOOOOOO big of a deal, why isn't anyone talking about Luka in Bayonetta? Men can be passed off as useless, but not women? I mean, people sometimes need help lol, not EVERYONE is CAPABLE. That's why hero figures exist. Sometimes they're male, sometimes they're female.

                      • Stuart Dooley
                        Stuart Dooley  3 days back

                        My neighbour kindly gifted me an XONE so I started playing Assassin's Creed Origins. Up until recently (I'm in my 40's) I've only ever 'played Nintendo'. I was really disappointed to see a 'statement' at the beginning of the game saying "Inspired by historical events and characters, this work of fiction was designed and developed by a MULTICULTURAL TEAM OF VARIOUS BELIEFS, SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS AND GENDER IDENTITIES" 
                        Not disappointed by any means that the team were as stated (good for them) but because they had to make this forced announcement every time the game is loaded. Can anyone tell me what has this to do with video gaming and Assassin's Creed specifically?

                        • ORO 0147
                          ORO 0147  4 days back

                          Now that I think about it, the Sonic franchise has good natural female representation too! Instantly am reminded of Sonic Rush where Blaze is basically another Sonic who feels as natural as Sonic.

                          • Graverobber Blige
                            Graverobber Blige  4 days back

                            god, gerudo link is so fucking hot hnnnng

                            • AJ TheGingerKing
                              AJ TheGingerKing  5 days back

                              I think that gamers also got annoyed because it ruined the immersion... especially for games like BF5

                              • Baldi Mafia
                                Baldi Mafia  5 days back

                                same thing with Ash (ley) Ketchum. he sound's like a female too.

                                • InfiniteGaming
                                  InfiniteGaming  5 days back

                                  gerudo town isnt only women and dont allow men in because they are a bunch of feminists

                                  • Racoon
                                    Racoon  6 days back

                                    The voice ;-;

                                    • Nuclear bomb
                                      Nuclear bomb  6 days back

                                      Bayonneta isn't nintendo

                                      • Kow
                                        Kow  6 days back

                                        I think if a female in a game is a character rather than just being there for the sake of being PC, that's when it's done right. Goes same for men, or any kind of sexuality, if their main purpose is to be a character for the story it's great, if their main purpose is to represent something and only in the story because they have to be, it sucks.

                                        • DaSmoools
                                          DaSmoools  6 days back

                                          Well of course Nintendo would succeed in 'female representation' .. because they don't care. Usually the people who don't care about this kind of crap, get it right, because why would the characters gender or sexuality matter outside of being just a *Good Character* .. only the west seems to be infatuated with being ironically sexist and racist by being Identitarian. I mean, the west is the only region seemingly focused on turning someones gender or sexuality into a political baseball bat. Doesn't even make them money either so I don't understand why they're doing it, unless they honestly believe the idiots preaching about identitarianism are the majority.. cause it doesn't seem smart to pander to the radical minority of the west, of which is universally hated and looked down upon by the vast majority of westerners.

                                          Its really screwed up to be honest. Western MSN an Social Media turning trans people into a fad and stating very loudly that what matters most is someones skin color or whats between their legs, and they want to force that disgusting crap into a medium as innocent as gaming. Like with their current BS about 'everything is political' ... n-nooo, games (For example) may contain politics in them (Like the politics between two factions) but doesn't mean its political. Oh well, the western game industry has become a worthless shitstick anyway and even if it hadn't, still becoming infested with predatory 'liiiveee serrviiceesss' so, please continue Nintendo, I love the games you have.

                                          • Military Simulation Club

                                            He's talking about botw like he's never played it

                                            • Leanne Nicole
                                              Leanne Nicole  1 weeks back

                                              ITS GER-OO-DOE

                                              • NBtelethia
                                                NBtelethia  1 weeks back

                                                I thought cilia was faking for the same reason as link was

                                              • NBtelethia
                                                NBtelethia  1 weeks back

                                                G U R D O

                                                • drakke125
                                                  drakke125  2 weeks back

                                                  good lord all the triggered feminist SJW liberal dirtbags.

                                                • Red
                                                  Red  2 weeks back

                                                  Ngl I’m all for having Women in a important spot in a games story but not when it’s about a historical event where women didn’t do much

                                                  • Garrett Cole
                                                    Garrett Cole  2 weeks back

                                                    "gurdo town"

                                                    • oh yeah yeah
                                                      oh yeah yeah  2 weeks back

                                                      Gerdo town?!?!

                                                      • Zero
                                                        Zero  2 weeks back

                                                        GER DO

                                                        • Average Awesome
                                                          Average Awesome  2 weeks back

                                                          On the adding a female character as a main lead on a historical game like battlefield 5, I feel the backlash to be preemptive depending on the story. The historical aspect is not that important because it’s a game the person you play never existed they’re just telling a story of a fictional character in a historical setting so you can easily tweak the plot to have a female character in the main squad on the frontlines, there were several women on frontlines as nurses and medics, have a quick scene of a makeshift care tent being shelled or attacked have her pick up a nearby weapon to defend herself and join the completely fictional set of protagonists squad, she now has a reason to be there, she has a motive to be toting a gun around, if you wanna get extra historical accuracy she can be the only character in the squad that can heal as she would have first aid training and it would add an interesting mechanic to the game instead of the get shot and wait a bit you’re fine, instead needing you to be aware of squad members location and need to safely get to the one who can heal. I don’t think they’ll do that but it’s not an impossibility that should anger people. All it made me think of when I saw that one of the leads was female was “how’d she get there? There might be a good story to it”

                                                          Being completely honest I don’t think the devs did that (haven’t played the game and I’m not likely to, shooter just aren’t my jam) but there are very real ways to develop a story to have her there. I agree that they’re likely only doing it for the brownie points, but having an angry backlash is just childish, it closes your mind to the possibilities of a story, because in the end the game is a historical fiction. If you’re gonna take issue with a single female character in a soldier’s role, you might as well take issue with all of the soldiers in the squad cause they never existed and anything they do is immaterial to the actual history of the event.

                                                          • Tucker Reid
                                                            Tucker Reid  2 weeks back

                                                            " all units be advised, FEMINISM IS AWESOME " - Battleborn


                                                            • Deleting my channel In a week

                                                              My favorite female representation was in Pokèmon, because
                                                              1. Playable female characters got my cousins to stop being babies and just play a game.
                                                              2. Cynthia. Waifu material. Need I say more?
                                                              3. My snivy (now fully evolved) in Pokèmon black version. I love that thing. Grew up with it. Helped me beat my friend’s keldeo and samurott.

                                                              Ok maybe not the best examples but I’m too busy earing burger king to think up good comments.

                                                              • DXTb0nEXD
                                                                DXTb0nEXD  2 weeks back

                                                                Why does the gender or sexuality of a character even need to be justified through gameplay? Why do people even care so much even if it is pandering?

                                                                • DXTb0nEXD
                                                                  DXTb0nEXD  2 weeks back

                                                                  For me zelda still felt very much like a damsel in distress. Her powers were very ethereal in nature and something that she could only hone through unseen challenges like praying. It was hard for me to connect with her growth because of this and even though she was able to hold off ganon her struggle was mostly seen off screen leaving little difference between her and a princess in distress. At the end of the day it was link that still had to save her and save hyrule. I wish at the end zelda and link fought side by side to stop ganon as it became very clear that zelda was a badass. I hope they can expand on this companionship in BOTW2.

                                                                  • superenixman
                                                                    superenixman  2 weeks back

                                                                    If they set battlefield 5 in modern day people wouldn’t be (as) pissed

                                                                    • Jenster
                                                                      Jenster  2 weeks back

                                                                      I didnt think he was trans i thought he was just a dude trying to see some tits

                                                                      • Arnold Academy
                                                                        Arnold Academy  2 weeks back

                                                                        The reason Nintendo doesn't have this problem is because, PC culture is a western problem they are eastern, they have other issues.

                                                                        • Hannah Pilkey
                                                                          Hannah Pilkey  2 weeks back

                                                                          Well, I honestly agree about Battlefield (and I've never even heard of the series before). I hate it when historical settings shoehorn in females as soldiers when women WERE NOT ALLOWED to be soldiers. This doesn't promote female pride, it not only misleads about history, but also basically says "oh yeah, women were totally allowed to be soldiers, so all you people complaining about inequality back then can stick it". Now, a game that had the main character be a woman posing as a man in an army, THAT would be a good game.

                                                                          • Liam Kiernan
                                                                            Liam Kiernan  2 weeks back

                                                                            Thank you
                                                                            Thank you so much

                                                                            • _ COOP
                                                                              _ COOP  3 weeks back

                                                                              Lets not forget the gerudo created ganon and made him their leader. 1 man ruling over a tribe of women lol. I’m not a feminist it’s just ironic to me.

                                                                              • fishi__boi
                                                                                fishi__boi  3 weeks back

                                                                                Yo can we just you know

                                                                                *PLAY THE GAME*

                                                                                • Dawn Raider
                                                                                  Dawn Raider  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Nintendo is God!

                                                                                  • Supercat 456
                                                                                    Supercat 456  3 weeks back

                                                                                    After this being in my feed for 2 years I finally watched it. *NOW LEAVE ME ALONE YOUTUBE!!!!!*

                                                                                    • Wolf
                                                                                      Wolf  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Those gorons are male btw

                                                                                      • Cruel Hercules_24
                                                                                        Cruel Hercules_24  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Gordon's are all boys but they let them in

                                                                                        • Lee R
                                                                                          Lee R  3 weeks back

                                                                                          To say that there is a right way and a wrong way to represent women is a ducking stupid argument to make.

                                                                                          There is no right or wrong way to make a male character and there is no right or wrong way to make a female character. They are only characters and you unfairly criticizing representation for being “forced” is a waste of time.

                                                                                          • Lee R
                                                                                            Lee R  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Alex Schütze
                                                                                            Did I stutter? It’s clear to me that you didn’t read my comment as I said there was absolutely no wrong way to implement a female character or to have representation.

                                                                                            To imply that after having countless shitty and 1 dimensional male characters across the decades the gaming community needs to bust out the microscope when critiquing female characters is absurd. There are no areas in which women cannot be allowed to exist within *fiction*.

                                                                                            It’s literally always the same argument “I’m totally fine with women in video games but do they have to be so *obvious* about it”

                                                                                          • Alex Schütze
                                                                                            Alex Schütze  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Its not the the fact they are represented thats wrong, its the way that companies are trying to appeal to femenists by forcing females into a setting that doesn't make contextual sense. This is basically exactly what was said in the video, but given your comment I doubt you watched it to the end.