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  • Rose T
    Rose T  1 months back

    My bias wrecker!! <3

    • loltais •STREAM ILLUSION•

      **Joong rapping**
      Mingi in the back: _yeah_



      • Tamszz Rodriguez
        Tamszz Rodriguez  4 months back

        I can’t find anything on YouTube for the boys on mixnine? Only their audition tapes help pls

        • 【홍중】
          【홍중】  5 months back

          Why I'm I just seeing this n o w

          • Maide Brinche
            Maide Brinche  5 months back

            Wait he had dark hair once?? Can we get that back??

            • Rose T
              Rose T  1 months back

              @Sophie Wang He looked really good w/blonde hair too.

            • Sophie Wang
              Sophie Wang  5 months back

              Maide Brinche what about red hair

          • Snsd ngg
            Snsd ngg  6 months back

            So ugly.

            • Red Flower
              Red Flower  4 weeks back

              나가디지고 니면상이나봐라 븅신앙^^

            • Lee Joong Chae
              Lee Joong Chae  5 months back

              Matate :vr

            • 혜린
              혜린  5 months back

              Y don't u just fuck off and stop sending hate to him

            • 혜린
              혜린  5 months back

              Then why r u even here if u find him ugly

            • Lantana_Jaehan
              Lantana_Jaehan  6 months back

              wtf fuck off

          • Noona/Unnie 3rd gen Kpop stan

            almost all ATEEZ members are from Mixnine except San and Yunho right?

          • cypher
            cypher  7 months back

            Hongjoong is so hot oml

            • stan a.c.e and ateez for clear skin

              Fuck it up Kenneth!!

              • Evanstan
                Evanstan  7 months back

                i'm two months older than him

                • Rose T
                  Rose T  1 months back

                  @Noona/Unnie 3rd gen Kpop stan Same here. I'm older than all of them bt I still love them!

                • Noona/Unnie 3rd gen Kpop stan
                  Noona/Unnie 3rd gen Kpop stan  6 months back

                  I'm Noona to all ATEEZ members but I'm in love with them all

              • michaela kunst
                michaela kunst  10 months back

                so talentedfddafggxxccswwq

                • Eva Tz
                  Eva Tz  10 months back

                  Wig snatched

                  • mayah
                    mayah  1 years back

                    I see hongjoong I click

                    • marsela mancilla
                      marsela mancilla  1 years back

                      My bias

                      • bts taetae
                        bts taetae  1 years back

                        bitch he gonna b my bias for sure

                        • rine rine
                          rine rine  1 years back

                          hey boy you stole my heArt

                          • frodazy
                            frodazy  1 years back

                            oh yeah, he’s adorable 😍

                            • Johana Diaz
                              Johana Diaz  1 years back

                              Oh shittttt🔥

                              • vkook wyd
                                vkook wyd  1 years back

                                uh yes

                                • ly n
                                  ly n  1 years back


                                  • cindy giselle
                                    cindy giselle  1 years back

                                    is this??? heaven ??

                                    • elle 🐥
                                      elle 🐥  1 years back

                                      im so glad i found them

                                      • wig
                                        wig  1 years back

                                        we stan