Day 13 Hot Shots at Wimbledon 2019


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  • Pranay Beast
    Pranay Beast  3 months back

    Half of noles greatest shots are cut wtf is this video made of weak era champ points ..

    • Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti

      São por esses pontos - e pelos outros dos 12 dias anteriores - que esta edição de Wimbledon/2019, deixa saudades! Até 2020!

      • Hanson
        Hanson  3 months back

        Whoever made this didn't watch the whole match yesterday

        • Rastko Timotic
          Rastko Timotic  3 months back

          This crowd was so pathetic and sad.
          I m truly sorry for all pathetic people out there and i hope that some day there will be cure for their sadness.
          But until then I congratulate NOVAK for the win and he proofs that he is NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD!!!!!!🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾

          • Wolfpack KOX
            Wolfpack KOX  3 months back

            @Nicotine46 "The Best" ok say whatever. But Novak won a lot of Trophies in The UK

          • Nicotine46
            Nicotine46  3 months back

            How is it pathetic to be cheering for the player who was clearly the best in that match. Only unlucky.

        • Rainbow Tuber
          Rainbow Tuber  3 months back

          Its all federer one is to blame for his loss...choker

          • Doctor John
            Doctor John  3 months back

            Federer won a considerable number of games more than Djoko vic, but unfortunately lost because of small details at the end of the match. Stupid tiebreak!

            • natoskull2
              natoskull2  3 months back

              Hahah was a nice comment till that last sentence. I still laughed.

          • Mystery Man
            Mystery Man  3 months back

            Djokovic forehand passing winner down the match point was shot of the day!

            • Milos V.
              Milos V.  3 months back

              No1e = GOAT

              • Jobs mine
                Jobs mine  3 months back

                Massive respect 👏 for Djokovic and he deserves it. As a Nadal fan am really happy for him, because wining against Federer with biased commentators, fans and crowd isn’t that easy. The way he’s going for the past two years no doubt he will beat all the tennis records and winnings. He has 16 grand slams now only 4 behind Federer and 2 behind Nadal. No doubt he will triumph over the two legends.

                • Mladenian Tomlinson
                  Mladenian Tomlinson  3 months back

                  I hope both Nadal and Djokovic will break 20. Nadal needs to keep winning the French though.

              • rai ZOR
                rai ZOR  3 months back

                Just 1 Novak clip?
                Butthurt much that Novak whopped your boy

                • rai ZOR
                  rai ZOR  3 months back

                  @Venom slightly defeated! that better for your soft feelings

                • Venom
                  Venom  3 months back

                  5 hours long, winning all his sets on tie breaks is now a whopping? grow up

              • M. P.
                M. P.  3 months back

                That down the line backhand and that crowd disappointment...


                • stephen729
                  stephen729  3 months back

                  they also missed the championship-point-saving passing shot from Novak, that one also complimented by a huge crowd disappointment

              • e b
                e b  3 months back

                No player has won Wimbledon saving Championship points in 71 years!., ladies and gents this was one heck of a Choke job by Federer, this one will sting him until he leaves earth.

                • Robert Star
                  Robert Star  3 months back

                  Djokovic made a statement with this historical win over Fed - and only had to be at his best during the big points winning all three tiebreaks. When he raises his level, he is second to none. He is proving to be the real GOAT of tennis.

                  • Tennis God117
                    Tennis God117  3 months back

                    Let's go Djokovic

                    • Ameya Deshpande
                      Ameya Deshpande  3 months back

                      I really hope Wimbledon has the guts to post the video on 2 championship points that Fed lost...Not because I am anti-Fed but it is a remarkable learning experience on mental strength that we can also apply to situations in our daily life

                    • Mr. Mystiks
                      Mr. Mystiks  3 months back

                      The other players must be ticked at how Fed and Djo are taking the spotlight

                      • Ameya Deshpande
                        Ameya Deshpande  3 months back

                        exactly...Thiem,Zverev,Tsitsipas must have thought this could be them by now...But they are still watching it on tv XD

                    • RickeGnool
                      RickeGnool  3 months back

                      How was Djokovic’s forhand pass on match point not included?

                      • JamesGoblin
                        JamesGoblin  3 months back

                        @Sebastian Again? Damn sponges never stopped drinking!

                      • ZAGOR TE-NAY
                        ZAGOR TE-NAY  3 months back

                        NOLE GOAT!!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

                      • Sebastian
                        Sebastian  3 months back

                        RickeGnool cuz they are drunk again

                    • Skyfrost 13
                      Skyfrost 13  3 months back

                      Chokerer should retire lost 3 times to nole😂😂 hasnt beaten nole since 2012

                      • sirogojn o
                        sirogojn o  3 months back

                        @Rob Krčmi he is Roger 40 : 15 Federer

                      • Marinko Marinko
                        Marinko Marinko  3 months back

                        Not only that, he is 1-4 vs Novak, and 3-6 vs Rafa, 16-1 vs others (only loss vs Delpo).

                    • Willie Strokes
                      Willie Strokes  3 months back

                      Novak was very passive and nervous and still beat Federer. This will have a massive effect on Federer. Fed will never again win a big title after this defeat. Long live the GOAT Nole.

                      • Mick 1107
                        Mick 1107  3 months back

                        @natoskull2 No we just look at a different way to tennis that's all.

                      • natoskull2
                        natoskull2  3 months back

                        @Mick 1107 Then your question doesn't have any sense at all.

                      • Mick 1107
                        Mick 1107  3 months back

                        @natoskull2 Sorry, not seeing it.

                    • Roy Boy
                      Roy Boy  3 months back

                      Where is Nole’s passing shot match point down???

                    • Freddy.
                      Freddy.  3 months back

                      Incredible match!