Serena Williams vs Simona Halep | Final Preview | Wimbledon 2019


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  • Jo Black
    Jo Black  3 months back

    Man versus woman. Woman won.

    • Hristea Cristi
      Hristea Cristi  3 months back

      Simona Halep,reprezintă ROMÂNIA!

      • Iba Fai
        Iba Fai  3 months back

        Vas y Serena t'es la meilleure ! Goooooooooooooooooo

        • Ryan Syddall
          Ryan Syddall  3 months back

          Serena wins 9 simona wins 1 work it out you fucking morons

          • Ryan Syddall
            Ryan Syddall  3 months back

            Simonas a fuckin tramp keep your country from coming too the uk we dont want you scruffy cunts here

            • Moulik Pramanik
              Moulik Pramanik  3 months back

              Best of luck Halep.

              • Tiffany Zette
                Tiffany Zette  3 months back


                • Allen John Dale Quinco
                  Allen John Dale Quinco  3 months back

                  Serena FTW!

                  • Theophilus Silas
                    Theophilus Silas  3 months back

                    Who else thought they made it sound like war?

                    • Sera Njeri
                      Sera Njeri  3 months back

                      Go Serena

                      • ashley nyange
                        ashley nyange  3 months back

                        Bring it home Serena

                        • Mirela Udrea
                          Mirela Udrea  3 months back

                          Simona , let's do it!🤗😚👏👏👏🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

                          • Subscribe To Pewdiepie
                            Subscribe To Pewdiepie  3 months back

                            Simona! 🇷🇴

                            • A M
                              A M  3 months back

                              Go Serena! I like Simona too, my 2nd fave!! But Serena has been my fave since 1997!

                              • Mahammad Rafiq Shaik
                                Mahammad Rafiq Shaik  3 months back

                                Simona Halep.

                                • From the Futon
                                  From the Futon  3 months back

                                  As an American citizen, I'd just like to say:
                                  "Go get her, Ms. Halep!"

                                  • vasile ignat
                                    vasile ignat  3 months back

                                    Go Simona🕊🙏🏻👑