Persona 5 Royal - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

  • Published: 10 June 2019

    The Phantom Thieves return in Persona 5 Royal, launching in the West in 2020!
    Two years ago, the Phantom Thieves stole the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Now, they’re getting ready to make their triumphant return in Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced release of ATLUS’s acclaimed JRPG Persona 5.

    In this E3 2019 trailer, reunite with Persona 5’s English voice cast and take a look at some of the new cutscenes, locations, abilities, and characters that you’ll meet in Persona 5 Royal, including the brand new playable party member, Kasumi Yoshizawa!

    RP-M for Rating Pending through Mature
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  • ああ
    ああ  12 hours back

    >  S E N P A I  <
     ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

    • Fox McFog
      Fox McFog  19 hours back

      All the people asking what P5R is -_- look at the other 100 comments or, y'know.... use Google

      • Music Remix4
        Music Remix4  1 days back

        Adachi will be playable?

        • Fox McFog
          Fox McFog  19 hours back

          I assume you mean Akechi (I mean uh... Adachi ain't even in P5) but yeah he is

      • Study dupy
        Study dupy  1 days back

        Just jjba from part 3

        • Cry
          Cry  2 days back


          • Larz Skelley
            Larz Skelley  2 days back

            So do we get like a battle royal mode or something?

              GARBRIEL RODRIGUEZ  2 days back

              Wait so is it a new game or an add on. Like im hoping it's the ladder. Im so confused i haven't kept up with a lot of atlus news

              • Fox McFog
                Fox McFog  19 hours back

                New game with a ton of new content. Think Persona 3 FES

              • Wency Chang
                Wency Chang  1 days back

                It a new game.....

            • Ker brygaming
              Ker brygaming  2 days back

              Wait im confused what is royal to persona 5? Is it a whole new game an add on an add on as big as a 2nd p5? Like wha

              • Drakkan
                Drakkan  19 hours back

                @Fox McFognot to mention the extra ending(s)

              • Fox McFog
                Fox McFog  19 hours back

                Think P3 FES. Includes the base game with new content such as a new Phantom Thief, playable Akechi, a new palace and story, new confidants, new 3rd tier personas, Futaba All Out Attack and more

              • Drakkan
                Drakkan  2 days back

                Think of it as a Persona 5 final mix. Still gonna cost 60 dollars with a lot of content added

            • Marek Wasik
              Marek Wasik  3 days back

              2:25 yes

              • Anthony'sMemeChannel
                Anthony'sMemeChannel  4 days back

                2:25 ORA ORA ORA

                • Haters Gonna Hate
                  Haters Gonna Hate  4 days back

                  Persona 5 Royal
                  Cyberpunk 2077
                  Final Fantasy 7 remake
                  Dying Light 2

                  men i´m gonna be a poor person my whole life

                  • just a human
                    just a human  4 days back

                    Looks nice.

                    • Perseus Kane
                      Perseus Kane  5 days back

                      I swear, 02:00 sounds a lot like Joker. Maybe he gets more of a voice in this game?

                      • SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC
                        SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC  8 hours back

                        @Fox McFog no. Jp trailer says otherwise

                      • Fox McFog
                        Fox McFog  19 hours back

                        It's not. It's the therapist shown earlier in the trailer at 1:28

                      • Perseus Kane
                        Perseus Kane  3 days back

                        @SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC
                        I knew it. I figured it was him since I've heard him say 'I should write something' so many times... The voice sounded really familiar

                      • SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC
                        SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC  3 days back

                        Trailer cross referrencing the jp and eng one and yeah, its him

                    • Jaydon Diaz
                      Jaydon Diaz  5 days back

                      I’ve just started p5 bc it was $15 download, is p5r just gonna be the same game with some added features? Bc I don’t wanna buy the same game twice.

                      • Ian
                        Ian  2 days back

                        new elements of gameplay are being added so it's a TOTAL rework of persona 5 you're better off playing it for yourself BLIND

                      • Riku's keyblade
                        Riku's keyblade  4 days back

                        @Jaydon Diaz Same here,in terms of games being released on 2020 it's not one of my top priorities,I guess I'll just wait the game to have some kind of discount so I can buy it

                      • Jaydon Diaz
                        Jaydon Diaz  4 days back

                        Riku's keyblade A few new palaces and months doesn’t seem like a reason to buy the game again at full price. I’ll just watch videos on the new stuff. Thanks for the info.

                      • Riku's keyblade
                        Riku's keyblade  4 days back

                        They're going to change the story adding new characters and new palaces,as well as making playable the months that were unplayable in the original game, it's not clear yet,but judging by the information Atlus has given so far,it seems quite different from the original P5.
                        You can watch some trailers and check yourself if it's worth buying it

                    • Am Vlog Channel
                      Am Vlog Channel  5 days back

                      Would this be an add on or completly new game??

                    • Blade Hunter
                      Blade Hunter  5 days back

                      Okay can somebody just tell me what is Persona 5 Royale is

                      • SK Turbo
                        SK Turbo  5 days back

                        Me: “I can’t wait to watch this!”
                        YouTube: “Sorry, this content is age-restricted.”
                        Ryuji:”For real?!”

                        • L. Duan
                          L. Duan  5 days back

                          I still dont know if this is a sequel or a parallel game

                          • Yohead111
                            Yohead111  5 days back

                            *Imagine only owning a switch*

                          • IAmTheWalrus 57
                            IAmTheWalrus 57  5 days back

                            I just want to date Ryuji. Please Atlus, make my dream come true !

                            • Asian Shrek
                              Asian Shrek  5 days back

                              Me excited
                              Me gonna buy game and play

                              • Jake Brown
                                Jake Brown  6 days back

                                Can they win ? Joker : we will

                              • Phantom Zero
                                Phantom Zero  6 days back

                                How are they going to make us to play another palace if Mementos is gone?

                                • Gilgamesh
                                  Gilgamesh  2 days back

                                  @Ian I know that, I already beat the original Persona 5...

                                • Ian
                                  Ian  2 days back

                                  @Gilgamesh they're talking about the events that happen in christmas eve

                                • Gilgamesh
                                  Gilgamesh  3 days back

                                  Mementos isn't gone in Royal, it's going to have some new elements

                              • Turner Brawley
                                Turner Brawley  6 days back

                                Hey can anyone tell me should I wait to buy the royal or should I just buy the base game. what differences are the between p5 and p5r

                                • Turner Brawley
                                  Turner Brawley  4 days back

                                  @Riku's keyblade it's ok I just started getting into the persona series I'm playing p4 golden right now and I just bought p4 arena ultimax and I just heard about p5r and got a bit confused lol.

                                • Riku's keyblade
                                  Riku's keyblade  4 days back

                                  @Turner Brawley Oh shit,I thought you already played it, I'm really sorry,my bad :/
                                  I just deleted my comment,I apologize again

                                • Turner Brawley
                                  Turner Brawley  4 days back

                                  @Riku's keyblade sorry I don't mean to be rude but I haven't played the base game yet I don't want any spoilers.

                                • Turner Brawley
                                  Turner Brawley  4 days back

                                  @Riku's keyblade so unlike p4 golden with only marie the story practically never changed but with p5 royal it seems they are redoing the whole story.

                              • That one weeb
                                That one weeb  6 days back

                                No ps3? Rip 4k 60fps emulator

                                • Deviousdoggo
                                  Deviousdoggo  7 days back

                                  I want it! But I dont want to spend another 80$!
                                  I hope you can upgrade for a discount

                                  • Johnetta Erty
                                    Johnetta Erty  7 days back

                                    GO TO SLEEP!

                                    • My name is Mogameen
                                      My name is Mogameen  7 days back

                                      Hey Atlus, wanna pull a persona and delay the game another few years before releasing it? We’ll never see it coming!

                                      • Brian Escobar
                                        Brian Escobar  1 weeks back

                                        Wow I am so happy. I was just thinking when another Persona game would come out. P5 was simply amazing. Wonder if there is much difference between P5 and P5Royal though? Well, I'm still getting it for sure regardless

                                        • Miscellaneous Mind
                                          Miscellaneous Mind  1 weeks back

                                          I'll see you soon P5R. Not on current gen though, i'll wait for the PS5.

                                          • Some 16 year old jojo fan

                                            Awesome, i can get mamudo spammed into oblivion again.

                                          • Migstaper
                                            Migstaper  1 weeks back

                                            Where tf is Crow

                                            • Die MotherFucker
                                              Die MotherFucker  1 weeks back

                                              So...that Means We will get an Persona 5 Open World?

                                              • MarcoOrSomething
                                                MarcoOrSomething  1 weeks back

                                                I Would Have Loved To See This In Actual E3, But Still This Is Awesome.

                                                • packmen
                                                  packmen  1 weeks back

                                                  I like the game but is so fff long and know is gonna be longer.

                                                  • Rice San
                                                    Rice San  1 weeks back

                                                    So makoto is basically star platinum now.

                                                    Guess I'm buying this game.

                                                    • LuHen PurSil
                                                      LuHen PurSil  1 weeks back

                                                      Yaldabaoth finally Making wishes come true, I mean, in the base game the innmates in the prision of sloth says that "the holy grail grants wishes" but i never saw any of those wishes being realized (except the "live my life for me" thing)

                                                      • Stuffed Cinema
                                                        Stuffed Cinema  1 weeks back


                                                        Joker dies using the infinity gauntlet
                                                        Morgana sacrifices himself for thr soul stone
                                                        Ryuji can pick up Thor's hammer

                                                        • Volvagia1927
                                                          Volvagia1927  1 weeks back

                                                          I know, people are assuming this is just an enhanced remake. Even though this trailer has "sequel" written all over it. I mean, what I'm assuming is the new frame story, is about "Goro managed to survive and is up to something". (I'm suspecting the thing we flash back to after the frame is a "dream of the big city.") Now, we have a clear look at bits of two palaces. We know we're going back into Kamoshida's head, and we get a look at a sci-fi palace. But we can't really be certain that's Okumura again, because the part we see is a fairly generic cognition that could belong to a lot of people.

                                                          Persona 5 Palaces:

                                                          Kamoshida (lived)
                                                          Madarame (lived)
                                                          Kaneshiro (lived)
                                                          Futaba (party member)
                                                          Kunikazu Okumura (dies)
                                                          Sae (becomes confidant)
                                                          Shido (lived)

                                                          So, if this IS (surprise!) a sequel and not "just a remake", they have to write a new plot, adjust/expand on 4.5 palaces and make 2.5 palaces from scratch in...37.5 months (September 15, 2016 to October 31, 2019) of development time. Doesn't sound TOO implausible.

                                                          • Ian
                                                            Ian  2 days back

                                                            nowhere near a sequel besides how could one manage to make a p5 sequel??

                                                          • SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC
                                                            SOMERANDOMPERSON. NPC  1 weeks back

                                                            Watch the other trailers. Then tell me with a straight face that this is a sequel.

                                                        • Gregory Despines
                                                          Gregory Despines  1 weeks back

                                                          I wonder how this is going to go down

                                                          • Volting Master
                                                            Volting Master  1 weeks back

                                                            0:58 you can’t resist this smile!

                                                            • Zack Spectre
                                                              Zack Spectre  1 weeks back

                                                              I see jojo refrence

                                                              • joker Kun
                                                                joker Kun  2 weeks back

                                                                More persona please

                                                                • Anthony Miller
                                                                  Anthony Miller  2 weeks back

                                                                  is this a sequel

                                                                  • Immortalshade 245
                                                                    Immortalshade 245  2 weeks back

                                                                    So it’s a SQL

                                                                    • Jaiden Wilson
                                                                      Jaiden Wilson  2 weeks back

                                                                      Just kinda got into persona what’s the difference between 5 and this one

                                                                      • Mr Twister
                                                                        Mr Twister  2 weeks back

                                                                        Should I wait for this or pkay P5? I am only going to play 1

                                                                        • ender gaming
                                                                          ender gaming  2 weeks back

                                                                          Who wish kasumi was a main character like persona 3 portable