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  • The Overachiever
    The Overachiever  2 days back

    What a cute kid! He's got quite the fro! Terrific funky music =D

    • Jimmy D
      Jimmy D  2 days back

      Getting funky here in Ensenada Baja California Mexico. Ya-man! Alright Baja 500 fans lets boogie.

      • Blu Singlet
        Blu Singlet  2 weeks back


        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   1 weeks back

          hello and thanks for your "spicy" comment, a greeting from Italy and continue to follow us !!

      • hshmanowin
        hshmanowin  3 weeks back

        Irma play that funky music!

        • hshmanowin
          hshmanowin  2 weeks back

          @irmachannel1 Greetings Back from the middle of Germany to our Italian friends :-)

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   2 weeks back

          Ohhh Yeahhhhhhh !!! we loooove Funky music !!! a greeting from Italy and continues to follow us !!!

      • Ale Bale Del Canon
        Ale Bale Del Canon  3 weeks back

        Ritmo dei miei anni!

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   3 weeks back

          Grazie del tuo commento Ale, volevamo dirti che sono anche i nostri anni !!! quelli migliori !!! un saluto e continua a seguirci

      • Locksim youngrae
        Locksim youngrae  3 weeks back

        This is gooood !!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   3 weeks back

          thanks to you for your comment and your likes, we hope you can continue to follow us through our YT channel a greeting from Italy

      • Diogo Clemente
        Diogo Clemente  3 weeks back

        Yeah!! So Good =D

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   3 weeks back

          thank you so much for your compliment Diogo (o Diego ?), a big hello from Italy and keep following us !!

      • Ildar Arturovich
        Ildar Arturovich  4 weeks back

        А где микс?

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   3 weeks back

          привет и спасибо за ваш комментарий, это микс разных песен, даже без микса ...

      • Andrew ForRest
        Andrew ForRest  4 weeks back

        great set! Please check my chanell if you ke this kind of music

        • Andrew ForRest
          Andrew ForRest  4 weeks back

          @irmachannel1 thanks! I really like your channel

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   4 weeks back

          hello Andrew and thank you for your compliment, we will certainly go to your site to hear what you are doing, a greeting from Italy and continue to follow us

      • 개봉이 장승혁
        개봉이 장승혁  1 months back


        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   4 weeks back

          Thanks for your comment, ciao from Italy !!

      • κρύος •
        κρύος •  1 months back


        • κρύος •
          κρύος •  4 weeks back

          @irmachannel1 ок

        • irmachannel1
          irmachannel1   4 weeks back

          хвала на коментару, поздрав из Италије и наставља да нас прати !!

      • MrYMan
        MrYMan  1 months back

        Fresh Prince vibes right here

      • Alex Chapple
        Alex Chapple  1 months back

        I get serious FF7 Midgar Slums vibes at 54:00

      • Honk Honk
        Honk Honk  1 months back

        nigga baby

      • Felipe Salgado
        Felipe Salgado  1 months back


      • Nick Maync-Matsumoto
        Nick Maync-Matsumoto  1 months back

        Monotonous crap.

        • Lightning Tells Games
          Lightning Tells Games  1 months back

          I don't like the way this kid stares at me...

        • roberto artico
          roberto artico  1 months back

          Funky, funky, funky..the best music, forever!

          • irmachannel1
            irmachannel1   1 months back

            thanks Roberto we completely agree with you !!

        • rejsik
          rejsik  2 months back

          Absolutely fantastic!

          • irmachannel1
            irmachannel1   2 months back

            Thanks as always !!! Have a nice summer

          BRAIAN HERBEL DJVAZCOO  2 months back


          • irmachannel1
            irmachannel1   2 months back

            Thank you Braian for appreciating our selection, and I recommend you keep following us !!!

        • Max Imal
          Max Imal  2 months back

          "Belladonna - Black Man" --> "Chaka Khan - Like Sugar"
          Isn't it the same Bassline? Or am I wrong? :D 

          Anyway, this is a great mix! Thank you! :)

          • irmachannel1
            irmachannel1   2 months back

            Thanks to you Max for your comment, we are glad that you like this mix ... thanks again and please keep following us !!!

        • Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon

          thats eiliot XD thats not me lmfao

          • CHI CHI JHAMES
            CHI CHI JHAMES  1 weeks back

            Hey Chimhy pants, please unbreak up with me

        • Diego Auvert
          Diego Auvert  2 months back


        • Eugene Sevryugin
          Eugene Sevryugin  2 months back

          Funk, respect and уважуха

          • κρύος •
            κρύος •  1 months back

            Funk на все времена

          • irmachannel1
            irmachannel1   2 months back

            thanks Eugene for appreciating our music selection, please keep following us !!

        • TwentyTen Music
          TwentyTen Music  2 months back

          • zeta Mob
            zeta Mob  2 months back

            So cute littel gril lovely

            • Tysen P
              Tysen P  2 months back

              Can belladonna please stop lecturing me about african american politics while i do my english paper?

              • Bolt Design Studio
                Bolt Design Studio  2 months back

                Bullshit. One day you kings and queens will be left to your own devices and we will see how you all will weather.

                • El Martino
                  El Martino  2 months back

                  nice mix but anoying ads

                  • Monica Bell
                    Monica Bell  3 months back

                    I love this mix ,,,especialmente ,,,Funky super fly. Excelente !!!

                    • Dedeto
                      Dedeto  3 months back

                      not even a mix

                      • benjamin borderline
                        benjamin borderline  3 months back

                        this is my gaming music. get ma groove on

                        • irmachannel1
                          irmachannel1   3 months back

                          Oh man we got you!
                          Try this:
                          And also give a look to this channel:

                          Send us a feedback when you've tried 'em and don't forget to share it with your community if you like it! This is important for us too!

                        • benjamin borderline
                          benjamin borderline  3 months back

                          @irmachannel1 dota!

                          i was listening to jamiroquai mixes b4 as i love high energy funk with eclectic arrangements for pure listening, but this sparser groove based stuff is much better for gaming. it feels more even, gets you in the zone and doesn't get old.

                          it also beats the typical mediocre DnB/electronic mixes that many gamers use, i just get a cold feeling from those on extended play.

                          it's this balance between not bland/not overbearing, some soul in there, distinct but repetitive. it's perfect.

                          if you have any suggestions based on that, cool! thanks for caring

                        • irmachannel1
                          irmachannel1   3 months back

                          Hey Benjamin, what are you playing right now? Maybe we can help you with your playlist routine! xo

                      • The Rarest Gamer
                        The Rarest Gamer  3 months back

                        Good funky music :D

                        • Johnny Danger
                          Johnny Danger  3 months back

                          nice to f..k next to it

                          • Kai
                            Kai  3 months back

                            That was dope.

                            • ripedecomp
                              ripedecomp  3 months back

                              ....that guy down at the morgue is shakin it

                              • Alejandro Otero
                                Alejandro Otero  3 months back


                                • Oren Clark
                                  Oren Clark  3 months back

                                  Great shit/education. tfp

                                  • Franz Haas
                                    Franz Haas  3 months back


                                    • Vegan Vocalist
                                      Vegan Vocalist  3 months back

                                      LOVE the little kids expression , she got sasS lol ;D

                                      • Diseño Digital
                                        Diseño Digital  4 months back

                                        is a boster

                                        • LOLA G.
                                          LOLA G.  4 months back

                                          This made me feel GREAT!!

                                          • Israel Carrera
                                            Israel Carrera  4 months back

                                            Que buena música, que bien que todavía no se extingue la genialidad humana

                                            • irmachannel1
                                              irmachannel1   4 months back

                                              listen also !!!

                                          • mick duncan
                                            mick duncan  4 months back

                                            banging album!!

                                            • BMS Music
                                              BMS Music  4 months back


                                              • mark wilson
                                                mark wilson  4 months back

                                                I've had my headphones on for the second night in a row, I look in the mirror and don't know who I am anymore.

                                                PS this jam is the shit

                                                • Dane Harris
                                                  Dane Harris  4 months back

                                                  oh man, 11:56 this song sounds so much like some sort of cologne or body spray ad. "Be a man, be a... * whispering * Black Man. soldatallmajorretailers"

                                                  • HEIKO ZACHARIAS
                                                    HEIKO ZACHARIAS  4 months back

                                                    Now, that's a funky Schnitzel