New report links sugary drinks to cancer


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  • Liam McNicholas
    Liam McNicholas  1 months back

    My grandpa always says everything in moderation

    • Salv H.
      Salv H.  1 months back

      Studies find living is linked to cancer.

      • Hannah’s Lena
        Hannah’s Lena  1 months back

        *living is just Cancer now*

      • Potomac Sun
        Potomac Sun  1 months back

        Long term National Nurses' Study found that those who drink tea are the healthiest/ live the longest, coffee 2nd, sugary drinks last.
        There are some wonderful teas:. Mint for mood elevation, chamomile for immune system boosting & anti-inflammatory, cinnamon for balancing blood sugar. There are so many teas that are excellent foods that bring natural nutritional benefits as foods.
        All people have to do is put a tea bag in a stainless steel thermos, at either cold water or hot water depending on season, shake it up, & go out for the day. Most tea bags will also flavor 1 refill.
        Inexpensive, convenient, healthy! Too bad teas don't advertise on TV, & too bad people just mindlessly buy what is advertised.

        • faith travel1986
          faith travel1986  1 months back

          Moderation is key but surgery drinks wont cause cancer obesity can though and diabetes

          • Ruby Telles
            Ruby Telles  1 months back

            I’m guess I’m drinking smoothies and water for that I be careful for it....

            • mrbear1302
              mrbear1302  1 months back

              Why is he sooooo uber focused on juice????? Not all juices have added sugar. I agree they are glucose bombs.

              • Jessica Wright
                Jessica Wright  1 months back

                Dr Jennifer got off the report and opened a Pepsi probably lol

                • Rhonda McK
                  Rhonda McK  1 months back

                  Is this news? I thought we knew this already.

                  • Ruben Sanchez jr
                    Ruben Sanchez jr  1 months back

                    Same shit always you eat candy jaja

                    • Sarcastic Klutz
                      Sarcastic Klutz  1 months back

                      isnt everything linked to something...gee thanx for the info

                      • Patrick Pepin
                        Patrick Pepin  1 months back

                        70% of food in your supermarket has sugar in it. Sugar is poison to the body.

                        • Human Being
                          Human Being  1 months back

                          What food item is NOT linked to cancer?

                          • mrbear1302
                            mrbear1302  1 months back

                            @Shady Pikachu great option; however, cannot be guaranteed. Especially when they are being watered with chlorinated water.

                          • Shady Pikachu
                            Shady Pikachu  1 months back

                            organic fruits and veggies

                        • Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT

                          Im serious sick of this shit
                          WE FUCKING GET IT
                          EVERYTHING CAUSES CANCER
                          SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY

                          • Taylor mana12345
                            Taylor mana12345  1 months back

                            Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value, I think by now we should know the dangers of consuming added sugar. Sugar is a tixic chemical, that with time it causes weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and much more. Surgar is bad we don't need this study to tell us that we should limit our sugar intake.

                            • Dean Williams
                              Dean Williams  1 months back

                              Diet sodas are just as bad that dont have sugar..

                              • Hot Shot
                                Hot Shot  1 months back

                                This seems fale

                                • Chantel Talabert
                                  Chantel Talabert  1 months back

                                  Now days everything we eat is being linked to cancer. I feel its fake also

                              • Tiffany Marie
                                Tiffany Marie  1 months back

                                Most of finding in these “studies” can not be replicated. I don’t consume artificially sweetened/sugar beverages but this feels unlikely