Krysten Ritter Talks Motherhood, Directing 'Jessica Jones' S3 | EXTENDED


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  • Byron Castillo
    Byron Castillo  1 months back

    Her Voice haha I can’t. I’m used to Jessica

    • DerekMendez
      DerekMendez  2 months back

      They didn't even do a lot of press for season 3 they probably thought "what's the point" lol. They always use to make a big fuss over on Build Series with the Marvel Netflix shows.

      • Vinck Nade
        Vinck Nade  2 months back

        I feel like there's such a missed opportunity to have had a season where Jessica is pregnant with Luke's child, and watching her deal with that like from her comics. She would have to quit drinking and it would be so much harder for her to sneak around as a PI, but Jessica would never quit and you would get to see that frustration and watch Luke continuously try and fail to make things better for her. Also how great of a twist would it be if she had the kid and she turned purple like in the newer comics?

        • The Wanderer31
          The Wanderer31  2 months back

          It would be insane....for a comic book show to follow the source material for once..really??

        • Saanvi Sai
          Saanvi Sai  2 months back

          Actually yeah. Maybe a child would dissuade her from drinking. Apparently, a missing spleen wasn't enough.

        • Nick E
          Nick E  2 months back

          No. You’re insane

      • Cisco De Leon
        Cisco De Leon  2 months back

        They shouldn't end the Marvel netflix. I hope they bring it back some how. What a waste.

        • Scorpian X
          Scorpian X  2 weeks back

          @abby Sand Not true If you notice "Adamantium" is not even used in the Marvel movies, that's because Adamantium rights belong to FOX. This is why it is used in X-Men. Of course this all changed when Disney bought Fox but its why Netflix never used Adamantium in the past.

        • Master Of Recipe
          Master Of Recipe  2 months back

          @abby Sand Netflix cancelled the shows because otherwise they would be promoting products owned by Disney/Marvel Studios. The Marvel Netflix is still owned by Disney but Netflix were the ones producing them.

        • abby Sand
          abby Sand  2 months back

          I am going to be so sad when Supernatural ends and I will be extremely pissed if any of the boys die. Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack must all live

        • abby Sand
          abby Sand  2 months back

          This is because Marvel has become so popular it is charging an arm an leg just to use its characters. Take the Defenders the price tag on that was astronomical and it is no wonder there is not going to be a season 2, in Daredevil season three, there could not use the name "adamantium" because Marvel had copyrights to the name. Also, Marvel was pissed when they reduced the series to ten episodes. No wonder Netflix has cut its ties with Marvel.

      • DTOM
        DTOM  2 months back

        I can't get used to Krysten's actual voice. She's so bright and sweet! I can only see her as Jessica....

        • FrederickGFX
          FrederickGFX  2 months back

          She seems totally different from Jessica. Great actress!

        • Rhys Griffin
          Rhys Griffin  2 months back

          I met her in person at a convention. She really is a nice person.

      • Dancingchiwaa a
        Dancingchiwaa a  2 months back

        Red mark on her neck?

        • Dancingchiwaa a
          Dancingchiwaa a  3 weeks back

          DerekMendez oh interesting

        • DerekMendez
          DerekMendez  2 months back

          Its like a flush women get especially when they're pregnant.

      • Jeremy titus
        Jeremy titus  2 months back

        Who's the other one

        • Agent J
          Agent J  2 months back

          Jeremy titus creator of Jessica Jones show

      • Jamie Barnes
        Jamie Barnes  2 months back

        Such a good series! Can't wait to see this last season!