Outstanding doubles point in Navratilova/Black vs Fernandez/Sugiyama at Wimbledon 2019

  • Published: 10 July 2019
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Comments • 21

  • yajilobay
    yajilobay  3 months back

    杉山さん、今年のWimbledon, 出てたん? 勿論エグジビションでしょうけど、それでも凄い。何で日本での話題にならなかったんだろ?

    • Paul Delcour
      Paul Delcour  3 months back

      Reason why I sometimes love the doubles more than the singles.

      • Geronimo2Fly
        Geronimo2Fly  3 months back

        They literally never made it clear whether that last shot was in or out, and never showed it in slow motion so we could see it.  Terrible announcing.

        • akommers
          akommers  3 months back

          Who won the point?

          • John Kurtz
            John Kurtz  3 months back


            • Jean Swart
              Jean Swart  3 months back

              wow what a point!

              • iG W
                iG W  3 months back

                Navratilova? how old is she, 100 ?

                • T D
                  T D  3 months back


                  • NASHIT HASAN
                    NASHIT HASAN  3 months back

                    I am inspired

                    • R Navs
                      R Navs  3 months back

                      Ai Sugiyama was one of my favorite players. Miss her so much!!!

                      • djouletube
                        djouletube  3 months back

                        Master class historic doubles players 👏

                        • Strammer Max
                          Strammer Max  3 months back

                          The last shot was in!!!

                          • Kaden Johnson
                            Kaden Johnson  3 months back

                            It looks in, but the ball looks over the line not on it

                        • BDTraining - Online Tennis lernen

                          Awesome 👏👏👏

                          • Auttie B
                            Auttie B  3 months back

                            Kara proudly Zimbabwean

                            • Gina Paki
                              Gina Paki  3 months back

                              Martina Navratilova Wimbledon LEGEND

                              • ahahm
                                ahahm  3 months back

                                These women are still champions in my mind!! Well played!!

                                • J024
                                  J024  3 months back

                                  TV networks should spend more to broadcast the legends matches too!

                                  • How To?
                                    How To?  3 months back

                                    Lets atart with ahowing soubles on tv...

                                • David Thailand
                                  David Thailand  3 months back

                                  2 hammmmmmer point

                                  • PRHYST
                                    PRHYST  3 months back