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Posted by: vietnamtour | June 5, 2011

Vietnam travel up 6.3% in April

HANOI, 11 May 2011-Vietnam National Administration of Tourism estimates international visits in April reached 460,000 representing a 6.33% increase over 432,608 visits during the same month last year.

Thailand’s outbound trips to Vietnam continued to decline.  It slipped off the country’s top 10 producing markets in April, although it had been on the top 10 list for January and March when there were 36,463 visits from Thailand improving 4.32%. The website limits its data to just the top 10 suppliers so there were no comparisons or figures  for the Thai market in April.

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China remains the top supplier in April with 87,649 visits, up 3.94% from 84,329 visits in 2010, followed by South Korea, Japan, US, Taiwan and Australia.

Neighbouring Cambodia is in seventh place, supplying 23,362 visits, up 6.24% from 21,990 visits. The UK remains in 10th place with 12,594 visits.

All of the top markets are in the Asia/Pacific region with the exception of US, UK, and France.

From January to April, tourist arrivals reached 1,971,472 visits improving 10.52% over 1,783,832 visits in 2010.

The bulk of arrivals  in April (390,000) passed through the two main aviation gateways Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City.

VNAT updated its data on the website, last week, sourced from the government statistics office.

table no31 Vietnam travel up 6.3% in April


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